Tuesday Things: The Eighteenth Edition

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Welcome to Tuesday.  It seems like the last week went by fast.

Happy 36th Anniversary Mom & Dad

I have to give a quick shout out to my favorite parents who are celebrating their 36th anniversary today.  Good job raising me!  I turned out great.  Ok, that was a joke.  For real though, thanks for always being a great example of love!


Do Your Friends Love Picnics? Are You a Hardcore Picnic-er?

If so, then this is what you need.  Picnic Pants.  This actually exists.


See?  It is not quite as flat or sturdy as the ground, but it’s a whole five inches higher up.


It’s snow season here.  Just look at this picture of our property.


Fun Facts:

  • Nova Scotia holds the record for the most snow angels ever made simultaneously in multiple locations.
  • The largest snowball fight on record took place in Seattle.
  • Snow is translucent, not white.
  • The most snow to fall in a 24-hour period in the United States is 75.8 inches – in 1921 in Silver Lake, Colorado

Who Watches Stranger Things?


This makes me laugh.

This Day in History:

  • 2003- Saddam Hussein captured
  • 2000- Al Gore concedes presidential election
  • 1925- Dick Van Dyke born
  • 1862- Battle of Fredericksburg

Ok, that’s all I’ve got for you this week.  Have a happy day!


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