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Amazing and less amazing accomplishments and tasks

Checking In

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Hey all.  I’m still here and alive.  I’ve been busy/distracted lately so I haven’t blogged in a bit. So what’s new?  Here’s what kind of stuff is going on lately: As of yesterday, NHL is officially back and for that we are all thankful.  Love me some hockey. Tom and I watched Arsenic and Old Lace on October 1st to kick off the month.  It was my first time seeing it, but I certainly enjoyed […]

Hello 32!

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Another year of life has passed. It makes me feel happy and organized to catalogue what kind of cool things happened in the year.  Plus, it’s always a good exercise in review.  Sometimes I get confused and think I just sat on the couch for a year so I need to put it all together and then I’m proud of myself.  Ha. Year 31: Conquered Vegas at Christmas time to see George Strait in concert […]

Treasure Hunting

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It’s summertime.  I’m always trying to find fun family activities that include learning and not sitting and watching TV.  We informed Carter that we were taking him to hunt for treasure, Star Garnets to be exact. You see Star Garnets are only found in two places in the whole world: Idaho and India.  They are also the state gem of Idaho, which is in fact known as the gem state.  Garnets are created from six […]

Boats, Trains, & Automobiles

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Last week we had a day filled with transportation and I thought I would share about it. Around 11:30 we loaded up on my parent’s boat for some fun, which means that I started preparing and packing around 8:45.  I made a picnic lunch of tuna sandwiches, veggies and dip, crackers and two kinds of spread, and potato chips.  The night before Carter and I made a big pan of caramel chocolate chip cookie bars.  […]

Homestead Happenings

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Girls Night Out I’m sure you read my previous post about our newest animal, Claire, but if you missed it you can read it here.  She is settling in and the goats have been coming out in the evenings to meet her.  They are all pretty cute. I think my little squad is better than these other iconic girl squads. Bitch Chicken Antics Bitch chicken continues to get out as she sees fit and has found […]

City Girl Walks a Country Mile

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Today was a special day for me.  I was down at a friend’s farm this morning and a mama piggy was giving birth to piglets.  She had given birth to 6 (2 were stillborn) and was working on pushing the seventh baby out.  She was struggling for quite a while and I was starting to get nervous.  For a first time piggy mama, they can get startled easily when the babies are out and grunting […]

Something out of Nothing

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Tonight I thought I’d send out a little blog about making something out of nothing, hence the title.  I’m off to a great start. Look, we’ve all been there; a day or two or eight late on grocery shopping.  In all honesty I haven’t been feeling up to going to town anyways.  My dizziness has been more than less, I’ve had pretty constant headaches, but worst of all my fatigue has been huge.  It could […]

What Happens in Vegas Ends up on the Blog

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I believe that is how the saying goes.  That or ‘What happens in Vegas ends up on YouTube.’ Not to worry folks; we left our mark. Tom and I arrived on Thursday afternoon and checked into the Mirage.  We had a lovely volcano-view room, so that was fun.  We had a burger and milkshake for dinner our first night.  We went to LVB (Las Vegas Burger).  It was a great introduction to the price of […]

My Guide to Las Vegas with POTS and Other Forms of Dysautonomia

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So you want the bright light city to set your soul, set your soul on fire, eh? Here is my little guide to surviving with POTS. Water Pack it, or plan to bring a small fortune to stay hydrated.  The other option is to learn to like tap water.  Bottles of water on average were anywhere between $3.50 to $6.  These are for 20 oz bottles, not even big bottles.  Some hotels had vending machines with bottled […]

My Coffee Bar- Including a How-To DIY Photo Transfer Onto Wood

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Welcome friends.  I told you I had been working on a project.  For the last couple of weeks I’ve been busy making décor for my new coffee bar.  This area had previously been a place where random papers and garbage and tools and mail and everything else collected.  Now it is a beautiful coffee bar, not to mention I have more counter space too! Ok, onto the pictures. First I did a fun coffee painting that would […]