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The ABC’s of Hockey; From the Hockey Mom Point of View

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Well since my brother and I each wrote up a little ABC’s of hockey, my brother challenged my mom to write one up from the hockey mom point of view.  In case you missed ours, here are the links to mine and his. Also, side note, this list is really basically my childhood summed up.  It’s great.  Enjoy! ABC’s of Hockey By: Dannell Rasmussen A- Adversity: All players face it; watch a post game interview […]

The ABC’s of Hockey; My Brother’s Version

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Hockey, the Other Best Medicine / Smile Makers

Just leave it to my brother to show me up with his creativity and wit.  You might remember my post the ABC’s of Hockey I recently made.  I posted it and my mom replied and told me it was ‘cute and clever’.  I told her to just wait until she sees her son’s responses. Just a little backstory on my childhood.  I danced through mine while my brother skated through his.  He played hockey for several […]

Hockey, Teddy Bears & O2

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Last night was the annual Teddy Bear Toss hockey game.  Luckily Carter’s cub scout group was going so we were able to go with them and get nice close seats.  (Side note: for a true hockey fan like me, I prefer to be much higher so that I can see both ends of the ice well and watch plays develop, but close is fun sometimes too.) These games have fairly simple rules: as soon as […]

Humility is Still in Style

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Deep Thoughts About POTS / Hockey, the Other Best Medicine

As I’ve mentioned once or twice NHL hockey is back this week.  Yesterday (Wednesday)was the first day of the season. I can’t begin to imagine being a rookie.  Most of these guys were skating before they were walking and most likely grew up in a small arena somewhere living on slush puppies and hockey nets (criss-cut french fries) from the snack bar.  Now, as they take the ice they are basically experiencing their life-long dream.  I […]

Mr. Hockey & Mr. Dupuis

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Hockey, the Other Best Medicine

Two days ago Mr. Hockey died.  For those unfamiliar, Mr. Hockey is the loving nickname given to Gordie Howe, who was a hockey legend and widely considered one of the best hockey players ever, if not the best.  If you ask Wayne Gretzky who he looked up to and who his idol was, he’ll tell you it was Gordie Howe.  If you were previously unaware, Gordie Howe wore number 9 on his jersey.  Wayne Gretzky chose 99 in […]

Stop Making Rules about how People can Talk to Me

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Deep Thoughts About POTS / Hockey, the Other Best Medicine / Smile Makers

I’m getting a wee bit tired of it. I’ve now read the following: Never tell someone with a disability that they can do something because then it seems like you are not validating their disability or you don’t believe it. Never tell someone with a disability that they can’t do something.  That’s not for you to decide and you shouldn’t put limitations on someone. Those two rules contradict themselves, so basically just never talk to […]

Just Some Thoughts and Things

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I’m adjusting to having oxygen available in the house.  It’s really nice to have it, although I feel terribly old anytime I use it.  I know that is silly, but I just feel very unattractive and self conscious using it. I’m getting used to the wheelchair a little bit out in public.  It’s still a bit hard to swallow (TWSS) at times that over the course of 8 months I now have a wheelchair and oxygen.  […]