Month: April 2018

My New Chicken Barn

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The week of Valentine’s day Tom and I made a down payment on a fantastic little barn with the understanding that we would pay the second half once the owners helped us disassemble the barn, move it to our house, and reassemble it on our property.  A few weeks ago we completed the project and moved the chickens into their new mansion.  They are quite happy in their new home. I put together a few […]

New POTS Research

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Last week electrophysiologist.  This week neurologist.  Both relatively uneventful with the exception of some news from my neurologist. He starts out appointments pretty much the same way each time.  He enters the room saying, “do you have POTS?”  When I answer that yes I do, he usually follows it up with “why do you have POTS?”  That is usually when I throw out some kind of sarcastic or smart ass answer. He handed me a […]

Preview: Dancing with the Stars- Athletes

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When I heard that DWTS (Dancing with the Stars) was going to run an athletes only season I was really excited.  I was far less excited to find out it is a mini season with only four weeks.  Although, it will be super competitive and move quickly so that does interest me a bit. A few days ago the pros were announced and that doesn’t matter for me as long as I know that Sharna […]

Goat Polio, Getaway & Grab Bag of Spring Pictures

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Tilly Girl Tom and I were outside the other day working hard on another project around the farm (to be featured in a blog soon hopefully).  We let the goats out to graze and play while we were outside.  Miss Tilly was acting super weird.  Standing by herself and just staring off into the distance.  She didn’t graze with the other goats.  She was standing pressing her head against the house.  Poor little baby was […]