Bad Days

A lot of times people tell me something they are struggling with and then finish it with “but it’s nothing like what you are going through”. Wait, when did it become a competition? And who even judges those different circumstances?

Here’s the way I look at it. Everyone, and I mean everyone is struggling with something. Whether it’s migraines, diabetes, arthritis, jealousy, anger/rage, addiction, depression, fear, or loneliness it’s a true and real struggle for that person.

Everyday we should be able to find the good. Why was I so blessed to be born to parents who loved my brother and I unconditionally and did everything possible for us. We were so rich in my childhood that we always had a roof over our heads, food, clothing, and so much more. Why was I chosen to be born here in this country where I can pray and worship Jesus freely yet others are born into countries where women are treated as though they are completely worthless and they have no rights? Why was I so blessed to be born in an area where medical care is available when others are dying from many treatable conditions?

I feel like the answer is not so that I can whine about how one thing maybe didn’t go my way or the way I planned it in my life.

Every day we have the choice to start with more patience, understanding, and compassion for those around us. Yes, I’m dealing with some health stuff but I still care if you have a sore throat or your kiddo has an ear infection. You are important to me and I don’t feel like anything needs to be ranked. I’m counting my blessings and I challenge you to do the same!

bad days


  1. Rhonda Adamson says

    OMG! I just read about your independent medical exam – Can I just say Bravo to you finding humor in that absurd exam! I am rolling on the floor laughing so hard! I had a neurologist last year pull out a book to look up POTS. Notice I didn’t say he went online! I am sorry you had to go through that (after all the unbelievable testing just to get diagnosed and now you had to deal with the human equivalent of a tilt table test!!) You are the best!


  2. Rhonda Adamson says

    Hello! A friend of mine had chickens and loved them! She joked that the ” coop” her husband built was nicer than her house- heated, automatic door that would stop if one of them were under it. They each had their own personalities and likes and dislikes. They were a Big part of the family. On the headaches-mine are from the adrenaline constricting my vessels-which is tricky because my midodrine does the same thing to get my blood to circulate. Talk about a fine line between having blood in my upper torso or pounding headache! I am not on facebook but it is on my list of things to fo and when i do i would love to chat on it. For now thank you so much for chatting with me here!

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  3. Rhonda Adamson says

    I wanted to touch base again. As you say life steps in and dealing with chronic illness makes it even harder to do even simple things like posting messages. But I wanted to share some things I found out regarding my body that may have helped contribute to my POTS. I have a wellness dr now in addition to the usuals-cardiologist, neurologist, pcp. And even an accupuncturist. The wellness dr found I have various food and environmental allergies. My body is not getting the nutrients it needs from my food so my minerals are pretty much zilch. She also reviewed records from my year long journey of doctors and tests and found that I had had a virus at some point. I also saw a new cardiologist who said the beta blocker and the midodrine are working against each other so that could account for some of my symptoms!
    My neurologist also just suggested melatonin for sleeping as I have andrenergic POTS and I tend to have adrenaline surges at night.
    Also, I just read your post about not being able to have the sleepover. I know all too well about the tremors and vomiting. And we have many change of plans! I think the hardest part of all of this is remembering my old body and trying to accept the new-with it’s limitations. But-I love that you still live your life!! You still enjoy life! And you do so many cool things! This is the best way to get through the bad days! To do all we can on the good ones! Again- I am so inspired by you and your determination!!
    Rhonda Adamson


    • So good to hear from you again! I’m happy you are finding doctors who are interested in helping with any symptoms in any way possible! Has your doctor thought about genetic testing at all to see which medications metabolize too fast, etc.? That was very interesting for me. Especially to learn that say Valium stays in my system over 40 hours, while most people only 4. Interesting for sure! Either way, keep up the hard work. Keep getting out there and finding happy along the way! And please, keep in touch as you can!


      • Rhonda Adamson says

        No, I have never had genetic testing. Did they test to see which drugs work better for you? Or maybe to help with dosing? For me the problem is that I can’t take some of the meds normally prescribed for POTS due to allergies (boy did that add fuel to the fire!)
        and eliminating the propanalol right now has sort of put me back to square one. But I am hoping it is a means to an end. Can I ask you, do get headaches? I get whoppers! and I was wondering what helps you? Right now we are trying indomethacin. It works sometimes but not always.
        On a non-POTS issue- I LOVED your American Pickers section!! We love to “pick” and always love a good “find”!

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      • Headaches, oh yes. I haven’t tried any medications stronger than Alene, but oxygen helps sometimes and also as hippie as it sounds… cupping has actually helped a lot. So apparently my headaches may be tension based. So I use cups on upper back, and also pec muscles. Evidently the tension in upper back may be from tension and tightness in pecs. If I use them at least weekly it really does reduce headaches. I got a 25 dollar set off of amazon. A friend of mine tried them on me a while back.


  4. Rhonda Adamson says

    I just read your blog for today – Sept 1 and you are on your one year anniversary of the crazy POTS journey. Me too!!! I also spent time in the hospital in September last year and so the journey began!!! I am honored to be on this journey with you-I do not think I could do it without you!
    Rhonda Adamson


    • Again, kind of bummer that we have to be twinsies on that, but hey at least we’re not alone right?! How are you doing symptom wise? Have any of yours changed for the better?


      • Rhonda Adamson says

        Hello. I have good and bad and sometimes let it get the better of me. Between med try outs, trying to figure out my triggers, and still try to take care of some other life changing family issues I dont always get to sit with my ipod and really spend time with you. My latest issue is the midodrine that seemed to help now seems to be hindering . i am dizzy again so is it too much, is it not enough, shoud I try the mestinon, did i not drink enough water !!!! Everytime I feel like throwing a fit I think of you! I wanted to mention to you that for “hot” flashes I have been using the mats they sell for dogs for them to lay to cool them down. Works great! I think of you often! If you can smile during all of this insanity then I can try too!! Rhonda Adamson

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      • Oh yes! Please keep finding things to smile about! I know it’s truly work to do that some days, but don’t stop. I wish I knew the answers and I wish doctors knew too. That’s part of the bummer. Some people might be dizzy from too much midodrine and some might be dizzy from not enough. I’ve never tried mestinon. I know fludrocortisone helps some people a lot, but it didn’t do anything for me. It’s so confusing!!

        That’s a good idea about the cooling mats.

        Are you on Facebook? If so, feel free to add me as a friend. I’m Amy Keys Smilesinthetrials


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