Month: April 2017

The Spring Standoff is Over

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You might remember when I mentioned that there was a bit of a standoff going on in my life.  You see, I told myself that I couldn’t get my hair done until I made and went to a dentist appointment.  I’m just not a fan of the dentist and I was pretty sure I was going to be told that I need my wisdom teeth out, which sounds like a total POTS nightmare. Well, my […]

Sex Coffee- Get the Recipe Here

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If you watched my latest live video on Chronic Illness on the Mighty’s Facebook page, then you might have heard me mention sex coffee.  Basically this is just a delicious drink that supports and enhances sex drive. First off, I didn’t make this recipe, I found it on The ingredients each have a component to increase sexual desire and libido.  The secret ingredient is an adaptogenic herb, Maca, which is an Aztec root known […]

Two-A-Day of Doctor’s Appointments & 8 Little Magic Words

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A couple days ago I had two appointments.  Not my favorite, but at least I only had to get all ready and leave the house once. First up, falcon doctor (also known as nutraceutical and genetic doctor).  Sad news, he is currently falcon-less.  I asked where Mr. Fritz was and he said, “He’s gone.  He took off for the ladies.  Bros before hoes man.  He totally broke bro-code.”  That’s a direct quote, obviously.  He makes me […]

The ABC’s of Hockey; From the Hockey Mom Point of View

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Hockey, the Other Best Medicine / Smile Makers

Well since my brother and I each wrote up a little ABC’s of hockey, my brother challenged my mom to write one up from the hockey mom point of view.  In case you missed ours, here are the links to mine and his. Also, side note, this list is really basically my childhood summed up.  It’s great.  Enjoy! ABC’s of Hockey By: Dannell Rasmussen A- Adversity: All players face it; watch a post game interview […]

The ABC’s of Hockey; My Brother’s Version

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Hockey, the Other Best Medicine / Smile Makers

Just leave it to my brother to show me up with his creativity and wit.  You might remember my post the ABC’s of Hockey I recently made.  I posted it and my mom replied and told me it was ‘cute and clever’.  I told her to just wait until she sees her son’s responses. Just a little backstory on my childhood.  I danced through mine while my brother skated through his.  He played hockey for several […]

I’m Doing a Thing- Slowly

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Deep Thoughts About POTS / Hold My Gatorade and Watch This

A valuable lesson I’ve learned since this whole POTS diagnosis and life change is this: to see growth, we must look at a larger section of time.  Everything is trickier and harder and takes longer.  Even the POTS specialist I saw said I could gradually add minutes onto my recumbent biking over years.  He said the word ‘years’.  That should have struck me at the time as just how slow any change happens with my […]

A Weekend of Firsts

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  We returned home Monday from a weekend of spring break fun at the ranch.  It was a lovely little getaway.  One of the benefits of going there is that the dogs can come too and oh boy do they have fun.  They have been asleep since we got home I’m pretty sure. I said a weekend of firsts because I’m pretty sure we each did something new. Carter learned to play CLUE.  I loved playing […]