Month: July 2017

Bachelorette Rachel: Episode 8

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Ok, we’re 9 minutes out from when the episode ended, so I’m still mad.  The feelings are fresh and raw and I’m cranky.  It was a two hour show tonight for four hometown dates.  The first three dates were in the first hour and the last date and four minute rose ceremony was the last hour, so I imagine I’ll be focusing my attention of this blog similarly. Date One: Baltimore, MD with Eric I […]

Adventure: It’s Not All About You

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The world is full of adventure.  Perhaps you have a chronic illness, like me, and your days of adventuring might be on pause at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find another to follow along with and enjoy! This Spring/Summer I followed a fun and unique adventure across America and I thought I would share my favorite points with y’all. Julian Redman, who went to the same high school as me, rode his custom-made […]

Bachelorette Rachel: Episode 7

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I guess this is Episode 7. The gang travels to Geneva, Switzerland because it too is the perfect place to fall in love.  Rachel comes to tell the guys that there will be 3 one-on-one dates this week and a three-on-one date.  There is a rose available on each date.  The four with roses will be receiving hometown dates next week. **Where is Chris Harrison?  Did he not come to Geneva? Is he secretly wanted […]

I’m a Fruit Girl, Not Like that Time I Memorized the Chiquita Banana Song for School

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It’s official, y’all.  I’ve always told everyone that I don’t know how to work ‘fruit phones’ and other ‘fruit’ products–which was my code for Apple products.  I just never had one and never knew how to work one, which was why I was always an android girl. UNTIL… two days ago. We had some business for plan changing stuff at the Verizon store, which is my personal hell, btw.  It always takes so long.  In […]

Want to Pay Less for Your Prescriptions?

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How much do you pay each month for your prescriptions?  If you’re like me, I’m guessing you don’t buy them and take them just for fun.  Most prescriptions are a necessity to keep yourself alive, healthy, conscious, etc. I happen to be double covered so my prescriptions are still a chunk of my income, but not anywhere near what many have to pay, or what I would have to pay if I didn’t have insurance. […]