Month: December 2017

The First “Real” Christmas

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Tom and I have had many a Christmas together.  They have all been great, in different reasons.  I’m not going to lie, the first Christmas we had as a couple was amazing.  It was when I learned that Tom had the ability to lie to me about a gift.  He promised that he didn’t buy me a gun and not to get my hopes up.  Christmas morning I opened the most beautiful pink 1911 with […]

From Vegas to the Exact Opposite of Vegas

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Don’t get me wrong, Vegas was great fun.  We came home and had one night in our house to sleep and change out clothes in the suitcase, then we left the next day to the ranch.  It was the beautiful opposite of Vegas.  Quiet.  Peaceful.  No bright lights.  Home-cooked free meals including vegetables.  Coffee. Free water from the spring.  Rest.  Recovery.  I love this place, especially in the Winter.  It’s just so beautiful and calming. […]

What Happens in Vegas Ends up on the Blog

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I believe that is how the saying goes.  That or ‘What happens in Vegas ends up on YouTube.’ Not to worry folks; we left our mark. Tom and I arrived on Thursday afternoon and checked into the Mirage.  We had a lovely volcano-view room, so that was fun.  We had a burger and milkshake for dinner our first night.  We went to LVB (Las Vegas Burger).  It was a great introduction to the price of […]

My Guide to Las Vegas with POTS and Other Forms of Dysautonomia

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So you want the bright light city to set your soul, set your soul on fire, eh? Here is my little guide to surviving with POTS. Water Pack it, or plan to bring a small fortune to stay hydrated.  The other option is to learn to like tap water.  Bottles of water on average were anywhere between $3.50 to $6.  These are for 20 oz bottles, not even big bottles.  Some hotels had vending machines with bottled […]