Month: January 2017

Black Bean Patties; Step-by-Step

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Cooking with POTS & Pans / Uncategorized

This recipe is based off of the Pioneer Woman’s Black Bean Burger recipe, but I have modified it a bit.  In this house, Tom doesn’t prefer when I call something by a name that it isn’t and I don’t blame him.  I can’t stand when someone says pizza, and then in small print they mention that it’s a cauliflower crust or some other nonsense. For instance, there is no such thing as ‘veggie lasagna’.  He doesn’t […]

Tuesday Things: The Twenty-First

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Tuesday Things

Oh hi friends; it’s Tuesday.  Here’s the weekly roundup of things. Flamingo Lies; Damn Lies I have recently seen this little picture floating around on the internet.  While I think it’s beautiful and magical, I thought I better fact check before I posted it up here on the blog. Apparently it’s been confirmed to be FALSE.  Flamingo egg yolks are very similar to chicken yolks.  Also, young flamingos are not born pink in color because […]

Gadget Roundup- Christmas Cash Burning a Hole in Your Pocket?

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Smile Makers / Uncategorized

I usually receive a bit of Christmas cash and I’m pretty careful about what I want to spend it on.  It’s a big deal because it’s free money and I don’t wanna spend it on something stupid. Last night I was laying in bed and looking on the internet.  By the way, when I say last night it could have been 3 AM, 730 AM, 4 PM yesterday… I never really know for sure. Anyways, […]

Genetics & Nutraceuticals Specialist Visit

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Big Medical Words / Uncategorized

*I know this is long and super ‘big medical words’-y, but don’t worry I hid some jokes in here so it’s not completely boring.* First off, I’m not a hippy.  Ten times out of ten I am more likely to reach for the Dayquil than the Echinacea.  In fact, my childhood best friend used to tell her mom that she believed Echinacea made her sick because as symptoms started arriving her mom always made her […]

American Housewife Wisdom & a Mini-Coma

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Big Medical Words / Deep Thoughts About POTS / Smile Makers

I’ve been quiet again.  I know.  Life has been feeling crazy.  I’ll try to catch you all up in this here handy dandy little blog post.  It might not even be little.  I won’t make any promises. I was relaxing this week and watching American Housewife.  It’s a newer show with Katy Mixon; you might remember her as the sister from Mike & Molly.  She’s hilarious.  In this show she frequently ‘talks in her head’ […]

Amy Builds a Fire; Narrated by Snapchat

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Funny Farm Stuff / Hold My Gatorade and Watch This

Hi friends.  Today I built a fire and narrated it with my Snapchat account.  Those who received it, seemed to enjoy it so I thought I should share with y’all.  I don’t know if this technically falls in my category funny farm stuff or hold my Gatorade and watch this.  A little of both I guess. I spy a Hero puppy… I suppose you could use something else too if you wanted. One of my […]

Tuesday Things: The Twentieth Edition

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Tuesday Things / Uncategorized

Welcome to Tuesday, friends.  What does this day hold for you? I see laundry, wheat bran, and a doctor’s appointment for sure in my day, but who knows what else?  It could be anything! The world is our oyster. This Will Blow Your Mind Friends & Home Alone Share History What?  I saw a similar headline while scrolling the other day and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  If there’s one thing I feel like […]

Sunday Scattergories: Bachelor Edition

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The Brain Gym

Ok. I don’t even feel ashamed.  I am sure I probably should. The new season of the Bachelor starts tomorrow.  No, I don’t think it’s all real and not staged, produced, heavily edited one way or another, etc. But yes, it’s good entertainment and usually pretty funny.  So I watch. Judge me if you must.  Or, join my Bachelor fantasy league online. LOL  My team name is Fake drama; Real humor.  Comment or message me […]