Month: February 2017

A Visit From the Priority Fairy

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What’s that, you ask?  A Priority Fairy is someone I just made up, but I am pretty sure it could be real.  Do you ever have a moment when something just immediately strikes you and you make a huge realization, or things are just put into perspective clearly? The Priority Fairy recently struck in my house.  Allow me to share. One thing that has remained the same since before my diagnosis is our bedtime routine.  […]

Health Challenge Results

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Well my six-week health challenge officially ended. Here is my workout board I used to log my workouts.  Each little colored square is an exercise I did.  That’s a LOT for this allergic-to-heart-rate-raising-activities girl! Here are my thoughts and results from the challenge: I am super proud of myself for being pretty strong with food choices (I gave up coffee creamer for six weeks!) and also working out as much as I did. After a couple […]

Vacation Fun & Passing Out on an Airplane

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Last night we got home from a wonderful long weekend out of town.  Tom and I went to visit my brother and my sister-in-law in the Denver area. The flight down went really well.  Just a headache, some fatigue, and some overall body pain.  Nothing horrific at all.  I spent the next day recovering and resting as much as possible because that night was very important.  That night I got to make some childhood dreams […]

Eye Exam Follow-up

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After my first eye exam (you can read about it here if you didn’t  read about it) and my baby ‘jumping to conclusions’ that i was going blind moment, I was a bit worried.  I was relieved to hear that the eye doctor could see me on Monday afternoon. After doing all of the paperwork I got taken back for the preliminary eye test.  I assume this is similar to the nurse in the doctor’s […]

My New Mobility Device; To Be MOBILE in the SNOW

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If you didn’t put that cryptic title together, I’ll help you.  We got a snowmobile.  Nothing fancy, just an old machine that works enough to haul us around. That husband of mine is always looking out for me.  Yes some could see this recent purchase as a toy for him, but honestly he did get this for me to be able to get around a bit on our property in the snow. With our newest […]

My First Eye Exam Post POTS Diagnosis

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In December I had pink eye, which was really annoying.  It took forever to go away, which was really annoying.  Then my vision remained blurry forever more, which was really annoying. I called a couple weeks ago and made an appointment.  Today was appointment day. Personal Victory: For the first time in my life I was brave enough to do the air puff in the eye test. I finished the rest of the pre-testing then […]