Month: April 2016

The ‘At the Doctor’ Face

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When my brother was very young he had a lot of health complications due to asthma and he had a mantra he would say to himself before any medical treatment.  “I’m gonna cooperate. I’m gonna cooperate.”  Over and over walking into the exam room or building. I’ve never been quite as brave.  I was the kid who would call and cancel my dentist appointments that my mom had made.  That was me. I’ve come a […]

Can You Find the Hidden Words?

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The Brain Gym

Time to visit the brain gym.  Let’s get that brain doing some work.  A few pictures that have words hidden within them.  Can you find them all?  Tell me in the comments how you did! As always, I’ll post the answers at the bottom! These crafty tricks come from 1: Can you find the 6 words in this picture? 2: What about this one? Also, do you love pizza as much as I do? 3: Ok, […]

The Next Chapter

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Big Medical Words / Deep Thoughts About POTS

Just eight months ago I was dispatching and the one in charge of running plates and advising officers which of the registered owners was the applicant for the placard. Now I have placards… and good news, they are non-expiring so that seems ominous.  I don’t plan to use it all the time out of convenience or laziness, but on my bad days it will be super helpful.  Sometimes by the time I get to the […]

Happy Birthday Sergeant Rowdy!

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Mr. Sarge is six years old today!! I’m so thankful for my boy.  He has just been such a happy part of my life for almost six years now.  Crazy to think it’s been that long.  Today he got a birthday cheeseburger and of course his brother got one too (no fire on his though) because in this house cakes and burgers are shared because that is how celebration works! Here’s a little flashback for you… He […]

I’m Not the Only Fainter in this Family Anymore

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That’s right people.  We are now a team of three.  I have two fainting buddies for solidarity.  We are the proud owners of two fainting goats.  Friends, please meet Tilly (on the left) and Bailey (on cinderblock mountain).  I feel like at family meetings they will definitely vote with me because we are a team! These sweet girls are getting acclimated to their new house and pen.  They are super duper snuggly (with each other because they […]

Delicious & Easy Cold Brew Coffee

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Cooking with POTS & Pans / Uncategorized

This is worth your time.  It’s easy to make, delicious, and lasts for up to two weeks in your fridge.  Let me clarify: it will stay good for that long, but it won’t LAST that long if you love smooth coffee.  Cold Brew is 67% less acidic than coffee brewed with hot water and it’s fantastic. *Sidenote: once upon a time my brother, his girlfriend (now wife) and I were in a bar while a […]

Just a 29-Year-Old Senior Citizen Trying to Make You Smile

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Every three weeks I get my nails done.  It has always been the first thing I cut out when money needs to go elsewhere.  But, as long as I’ve been working, if I can afford it, I usually keep up with my nails.  I’m girly and they just make me feel pretty, as silly as that sounds.  It’s a relatively cheap activity to make me feel pretty.  *Sidenote: one time a guy I was dating […]

15 Gifs that Perfectly Describe Life with POTS

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  I decided to gather some GIFs to show a little bit about life with POTS.  Some people speak GIF better than medical/doctor language.   “I just feel a little hot and kinda dizzy.” “You’ve never heard of POTS, but you’re pretty sure I most definitely just need to be gluten, dairy, sugar, coffee, alcohol and joy free?” “What’s that? Everyone is going to do something really fun that involves standing and not passing out?” […]

The Men in My House- A Glimpse of My Life

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Bobby Pins & Bullets / Smile Makers / Uncategorized

Disclaimer: language and inappropriateness and hilariousness. If you know my husband or any of his friends, you know how incredibly true this video is.  Also, it makes me laugh pretty hard.  If you have a uniformed man living in your house something tells me you can find a way to relate. Once upon a time my husband was explaining to a few of our law enforcement friends about how I had a stalker years prior.  I can’t […]


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Hold My Gatorade and Watch This / Physical Therapy & Exercise / Uncategorized

The most amazing thing happened today at physical therapy.  For whatever reason, my numbers were just good today.  My oxygen was mid 90’s and my heart rate was doing really well, for me and my body. I was talking to my therapist and working on my hand and forearm strengthening, which by the way I moved up from the one pound to the three pound weight for wrist and forearm things.  I was asking about different cardio I could effectively and […]