Month: March 2017

Spring: Blog Refresh & My Spring Standoff

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Welcome to Spring.  I’m pretty glad to see it.  Look, don’t get me wrong; I LOVE winter, but even I thought it was a long winter. **Sidenote: what do you call these purple wild flowers?  Where I grew up they were always called Purple Eyed Grass, but my husband grew up knowing them as Soldier’s Spears.** I wanted to switch up the design of my blog a bit.  (Note: I don’t make money blogging, it’s […]

Goats Don’t Get a Lollipop or a Sticker

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So unfair.  It’s hard to be a goat on doctor day, but there is one plus; the vet comes to your house and you don’t have to go out. Earlier this week our goats had their yearly checkups.  They were very interested in what the veterinarian had and what she was doing until it involved poking them. We are thinking about breeding Maizy, which means that all three of the girls need to be tested […]

Pretend Good News

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Don’t get your hopes up.  This isn’t actually good news; it’s just pretend good news. I got my first denial.  In a way I feel like I fit in a little bit more better with my other chronic illness friends now. Yes, I still have social security disability.  I was working to also access my retirement fund since they have a ‘disability retirement’ option.  Since I’m fully disabled according to the social security people, I […]

The Last 10 Books I’ve Read

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Hello friends.  Sometimes it’s fun to find out what everyone else is reading.  I thought I would share with y’all the last 10 books I read.  I’ll start with the oldest and move down to the most recent and perhaps it will inspire you to get a new book for Spring. 10- Original Sin By: Beth McMullen Just a lighthearted spy tale.  I prefer a little more intense spy books usually, but then again I […]

Two Phrases that a Medical Professional Shouldn’t Combine

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So I hadn’t been to the gynecologist since my diagnosis of POTS.  The reason is that I hadn’t run out of birth control yet.  That’s how they get you to go.  You have your prescription and when it runs out they say that you have to go back to see them to get your prescription refilled.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I have endometriosis (confirmed and diagnosed via laparoscopy surgery in 2010-ish […]

Watch My Latest Painting Come to Life

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For my most recent painting, I did something kind of fun.  I took pictures of it in each phase along the way so you could watch it come to life. I had a custom order and was given a picture to paint.  The picture wasn’t very bright, but had a gorgeous layer of fog in the background floating over an old church.  Like always I used acrylic paint.  The main colors I used were raw […]

Is the Giraffe Even Pregnant?

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Are you all familiar with April, the giraffe in a New York zoo who has been in labor for a week with a live webcam on her?  The baby daddy, Oliver, is in the next pen and he comes in every once in a while to check on mom.  I captured it once to show you.  He visited, checked in for a minute, then got bored and had to go back to his pen to […]