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All about the medical stuff, less personal. This is the category for those of you who recently got diagnosed or have medical questions.

Pretend Good News

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Don’t get your hopes up.  This isn’t actually good news; it’s just pretend good news. I got my first denial.  In a way I feel like I fit in a little bit more better with my other chronic illness friends now. Yes, I still have social security disability.  I was working to also access my retirement fund since they have a ‘disability retirement’ option.  Since I’m fully disabled according to the social security people, I […]

Two Phrases that a Medical Professional Shouldn’t Combine

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So I hadn’t been to the gynecologist since my diagnosis of POTS.  The reason is that I hadn’t run out of birth control yet.  That’s how they get you to go.  You have your prescription and when it runs out they say that you have to go back to see them to get your prescription refilled.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I have endometriosis (confirmed and diagnosed via laparoscopy surgery in 2010-ish […]

Vacation Fun & Passing Out on an Airplane

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Last night we got home from a wonderful long weekend out of town.  Tom and I went to visit my brother and my sister-in-law in the Denver area. The flight down went really well.  Just a headache, some fatigue, and some overall body pain.  Nothing horrific at all.  I spent the next day recovering and resting as much as possible because that night was very important.  That night I got to make some childhood dreams […]

Eye Exam Follow-up

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After my first eye exam (you can read about it here if you didn’t  read about it) and my baby ‘jumping to conclusions’ that i was going blind moment, I was a bit worried.  I was relieved to hear that the eye doctor could see me on Monday afternoon. After doing all of the paperwork I got taken back for the preliminary eye test.  I assume this is similar to the nurse in the doctor’s […]

My First Eye Exam Post POTS Diagnosis

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In December I had pink eye, which was really annoying.  It took forever to go away, which was really annoying.  Then my vision remained blurry forever more, which was really annoying. I called a couple weeks ago and made an appointment.  Today was appointment day. Personal Victory: For the first time in my life I was brave enough to do the air puff in the eye test. I finished the rest of the pre-testing then […]

Genetics & Nutraceuticals Specialist Visit

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*I know this is long and super ‘big medical words’-y, but don’t worry I hid some jokes in here so it’s not completely boring.* First off, I’m not a hippy.  Ten times out of ten I am more likely to reach for the Dayquil than the Echinacea.  In fact, my childhood best friend used to tell her mom that she believed Echinacea made her sick because as symptoms started arriving her mom always made her […]

American Housewife Wisdom & a Mini-Coma

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I’ve been quiet again.  I know.  Life has been feeling crazy.  I’ll try to catch you all up in this here handy dandy little blog post.  It might not even be little.  I won’t make any promises. I was relaxing this week and watching American Housewife.  It’s a newer show with Katy Mixon; you might remember her as the sister from Mike & Molly.  She’s hilarious.  In this show she frequently ‘talks in her head’ […]

What a POTS Crash Day Looks Like

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Sometimes people ask me what causes a ‘bad day’ or what that even looks like.  Occasionally it’s hard to explain why I can’t go somewhere or do something.  I thought I’d go through a little explanation of how this all goes down. I slept pretty well last night.  Drank at least 6 glasses of water through the night.  We stayed up late-ish so I woke up around 11:30 or noon. I got up, went to […]

It’s All About the Alpha Tryptase- New POTS Research

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Genetics confuses me.  Luckily there are people out there who are much smarter and not confused by such things.  Leave it to the people at the National Institute of Health to make discoveries. An article came out today discussing some new research about the elevated level of tryptase in the blood contributing to many of the dysautonomia symptoms.  Tryptase is a type of protein and the elevations are due to multiple copies of an Alpha Tryptase […]

I Tried NormaLyte- Taste Test Video

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Have you heard of NormaLyte Pure?  I was very excited to try it out since it was basically designed for those with dysautonomia. I was drawn to it because I liked the idea of it being free of dyes, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives.  As always, leaving out all of those additives makes it cost more which is something I’ve truly never understood. So the first con is that a box of 6 packets (each packet […]