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Spring: Blog Refresh & My Spring Standoff

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Welcome to Spring.  I’m pretty glad to see it.  Look, don’t get me wrong; I LOVE winter, but even I thought it was a long winter. **Sidenote: what do you call these purple wild flowers?  Where I grew up they were always called Purple Eyed Grass, but my husband grew up knowing them as Soldier’s Spears.** I wanted to switch up the design of my blog a bit.  (Note: I don’t make money blogging, it’s […]

Gadget Roundup- Christmas Cash Burning a Hole in Your Pocket?

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I usually receive a bit of Christmas cash and I’m pretty careful about what I want to spend it on.  It’s a big deal because it’s free money and I don’t wanna spend it on something stupid. Last night I was laying in bed and looking on the internet.  By the way, when I say last night it could have been 3 AM, 730 AM, 4 PM yesterday… I never really know for sure. Anyways, […]

American Housewife Wisdom & a Mini-Coma

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I’ve been quiet again.  I know.  Life has been feeling crazy.  I’ll try to catch you all up in this here handy dandy little blog post.  It might not even be little.  I won’t make any promises. I was relaxing this week and watching American Housewife.  It’s a newer show with Katy Mixon; you might remember her as the sister from Mike & Molly.  She’s hilarious.  In this show she frequently ‘talks in her head’ […]

The Master List of Christmas Movies

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I know that everyone is particular about their favorite holiday movies.  I enjoy my brother and his wife’s organization the most though.  They have a master list of Christmas movies and episodes that they like to watch each year.  That way whenever there’s a quiet evening they can throw in one of their favorites to watch. I like their list especially because they include TV show episodes too, which sometimes are more favorite to me […]

When Plans Turn to Camping

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Being sick sucks.  It’s not fun when plans don’t work out and become impossible due to health circumstances.  I’m a 30-year-old grown up and I still get upset when I can’t do something that I was looking forward to due to my body being dramatic.  I’ve found that is one of the best ways to explain it, by the way. Today I’m not talking about me though.  I’m talking about my bud Eli.  You remember him […]

I Tried NormaLyte- Taste Test Video

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Have you heard of NormaLyte Pure?  I was very excited to try it out since it was basically designed for those with dysautonomia. I was drawn to it because I liked the idea of it being free of dyes, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives.  As always, leaving out all of those additives makes it cost more which is something I’ve truly never understood. So the first con is that a box of 6 packets (each packet […]

Tom or Spock?

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First of all, how stinkin’ cute is Maizy? Yesterday was a super fun day.  Started out with a barn sale where we got some fun things.  Then we checked out a few other garage sales.  Then out to breakfast/lunch at a favorite place.  I was ready to nap by then so Tom worked on outside property things while I did that. Our house is being taken over by stink bugs outside.  All of the stink […]

Sunday Scattergories- Birthday Party

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Well, I’m 30.  I’ll write about what all of that means to me later, but for now: Scattergories, birthday edition. To pick your letter, use whatever letter correlates with your day of birth.  So, since it’s September 11th, my letter would be K, because it’s the 11th letter.  If your birthday is on a day after the 26th, then go back to the beginning of the alphabet and keep counting.  So, if your birthday is the 29th, […]

Tuesday Things- The Third Edition

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A collection of random whatever to entertain you.  I’m excited.  Are you? Cucamelons Did you know this was a thing? They look like tiny watermelons, but taste like a tangy lime-cucumber.  Besides being adorable, they are apparently very easy to grow too.  You start the seeds indoors in April or May and plant them once the danger of frost is gone.  They start slow, but can grow up to ten feet high climbing a trellis.  The […]

My Everest

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An average day for me is filled with challenges, just like everyone else’s.  You might be working to meet a deadline at work or studying to pass a big test.  Maybe you are training for an upcoming race or working to rebuild a relationship with someone.  Challenges come in all shapes and sizes. My daily challenges might appear less impressive to some, yet they are still valid and hold merit.  Why? Because they are difficult for […]