Just a 29-Year-Old Senior Citizen Trying to Make You Smile

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Every three weeks I get my nails done.  It has always been the first thing I cut out when money needs to go elsewhere.  But, as long as I’ve been working, if I can afford it, I usually keep up with my nails.  I’m girly and they just make me feel pretty, as silly as that sounds.  It’s a relatively cheap activity to make me feel pretty.  *Sidenote: one time a guy I was dating told me I was high maintenance because I got my nails done.  I pointed out that I worked full time and paid my bills therefore I could spend my money however I wanted and it’s not really high maintenance if I’m paying for it myself.  Fun fact: we did not end up together.

Anyways, I was chatting with my nail girl about the newest happenings in my life.  I mentioned that I now had oxygen at my house and how nice that had been to help with symptoms.  I also mentioned that I had a wheelchair now and I wasn’t sure if I had told her that yet.  Nope, she wasn’t aware of that.  She looked slightly uncomfortable so I made a joke about how in a matter of months I feel like I went from a hot young wife to an 89-year-old senior citizen.  We were laughing and then my phone rang.  It was an automated voice, “Attention, this is a very important message for senior citizens…”  I hung up and told her what it was which resulted in much more laughing.  I can only assume my name is on the list of senior citizens to sell to based on the oxygen?  Professional football players use oxygen on the side of the field.  Why am I not getting phone calls about my ring size for my superbowl ring and offers to be the face of Gatorade?

Anyways, I know as much as anyone else that some days just need more help than others to find smiles.  Allow me to share with you some of my current favorite smile makers!

This is hilarious!

dog smile gif

This baby duck is just so fatigued.  Can you relate?

baby duck gif

This reminds me of all the times I volunteered for to be the leader of a group project in school.

beach gif

How smooth is this guy?

smooth gif

This is so accurate.

spoon gif

It’s nap time. I have spoken.

nap gif

How close was I?

high jump gif

Why I never invite dogs to yoga.

yoga dog

Please don’t let there be any security cameras on.

wheelbarrel gif

Please don’t light my food on fire.

birthday dog gif

Talk about having a bad day.

snow shovel gif

It’s all about the toe point.

gymnastics gif

And in honor of NHL playoffs… stickhandling anyone can appreciate!

Stickhandling gif

And…. NAILED it!

stickhandling nailed it gif

Hope you were able to crack a few smiles!  Go enjoy your day the best you can!



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