ME, and My Pre-POTS Life Merging with my POTS life

Hi. I’m Emily Elizabeth and this is my dog Clifford. No, wait. That’s the beginning of another story.  I’m Amy.

I’m not sure where to start without it being a long boring life history.  So I’m going to use some bullet points to go over the basics of my life.

  • New Wife as of 09-07-2014 to the most amazing and hilarious man.
  • Police Dispatcher. Man mentioned above happens to wear a uniform serving and protecting.
  • 7 year old kiddo occupying the house.  Full of energy and great ideas, compassion, humor and a joy spreader like you wouldn’t believe.
  • July 2015 we bought our dream house on 6 acres and slightly out of town.  For a girl who grew up and lived in neighborhoods always, this has brought some big changes.
  • 2 dogs the size of small ponies live with us rent free.  Well, they pay their rent in snuggles and love and “protection”.
  • In previous life before POTS enjoyed spending time doing Aerial Silks and other fun sweat makers like Krav Maga (which by the way, is a great marriage counseling tool).
  • Health and fitness have always been intriguing and fun, as well as coffee and cupcakes and  the creation of delicious food.
  • I love hockey.  The Pittsburgh Penguins are obviously the best, but I’ll watch any hockey any day!

Ok, I feel like those are the basics and get you up to date enough to find out how POTS crept into my wonderful life.

So in August the afore mentioned 6 year old boy, Carter, kicked an axe.  Does that need explaining? I don’t really think it does, nor do I even know how I would explain it.  Anyways, at the time his Gran and Aunt J were in town visiting and seeing the new house. Gran and I heard the shrieks at the same time and she picked him up and went to the sink.  She explained that I needed to look at it to see if I needed to wake Daddy up from quiet time .  I got enough of a look to see that there was no way around stitches.

Fast forward to dad throwing on clothes and getting Carter’s mom (I’m the step mommy of this adorable tiny axe-kicking man) on the phone to advise the great news that we’d be meeting her at Urgent Care.  I ran downstairs to wake up Aunt J from her quiet time to advise her she was in charge of the dogs.  *I say advise a lot, because I wasn’t lying about being a dispatcher.  Dispatcher married to a Cop equals many moments of ‘disregard’ and ‘correction’ when the wrong thing is said.  It’s always entertaining to be saying a prayer and utter ‘correction’ then move on.*

So Carter was getting ready for the stitches.  His mommy, His daddy and I were all taking to him and distracting him with Halloween costume ideas etc, waiting for the doc to enter the room.  I started to feel HOT and kinda nauseas all of a sudden.  I didn’t want Carter to see me feeling poorly so I crouched down behind the exam table a bit and just took some deep breaths.  I couldn’t tell if I was going to throw up or pass out but exiting the room was all I could focus on.  I told Tom I was going out to the waiting room with Gran.  I stood, made it to the door handle and I remember saying I needed help.  Then apparently I passed out half in the chair and half in Tom’s arms.  He got me upright and we started walking to the waiting room.  Evidently I passed out again completely just crumpling.  I don’t recall this obviously.  I woke up in the exam room next to Carter feeling hot and sweaty and crappy.  They did the basic vitals checking finding a high heart rate and low oxygen.  Everything was written off as ‘oh she got sick from seeing Carter in distress or seeing blood.’

In the following days the dizziness, lightheadedness, and nausea continued.  I threw up at least once a day.  I had a hard time making it through an entire shift at work.  Each day this continued as I was waiting another week to see my primary doctor.  I finally made it through an entire 10 hour shift at work and got off at 2 am and made it home. Victory. The next day getting ready was hard.  I was so dizzy and nauseas and weak.  I pushed on and got on my way to work.  I hit the freeway and dizziness got more intense.  At one point my head dipped forward (you know the elderly person falling asleep in church nod forward) and I realized I better pull over.  I got another mile then pulled off to the side of the freeway and put my hazards on.

40 minutes later (time confirmed using license plate reading cameras) I somewhat awoke to a deputy trying to break my window.  I was able to unlock my door.  I went in and out of consciousness and a nice medic started an IV.  Each time I passed out again the only thing that woke me was pain.  The cop giving me sternum rub upon sternum rub and slapping my face was a good friend of mine.  My husband arrived on scene just as they were loading me up in the ambulance.  Unbeknownst to me my supervisors had already called him which started the “oh shit, she passed out somewhere” cycle.  Evidently it was like a September 1st treasure hunt between first responders.

Anyways, the ER included tremors and loss of consciousness among other symptoms.  It was decided I’d be admitted overnight.  That was the beginning of my 5 day visit to the hospital which we can discuss later.

So those are the basic facts. Kiddo kicks an axe. I pass out. I am dizzy and sick. I try to drive to work but pull over (Thank you God) and pass out. Ride in an ambulance. And admitted to the hospital where all the testing and mystery solving can begin.

Please join me and follow along on my journey.


  1. Donna says

    Hey your such an inspiration could you Tell me the difference between postral hypotension and pots many thanks as I think I have pots but been diagnosed with postral hypotension


    • Hi! Technically pots includes the tachycardia aspect as well. Generally going from laying flat and resting for 10 or 15 minutes. Then standing up and having heart rate increase by 30 beats per minute or more.


    • I have gotten it during hospital visits, but not as a treatment. I’ve asked different doctors if it might be a treatment option, but each one I’ve asked thinks it’s too temporary of a fix. It doesn’t offer any long term benefits.


  2. Rhonda Adamson says

    I was just diagnosed in March. I am just now finding your blog and reading your adventures. I have cried a couple of times during your descriptions and pictures. I can describe the tilt table test to people and they nod and say okay but they dont really understand it or comprehend what a positive result of this test means. I applaud you for being able to find humor in throwing up trying to put your sneakers on to do an exercise that should help alleviate the problem thats causing the throwing up. I found no humor in my case. I did find, though that my husband could grab a can of ginger ale and bring it to me quicker than he normally moves. i also have hone days without my meds to prep for testing-I thought my head and my heart were going to explode. The night before the tests in the hotel room was the longest of my life. Thank you for your stories and your pictures! I feel like someone final knows what I am going through!


    • I’m so sorry that you have to be a part of this POTS family! But at the same time welcome! You are never alone. It is very difficult to find humor and there are days when I just want to be mad. I tried anger at first and I think overall when I try to seriously focus on the good things, I do a lot better and I find life much more tolerable. Some days it’s much easier to find the positives of course. Are you done with testing now or do you have more to do?


    • Rhonda Adamson says

      hello again-you mentioned taking salt tablets. I was wondering if anyone mentioned actually putting salt in your water and drinking it? I put one teaspoon in 24 oz of water and drink 3 to 4 of these a day. The nurse at one pf my many tests said 3-4 tspoons a day wiyh the water is a pretty good amount. The tablets were too hard on my stomach-which is already “stressed” by this confusing disorder.


      • Hi! At the beginning every doctor said just to eat salty food, but not to increase it any more than that. My husband asked about salt tablets and two different doctors laughed at him. It wasn’t until I got to a POTS specialist in May who said to get tablets. No, I haven’t heard of that and I don’t like the idea of tasting salt water, but it imagine it is pretty well undetectable in that much water. Right? That’s a good idea to keep around for those rough moments and especially when my tummy is already having a really bad day! Thanks!


  3. rasm47 says

    Whereas I should be yours, you are in fact MY inspiration….Love you and thank God for you.


  4. Cynthia Rahn says

    I have been waiting for something like this to come along! The only thing that gets us through pain and setbacks is Jesus and humor. Bless you for doing this blog!!!


  5. Gail says

    So happy to see you take this diagnosis and turn it around to something more positive. Continue to find the smiles and humor through difficult and uncomfortable times. You are an awesome and beautiful woman and I’m happy to call you friend.


  6. Heather says

    So excited to see is up and running and your sharing your adventures with the World!!
    You are Amazing, beautiful, patient and way more tolerant of these trials than I could ever be. I look forward to following you here and sharing those real life challenges with you.
    Forever your Friend and cleaning lady 😉


  7. Colleen Knauber says

    Every life has some adventures and surprise, it’s a blessing to others to see how well you handle yours.


  8. KIrsten B says

    Can’t wait to read more chapters! You are an amazing, strong and halarious woman! ❤️


  9. You are amazing and fabulous! Just keep moving forward and know that God is always with you, especially when you don’t feel like he is.


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