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Spring Break Brings a Reminder about Perspective

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Last week was the kiddo’s Spring Break.  If you remember, last year on Spring Break we built the chicken barn.  This year, we took an airplane to visit my brother and his wife in the Denver area. Traveling with POTS isn’t easy.  It’s hard.  It’s heavy.  My purse has to include my emergency kit, ALL of my medications in original bottles, water, salt, entertainment (distraction), etc.  It’s annoying being pushed everywhere and not having independence to walk.  […]

Hey Dr. Phil: Stay in Your Lane, Bud

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I’m pretty fired up, y’all. I don’t actually know what the draw to Dr. Phil is.  I’ve never been a fan.  I realize people go to him for his sage advice the chance to be on TV, but do you ever wonder if people would actually go back to him if he were not on TV?  His opinions very rarely meet up with mine, but I really love when he just straight up makes stuff […]

Strudel, Sausages & Christmas

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Holy moly, it’s been almost two months since my last post.  I apologize.  The end of the year always gets insanely busy.  Let me do a bit of a recap for y’all. During the second week of December Tom and I visited Leavenworth, WA for a lovely getaway.  If you aren’t familiar, Leavenworth is a charming little Bavarian-themed village known for their Christmas decorating, sausages, and Octoberfest.  We love a little getaway just the two […]

Family Photo Shoot on the Homestead

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I’m just gonna tell you right now that I won’t show all the pictures here now because I’ll send some on Christmas cards this year and I don’t want to ruin the surprise. We had a perfect plan, but spoiler alert it didn’t go as planned. Photo Credit for all of these lovely photos, including some outtakes, is Empire Studios.  I highly recommend her because 1) She wasn’t scared of Tom’s cranky moments. 2) She wasn’t afraid to […]

Boats, Trains, & Automobiles

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Last week we had a day filled with transportation and I thought I would share about it. Around 11:30 we loaded up on my parent’s boat for some fun, which means that I started preparing and packing around 8:45.  I made a picnic lunch of tuna sandwiches, veggies and dip, crackers and two kinds of spread, and potato chips.  The night before Carter and I made a big pan of caramel chocolate chip cookie bars.  […]

My New Chicken Barn

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The week of Valentine’s day Tom and I made a down payment on a fantastic little barn with the understanding that we would pay the second half once the owners helped us disassemble the barn, move it to our house, and reassemble it on our property.  A few weeks ago we completed the project and moved the chickens into their new mansion.  They are quite happy in their new home. I put together a few […]

Goat Polio, Getaway & Grab Bag of Spring Pictures

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Tilly Girl Tom and I were outside the other day working hard on another project around the farm (to be featured in a blog soon hopefully).  We let the goats out to graze and play while we were outside.  Miss Tilly was acting super weird.  Standing by herself and just staring off into the distance.  She didn’t graze with the other goats.  She was standing pressing her head against the house.  Poor little baby was […]

What Happens in Vegas Ends up on the Blog

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I believe that is how the saying goes.  That or ‘What happens in Vegas ends up on YouTube.’ Not to worry folks; we left our mark. Tom and I arrived on Thursday afternoon and checked into the Mirage.  We had a lovely volcano-view room, so that was fun.  We had a burger and milkshake for dinner our first night.  We went to LVB (Las Vegas Burger).  It was a great introduction to the price of […]

I’m a Fruit Girl, Not Like that Time I Memorized the Chiquita Banana Song for School

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It’s official, y’all.  I’ve always told everyone that I don’t know how to work ‘fruit phones’ and other ‘fruit’ products–which was my code for Apple products.  I just never had one and never knew how to work one, which was why I was always an android girl. UNTIL… two days ago. We had some business for plan changing stuff at the Verizon store, which is my personal hell, btw.  It always takes so long.  In […]

Sex Coffee- Get the Recipe Here

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If you watched my latest live video on Chronic Illness on the Mighty’s Facebook page, then you might have heard me mention sex coffee.  Basically this is just a delicious drink that supports and enhances sex drive. First off, I didn’t make this recipe, I found it on The ingredients each have a component to increase sexual desire and libido.  The secret ingredient is an adaptogenic herb, Maca, which is an Aztec root known […]