Hospital Moments

When I look back on my 5-day hospital stay, I can look at some parts fondly for sure.  But either way there are elements that others may enjoy or find helpful, even if only to relate.

This was my first post the night I got admitted.  I was shocked I even had to ride in the ambulance.  Then I was sure I’d be there a few minutes and going home.  If you would have told me when  I was getting into the ambulance that I would be staying at the hotel of needles for 5 days, I would have thought you were delusional.

first post in hospital

I bet I’m not the only one who has had the pleasure of wearing the “alert code” socks.

alert socks.png

Some updates on day 3.

hospital updates

This next image addresses the great escape.  Tom (my husband) carried me down 3 flights of stairs one day and helped me walk through the cafeteria and outside to a small table so I could be outside for a bit.  It was lovely.  One of my favorite dates with him.  The nurses told us the next day that I couldn’t go outside because my heart monitor wouldn’t reach that far and they would get alerts that it had stopped.  My husband pointed out that the day before he had carried me down and up 3 flights of stairs and outside and no one had noticed.  That warranted a response of “Hmmm”.  When my doctor found out, he said I was the first patient ever who said they wanted to get some fresh air and didn’t actually use the time to smoke.


Jello Shots! Gotta look for the silver lining!

jello shots.png

This next picture is a favorite for sure. We talked the staff into letting me get wheeled out near the parking lot to see our dogs as long as a medical professional came with! Such a happy reunion!

dogs visit.png

This guy. He is the one who made it bearable. Not to mention for the first 3 nights, there was no reclining chair or bench of any type available for him.  He slept on the floor every night.  He woke up for every blood draw to hold my hand. He never missed me feeling like crap.  He made sure any food that sounded good was at my bedside.  He did anything and everything that would increase my comfort.


T reading.png

These are some of the highlights of my hospital stay.

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