Month: June 2017

Fight or Flight or Faint

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Deep Thoughts About POTS / Uncategorized

Fight or flight is a function of the autonomic nervous system.  My autonomic nervous system is confused and faulty.  A few days ago I was outside working to clean the garage with Tom and Carter.  I did a few trips on the stairs taking things to the basement.  I came back out to the garage and rested a bit before moving over to the deck to move the chairs.  I picked up one and got […]

The Bachelorette Rachel: Episode 4

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Last week there was no episode due to NBA finals so it’s been two weeks.  It was almost so long that I forgot what most dramatic thing ever was happening.  Oh yes, there was drama about if Rachel might take Eric’s rose away. We find the guys in the mansion with Eric yelling at Iggy that it is a problem and it is his business because  ‘his name is ‘in everyone’s mouth’.  I can understand his frustration. Meanwhile, outside […]

Can You Figure These Out?

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The Brain Gym

If you follow my blog, you know I believe in challenging my brain by working out logic and word puzzles.  I’m always keeping an eye out for fun Brain Gym stuff to share with y’all.  I found some fun TV show pictograms and I thought I would share. Can you solve these?  I’ll post the answers down below, but take a few minutes and try to work these out first! I found these pictograms over […]

Our Little Farm is Growing

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Funny Farm Stuff / Uncategorized

Since the first time we looked at chicks I have wanted ducklings.  They are stinkin’ adorable.  Tom has always said no. Sadly our chickens didn’t make it much into the Fall.  They ‘went to live on another farm’.  Or maybe they were dinner for a coyote or a hawk.  Either way, we only ended up getting around 6 or 7 eggs total from our first four chicks we got last spring. A couple days ago […]

The Bachelorette Rachel: Episode 3

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Bachelorette Recaps / Uncategorized

We start back up on this episode with DeMario in the driveway with “security” waiting to talk to Rachel.  She humors him and goes out with her fur shawl to talk to him.  He did have to Uber over, after all.  He says a lot of bla bla bla joy only comes after pain and she should give him a second chance.  She listens and then says no she gave him his chance in the […]