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My Little Etsy Store

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Hold my Gatorade and watch this!  I made a little Etsy store with all of my handmade jewelry.  No, I’m never gonna make money or anything cool like that, but I really enjoy being creative with styles and ideas.  If you follow me on Facebook, you already know about this, but if not it still counts as news to you. Hey, maybe be a pal and jump onto Etsy and favorite my shop.  If you […]

A Little Ketchup- or Catch Up

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I’ve been feeling rough lately.  I’m not big on whining, but my POTS has just been extra angry lately.  I’ve had some passing out and some near passing out.  My stomach has been extra touchy.  Eating, sometimes even a small amount, has caused a big dizziness problem while digesting.  Ugh.  It’s just frustrating when I have things I would love to do, but my daily goals have been precious little.  Yesterday I accomplished a shower.  […]

The Big, Exciting, Sparkly & Rusty News

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Our little business, Sparkles & Rust is growing up.  We are officially in a store, and not just any store.  It’s an amazing and highly rated vintage-style boutique.  I have loved this store for a while and I’m so excited that she loves my products too. I was deciding between two stores, but this one was obviously more expensive in all ways, but also that much busier and higher quality.  As I was choosing Tom and […]