Tuesday Things: The Nineteenth Edition

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Tuesday Things

I know I’ve been a bit quiet for a few days.  I’m working on a post to explain our week/weekend fun.  Not to worry.

On to Tuesday Things!

Internet Win

First up.  This was my favorite thing on the internet a few days ago.  Someone posted it onto one of the shop and swap sites I follow.


Horrifying Christmas Gift

I saw this while Christmas shopping online the other day.  I don’t mean to offend you if you have one of these sitting on your coffee table, but in my opinion it’s hideous.  It even has a spot in the middle for the umbilical cord.  Excuse me while I go vomit.


The Classier Pet Rock?

I don’t understand this at all, but apparently it is real and it really is $85.00 and people really are buying it.


Foot Pursuits in the Snow

While dispatching I always loved a good foot pursuit in the freshly fallen snow.  For some reason people never think about the fact that they are making perfect prints in the snow which can be easily followed.

I saw this online the other day.  In the olden days moonshiners made and used these fancy shoes that make hoof prints to get away from police.  A for effort!


Stocking Stuffers for Men

Just in case you are struggling with what to stuff in that stocking for your man, here are my top well-received items.  I don’t mind posting it because it’s not much of a surprise to Tom.  He always gets these items and he’s always happy.

  • Mini liquor bottles
  • scratch tickets
  • fancy good smelling Axe-type soap
  • nuts
  • jerky
  • ridiculous tiny toy from the toy section that shoots something or makes fart noises

Ok those are my best stocking stuffer ideas!  Hope that helps anyone who might be stumped.

I hope you all enjoy your Tuesday.  Keep an eye out for another post I’m working on.  Oh, and the Penguins play today at 4!  Go Penguins!




  1. I’m over here choking, half-dead, laughing at that “Internet Win” picture! HA. (Then pretty much choking from disgust at the umbilical cord thing ughhhh.)

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