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A Visit From the Priority Fairy

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What’s that, you ask?  A Priority Fairy is someone I just made up, but I am pretty sure it could be real.  Do you ever have a moment when something just immediately strikes you and you make a huge realization, or things are just put into perspective clearly? The Priority Fairy recently struck in my house.  Allow me to share. One thing that has remained the same since before my diagnosis is our bedtime routine.  […]

American Housewife Wisdom & a Mini-Coma

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I’ve been quiet again.  I know.  Life has been feeling crazy.  I’ll try to catch you all up in this here handy dandy little blog post.  It might not even be little.  I won’t make any promises. I was relaxing this week and watching American Housewife.  It’s a newer show with Katy Mixon; you might remember her as the sister from Mike & Molly.  She’s hilarious.  In this show she frequently ‘talks in her head’ […]

Checking In

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I’ve been a bit MIA from my blog.  I got my first “are you still alive” email the other day so I figured I should check in. The last few days have been rough.  I’m not ready to discuss it all yet.  I have my next live video with the Mighty in January and I’m working up the nerve to talk about it then.  Maybe. Either way, day by day, doing a little better now. […]

Progress? or Progress!

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Progress.  If there’s one thing out there that people really want to genuinely know about, it’s progress.  That’s the question I get asked the most often.  Are you getting better?  Are you making progress?  Some people in the chronic illness world take great offense to this question.  Me, I don’t.  People desperately like a resolution and they want to hear “yes I’m getting better” or “yes I’m over that sickness.” I get it. When someone […]

What a POTS Crash Day Looks Like

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Sometimes people ask me what causes a ‘bad day’ or what that even looks like.  Occasionally it’s hard to explain why I can’t go somewhere or do something.  I thought I’d go through a little explanation of how this all goes down. I slept pretty well last night.  Drank at least 6 glasses of water through the night.  We stayed up late-ish so I woke up around 11:30 or noon. I got up, went to […]

POTS- the Consequences of a Bad Choice

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We’ve all made a bad choice once or twice in our lives right?  If you said no, you’re lying. Saturday night my husband and I dressed up for a fun night out at a Halloween Costume party.  I had done my very best resting up for the fun.  We checked into the room early and stayed in to eat room service, watch hockey and nap before the party. It was good fun dressing up!  We went […]

Briefing-Time to Check in

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In the dispatching world briefing is pretty dang important.  Especially when you take over the radio console and have ongoing calls already happening (which is almost always).  These are the moments while you are logging onto the computer and opening up your programs and the person you are relieving is giving you the rundown of what is happening.  Typically it’s information such as who came in service early, any updates on scheduling from sergeants, and current events, especially the […]

Humility is Still in Style

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As I’ve mentioned once or twice NHL hockey is back this week.  Yesterday (Wednesday)was the first day of the season. I can’t begin to imagine being a rookie.  Most of these guys were skating before they were walking and most likely grew up in a small arena somewhere living on slush puppies and hockey nets (criss-cut french fries) from the snack bar.  Now, as they take the ice they are basically experiencing their life-long dream.  I […]

When Plans Turn to Camping

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Being sick sucks.  It’s not fun when plans don’t work out and become impossible due to health circumstances.  I’m a 30-year-old grown up and I still get upset when I can’t do something that I was looking forward to due to my body being dramatic.  I’ve found that is one of the best ways to explain it, by the way. Today I’m not talking about me though.  I’m talking about my bud Eli.  You remember him […]

If POTS had an Anthem

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Deep Thoughts About POTS

I found our anthem.  It speaks to so many of the conditions of this syndrome including body temperature regulation issues, inability to commit to showing up somewhere due to symptoms and flares, being upright one second then passed out another, fighting with your body one moment and loving it another, and the frustrations of having to stay home while knowing that going out will only cause more problems. That’s right, I found a song that encompasses […]