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The Great $150 Guestroom Makeover

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I recently decided that our guest room needed to transition from a sad and boring little room to a beautiful guest room.  Like most people, I didn’t happen to have a few thousand dollars laying around to hit up the Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel.  A few thousand is probably a little on the low side of that estimate anyways. I thought it would be a fun challenge to see just how little I […]

DIY $27 Rustic Windmill Wall Art

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Welcome!  I absolutely love this project.  It was fun, fairly simple and I love the end product. Supplies sheet metal (I bought two 9.99 sheets from Hobby Lobby- don’t forget to use a 40% off coupon on one of them, but really any thin metal will work.  I have since picked up some free scrap metal off of Craigslist, so keep an eye out there too!) 3 small wooden dowels (I bought these at Hobby Lobby […]

DIY $7 Tri-Color Flower Wall Hanging

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Welcome to a fun tutorial that gives you plenty of freedom to customize this décor piece any way you desire. Pricing is hard, so please understand that I did a Great $150 Guestroom Makeover and included spray paint for the color scheme into that project, rather than trying to calculate a percentage of a can for each project, etc.  So for this estimate of $7 I’m assuming that you have some spray paint, as well […]

DIY 2 Dollar Cotton Boll Wreath

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As part of my Great Guestroom $150 Makeover, I put together this cute little cotton boll wreath piece. Using a few odds and ends that I had around the house, I only had to pay two dollars for additional supplies. This is easy, versatile, and super simple to customize with what you have on hand. Now, if we assume you have an empty craft cupboard and an empty junk drawer, you’re obviously going to have […]

DIY Fall Décor: Burlap Candy Corn Banner

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If you happen to love Fall and Fall décor as much as I do, you’re in the right place.  I recently saw this little idea online and had to instantly drop everything and recreate it. It took exactly the amount of time as me sitting and watching an episode of Survivor takes.  So to translate, that’s just less than an hour.  I’m sure if you move quickly and have great hot glue gun skills it would be […]

The DIY-er’s Guide to Thrift Store Shoppin’

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Welcome all!  If you’re reading this it is probably because you are a craft person, or you want to be a crafty person.  Either way, thanks for stopping by.  I’m going to show you a few of my favorite little tricks for thriftin’. First Things First Map out your route.  Know your favorite thrift stores in town and make an easy route to hit your favorites without back tracking multiple times.  This is especially important […]

Free Door & a New Goat

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As I’ve said before, I like garage sale-ing and hitting up barn sales, etc.  A couple months ago, Tom was laying in bed and looking on Craigslist on his phone.  He mentioned that someone was getting rid of an old door for free and that it was most likely gone already.  Just for kicks, I sent an email.  She said it was available and we could pick it up.  The reason I’m telling you all […]

My 4-Dollar Garage Sale Table Makeover

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I blame the whiskey. Here’s the thing.  While we were in Colorado visiting family, we went on a whiskey distillery tour. Ya, ya it was interesting and all, but the main realization I had was, why didn’t we get married in a whiskey distillery?  Man, the décor was just gorgeous.  I loved all of it.  The barrels, the lighting, the steel and barn wood accents.  See, look for yourself. Tell me that’s not gorgeous.  Plus, we […]

New Painting, Neurologist, & Nervous Driving

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Hello world.  It’s Friday I think.  I’ve had one cup of coffee.  Even though it’s currently 7AM I think I can handle typing up this post. So, I finished a new painting recently.  It has a ‘story’.  Let me just make it painfully clear that I DO NOT GET ART.  I rarely ‘appreciate’ it the way it should be appreciated.  I HATE art museums, which is probably a horrible thought for those of you who love them, considering I’ve been in some of […]

Alcohol Fire Painting-What Could Go Wrong?

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Craft nights are the best, especially when something new is on the schedule.  This time my friend had sent me a link with a little 45 second video that demonstrated how to make fantastically cool frames using alcohol ink and open flame.  Of course I took videos and pictures so that I could share with all of you.  I texted another friend and told her to come have mimosas and light stuff on fire with […]