Month: June 2016

Cinnamon Bun Donuts- Quick & Easy

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Cooking with POTS & Pans

These do not disappoint.  I woke up this morning and was feeling ok-ish so I visited good old Pinterest to find something yummy to bake this morning.  I invested in a donut pan recently (3 dollars at a garage sale) and I love it.  I like to pretend it makes healthy donuts because they are baked, which to a point is true. Ok, on to the recipe.  These are so super easy and quick.  5 minutes […]

Send Endorphin Backup- Code 3!

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Big Medical Words / Deep Thoughts About POTS

An endorphin is a neuro-transmitter – essentially, it is a chemical messenger that passes along a signal from one neuron to another.  Endorphins are a part of the nervous system and are released from mainly the pituitary gland, as well as the spinal cord.  They  primarily interact with receptors in cells within the brain which handle emotion and restrict pain; however, they are also responsible for delivering feelings of bliss, joy, and contentment. Allow me […]

Some Days You Pass Out with a Basket of Laundry on Your Head

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I must start by apologizing for not having a picture of this, so don’t get your hopes up. Friday started out really early.  I got up at 0530 and I was the last one up.  Poor Tom woke up at 0130 and never went back to sleep.  Eventually he wanted coffee and food so he started cooking somewhere around 5 or 515-ish. We ate delicious food. Carter and I did some crafting.  We watched some […]

New Painting, Neurologist, & Nervous Driving

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Big Medical Words / Chronic-Girl Crafts / Hold My Gatorade and Watch This / Smile Makers

Hello world.  It’s Friday I think.  I’ve had one cup of coffee.  Even though it’s currently 7AM I think I can handle typing up this post. So, I finished a new painting recently.  It has a ‘story’.  Let me just make it painfully clear that I DO NOT GET ART.  I rarely ‘appreciate’ it the way it should be appreciated.  I HATE art museums, which is probably a horrible thought for those of you who love them, considering I’ve been in some of […]

They’re on the Roof

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Funny Farm Stuff / Smile Makers / Uncategorized

Thanks to the wind storms in the Fall followed by multiple feet of snow in the Winter… we’re getting a brand new roof!  The roofers got here early this morning to start working on it.  There were many more guys here than I thought there would be, as well as a truck with a crane on top.  I guess I don’t know what I expecting, but it seemed like a pretty big production to me. The dogs were not as impressed as […]

My Nicholas Sparks

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Bobby Pins & Bullets

Those of you close to me are aware that my husband likes to read Nicholas Sparks books.  I’ve watched people try to make fun of him for it, but he always quickly shuts them down by pointing out that his books are basically a complete guidebook for romance, which is true. Who doesn’t want to come home to love notes on the mirror,  or on random objects throughout the house?  I picked up a deck […]

Daddy-O, Pops, Pa, Dad

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I bet you thought I would forget to mention that it’s father’s day and I happen to like my dad quite a bit. See, he’s taught me many important things in this life.  Let me share with you some of my favorites, although of course this doesn’t include all of the wisdom he has shared with me over the years. He taught me that I would be seconds away from death if I ever chose […]

Alcohol Fire Painting-What Could Go Wrong?

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Chronic-Girl Crafts / Hold My Gatorade and Watch This / Smile Makers / Uncategorized

Craft nights are the best, especially when something new is on the schedule.  This time my friend had sent me a link with a little 45 second video that demonstrated how to make fantastically cool frames using alcohol ink and open flame.  Of course I took videos and pictures so that I could share with all of you.  I texted another friend and told her to come have mimosas and light stuff on fire with […]

Super Duper Recumbent

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Hold My Gatorade and Watch This / Physical Therapy & Exercise

First day back to physical therapy today since the Seattle trip of testing and adding in a new medication.  To be honest, I was kind of dreading it.  I didn’t wanna be in a hurry to get ready and leave the house all to feel like I had lost ground and I was weaker than before.  It went surprisingly well, actually.  We talked about my visit with the doctor and that ‘as recumbent as possible’ […]

Monday Hidden Word Puzzles

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The Brain Gym

Another week is beginning.  Pour up some coffee and wake up that beautiful brain of yours.  Ok, beautiful might have been a stretch.  Have you ever seen a brain? I am really thankful that God gave us skin.  Pretty much everything on the inside looks better with skin covering it, in my opinion; and if you didn’t want to hear my opinion, you really shouldn’t be reading my blog, right?  I apologize, I’m still on […]