Alcohol Fire Painting-What Could Go Wrong?

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Craft nights are the best, especially when something new is on the schedule.  This time my friend had sent me a link with a little 45 second video that demonstrated how to make fantastically cool frames using alcohol ink and open flame.  Of course I took videos and pictures so that I could share with all of you.  I texted another friend and told her to come have mimosas and light stuff on fire with us.  She basically responded with this:

horrible idea

A few things to point out first:

  • This should not be done without adult supervision.
  • The more mimosas you have, the less adult you become.
  • Mimosas are a great way to hydrate up before crafting with fire.

Ok, on to the project! It really is incredibly quick and easy and turns out just gorgeous.



Supplies needed:

You need alcohol ink.  I used Ranger brand and it comes in these tiny bottles.  I bought three-packs off of amazon, although the internet told me that you could find them at Michaels too.  On amazon they range from about 9-12 dollars per three-pack.


Next, you need some picture frames with glass fronts, whatever size you want will work.  You can even find them at garage sales if you follow my tips on garage sale-ing and how to avoid getting murdered.

Rubbing alcohol is required and must be the 91%, which Monica confirmed is a dollar more.  (She was nice enough to buy the non-amazon supplies since I chose to shower for crafting.  Everyone knows you can’t shower, go to town, AND craft all in one day.)

You also need a lighter and probably one that is longer to keep your chances of catching your hand on fire down to a minimum.  Or, you can use a regular tiny lighter if you have balls of steel.


Lastly a tin-foil covered cookie sheet to do your projects on.

Ok, here goes the step by step.

  1. Remove the glass from the frame and place onto the tin-foil covered cookie sheet.
  2. Drop some different colored ink around randomly.
  3. Put rubbing alcohol on top.  We found that it was easiest to use a straw as a dropper and drop alcohol around on it.
  4.  Tilt the frame around to spread the alcohol.  (See video below)
  5. Light it on fire.  It is key to move the bottles of alcohol ink and rubbing alcohol away first. Oh, and the straws.  Straws burn really fast if you didn’t know.  (See second video below).


And now for the burning.


Another quick thing to point out.  If you have not used the energy to go downstairs yet to find the long lighter and are therefore lighting something else to use to then light the glass on fire, make sure you have a plan for where to put that something that is now a torch on fire in your hand.  You’re welcome for these helpful tips.


When the fire goes out, the ink is all dry and also FREAKING HOT.  In the video I watched the lady picked it right up an put it in the frame.  Let it cool for a second or two in case you have feeling in your hands, then put it into the frame with white paper behind it and Voila, beautiful!


If you want to get crazy like us, you can work with some wine glasses, coffee mugs, and shot glasses.  This is a lot harder though I should point out.  Some people online had luck with using no flame and letting it dry, then mod podging over it.  We went with flame because that’s our style.  We did mod podge after they were dry though because it is non-toxic and the internet told me it is dishwasher safe.  I have not checked it out though yet.  We tried a variety of styles with these, but I liked the finished products.




I’d like to take a moment of silence for the THREE straws that were lost in the alcohol bottle.  In the words of Ross, “I blame margaritas 3, 4, and 7.”

Oh, and at one point Audrey pointed out that she was surprised this was an indoor activity.  So yes, this might be better as an outdoor activity.  Use your best judgement, maybe even pre-mimosa.

If you try this please share your finished products with me!

Go have a happy day!







  1. Oh beautiful! I love seeing all the crafts you find yourself experimenting and doing. I also love the little meme thing….hahaha Sounds like something I would say.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gail Brown says

    Looks like fun. I especially like the way the wine glasses turned out.


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