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Hold My Gatorade and Watch This / Physical Therapy & Exercise

First day back to physical therapy today since the Seattle trip of testing and adding in a new medication.  To be honest, I was kind of dreading it.  I didn’t wanna be in a hurry to get ready and leave the house all to feel like I had lost ground and I was weaker than before.  It went surprisingly well, actually.  We talked about my visit with the doctor and that ‘as recumbent as possible’ is clearly recommended.  We had been doing recumbent bike, but today we made it even more recumbent, if you will.


I may have looked a little silly but believe it or not I was still super sweaty and my muscles were sore, yet my heart rate didn’t get above 125 and was usually hanging in the 115 range which is awesome.  When I first got to physical therapy I started with the normal seated recumbent bike for the first 10 minutes and being upright at that level kept my heart rate in the 135 range for most of it.

While I was laying there biking another patient came over to use the bike next to me.  She looked down at me and as she laughed she said, ‘I wanna do that.’  I don’t know if I hadn’t had enough coffee of if I was just a bit growly or what, but my first thought was not anywhere near as kind as it should have been.  I managed to just smile and not say anything, which is always a good choice for me.  However, inside my mind I had a lot of thoughts of, ‘ya, it’s really cool to get to lay on the ground and bike.  You know what else is cool? Standing up to do anything and passing out.  SO fun.  Oh, and I bet whatever you have needs rehab for a bit and then will be gone as opposed to it being a chronic illness.’  As I got to thinking, of course I realized that I had no business making snap judgements about why she was there or what her condition was either.  It was a good little get it together moment for me I suppose.

My physical therapist asked if I thought Tom could take the seat off of my recumbent bike so I could work on adding time at home, yet be laying down.  Oh ya, he can definitely get the seat off, as far as if it will be able to go back on again later, that’s the mystery.  We always laugh when Tom is doing something somewhat delicate that has a possibility of breaking easily and we say ‘more finesse, less infantry.’

While I was doing my lay-down-biking (trademark pending), three physical therapists worked as a team to modify the total gym to allow me to do all kinds of neat semi-upside down leg press, lat pulls, and pushups.  It was a workout for sure, but I really enjoyed feeling like I was doing something with a lot of those muscles that don’t generally get as much of a workout.  We finished the pushups and I asked if I was done for the day.  He said, “judging by the fact that you almost never ask that, yes, you are done for the day.”

Tomorrow will be the day that truly shows how broken I am.

A few minor victories to point out for today:

  • I woke up and was looking at my phone and saw a recipe for cinnamon roll muffins.  They looked amazing, but I resisted and had wheat bran with berries instead.
  • I had to get a prescription today which means I was right by the donut place moments after my workout and I was starving, yet I resisted.

I feel as though these are worthy of mentioning as they are some of my little struggles.  I just love food.  I love baking.  I love eating what I bake.  Yesterday and the day before each included pie and ice cream, so really anytime I pass up something it’s a tiny win for me.

I really miss the days of being able to mostly eat whatever I wanted and then just up my cardio to help burn it off.

In other and much more exciting news, my Tom surprised me with a fancy new hammock and an umbrella to assure that no sun ever touches me whilst I am lounging.  So far, I love it.


Exhibit A: lounging with my Gatorade and my Sarge-man lounging on his own chair.


Exhibit B: My view from the hammock.

Certainly I have no business complaining with a life like this!

Hope this finds you all having a happy evening after a happy day.


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