10 Animals I Can Relate To

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Brooke Barker over at sadanimalfacts.com does a great job with illustrating the facts of nature.  Let me just say, I can relate to more animals than I previously ever thought I could.  Take advantage of this rainy Thursday (It’s rainy here, at least) to learn a bit about animals and tell me which you relate to the most.

  1. sadanimalfactscamel30 gallons of water in 15 minutes. Yep that’s similar to me when I need to hydrate up or I feel like I have a dry mouth.
  2. sadanimalfactssparrowMaybe the sparrow is having a rough day? Maybe she’s feeling a bit emotional? Who are we to judge her? I’ve had some pretty sparrow-y days myself.
  3. sadanimalfactspandaOnce we factor in pain, medications, lack of sleep the night or week before suddenly bam, I’m a panda.
  4. sadanimalfactsdikdikYep.  I’ve been there Mrs. Dik-Dik.  Sometimes you just need a good territory-marking session.  I feel ya.
  5. sadanimalfactspigeonYa ya, I’ll call the doctor to ask about the referral with the specialist and discuss the blood work results and find out about the medication dosage change.  Maybe next week I’ll call the insurance company to figure out that coding issue.
  6. sadanimalfactsrabbitHey babe, did you take your pills? No.  Hey babe, have you checked your blood pressure? No.  Hey babe, do you think it might be a good idea to bring your oxygen just in case? No.
  7. sadanimalfactsantsPaisomnia or insomnia, I can relate to you mr. ant.
  8. sadanimalfactsoctopusI have days when I definitely relate to leaving home only when absolutely necessary, you know like running out of coffee creamer for instance.
  9. sadanimalfactscowWhen I’m having symptoms, yep.  Me too and better yet, just bring up all the things I could possibly need in the next hour.
  10. sadanimalfactsseagullI’m adding this last one for one reason,  Girl’s night out.  A group of girls on girls night out should most definitely be called a wreck.  I hereby proclaim this to be the new name starting now.

Did you find yourself relating to animals more than you previously thought you did?  I didn’t know I had so much in common with nature.

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be finishing my coffee and laughing about a ‘wreck of girls’ going out for drinks.  Carry on.



  1. My husband sent me this hilarious reply….

    I know guys who have gone hunting animals that are in packs, herds, groups, gaggles, swarms, troops, shoals, flocks, colony, clutch, covey, a run and even a cluster. Now I can add “wreck” to that.

    Think of this in best Steve Irwin voice…….

    “Ay mate, here we see a wreck of skankalopes at the local watering home away from the males preparing to relax after a tough day on the savannah. While not uncommon, it is still a truly fascinating sight to behold. Look! Look at that one there….her shrill call attracts attention to the group, wanted or not. This helps to procure males from competing herds ensuring an ample supply of fresh food and drink for them. That one there helps by molting and shedding outer layers as necessary to keep the males interested. Alone they are easily conquered mate, but as a full wreck they are terrifying once enraged. Absolutely incredible to watch in their habitat away from the nest.”


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