Watch My Latest Painting Come to Life

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For my most recent painting, I did something kind of fun.  I took pictures of it in each phase along the way so you could watch it come to life.

I had a custom order and was given a picture to paint.  The picture wasn’t very bright, but had a gorgeous layer of fog in the background floating over an old church.  Like always I used acrylic paint.  The main colors I used were raw umber, titanium white, burnt sienna, black, yellow ochre, forest green, a crimson, and a light mocha tan color.

As I painted along, there were some phases that I loved, and some that I hated, but in the end I am happy with the end product.

Have a look for yourself.

I started out by laying down my basic starting background.


Next, I used a super muted grey to add in trees in the distance.  I only did the top portion of the tree on the right because I knew I’d be adding in a church to cover the bottom half.


Then I added in my first layer of fog over the trees.


Next I sketched in my church.


Then I brought my church and a few surroundings closer to the foreground to life.


I quickly fogged them right up too.


Then I started on my non-foggy foreground trees and brush.


Threw in some darker, dead brush.


Filled in some background.


A few finishing touches, and a perfectly imperfect fence. Voila!


I’m happy with my finished product.

Painting is always a fun distraction from pain and other bothersome symptoms.  And in a weird way, it’s actually a bit relaxing.  I’m glad it was my 2016 ‘new thing to try’.






  1. Colleen Knauber says

    I love the step by step. It turned out perfect. Was the client happy?


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