Spring: Blog Refresh & My Spring Standoff

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Welcome to Spring.  I’m pretty glad to see it.  Look, don’t get me wrong; I LOVE winter, but even I thought it was a long winter.

purple eyed grass

**Sidenote: what do you call these purple wild flowers?  Where I grew up they were always called Purple Eyed Grass, but my husband grew up knowing them as Soldier’s Spears.**

I wanted to switch up the design of my blog a bit.  (Note: I don’t make money blogging, it’s all for my health and for your health. I didn’t want my blog to be covered with ads that you had to scroll through or click away from.) On that note, if I ever get rich from blogging someday, ha ha, the first thing I will do is hire a fancy designer person to do what I want with my blog.  It is all so confusing and hard for me.  I don’t speak CSS language.  I just want it to be laid out in a way that it is easy for y’all to find whatever it is that you are looking for on that day.

I have to believe that the Pioneer Woman isn’t sitting around struggling through themes and widgets and menu layouts.  I bet she has a person, or even a team.  I’m not high maintenance.  I don’t need a team, just a person probably.

Anywho, I thought it would be fun if my main picture was something that I created and I do love this painting and what it means to me.  I do hope that it is a tiny bit easier to navigate now at least.

If you are viewing it on a computer all of the different categories should be listed across the top.  In the top left corner there is a plus sign that if you click on it will give you a search bar (so if you know I posted something about the alpha tryptase gene and wanted to find that article again, you could search for it).  It will also list the titles of my five most recent posts.

If you are viewing my blog on a smartphone, the plus sign in the top left corner should bring up the category list.  That way, if you only enjoy my ‘funny farm life’ stuff, then you can go right there.  There’s also a search bar below the category list.

blog makeover

Hopefully this is a tiny bit easier to navigate.

Moving on to being a grown up and my deep internal battle.

Look, it’s hard to be responsible.  I don’t care for it.  Last year you might remember that I tried to handle doctor calls and insurance calls before my coffee as a way to bribe myself to actually make the calls.  IT DID NOT GO WELL.  So I’ve learned I can’t use coffee as a bribe.  I also learned that you can’t swear on the phone with a doctor’s office.  It was a day of learning.

I have a new plan now.  Here’s the thing: I changed dental insurance coverage to my husband’s because it is so much better.  This means that I need to go to a new dentist (which is fine), but more importantly I know what they are going to say.  They are going to say that I need to have my wisdom teeth removed, because that’s what my last dentist said.  I would rather not.

Or… as my family and I usually say… I’d rather play half game. 

If you aren’t familiar with that little reference and want to be, I included this little clip for you.  Plus you can burn a few calories laughing.  You’re welcome.

Ok, so anyways, I’d rather play half game (still get the whole snow cone).  I know that with wisdom teeth removal nothing usually goes wrong and there are rarely complications.  I just know my body.  She’s so dramatic.

So, this is my brilliant plan that I have developed.  It’s time to get my hair done.  My hair girl is amazing and I always leave feeling fabulous.  I need a little trim, but mostly the grey is very visible.  I am so ready for fresh color!  I have decided that I can’t call and make my hair appointment, until I first call and make my dentist appointment.

Feel free to steal my brilliant strategy.

My hair is getting rough though.  I’m past due.

So, that’s my spring standoff.  I’ll let you know when I break down.

Stay strong, friends!


  1. Donna says

    Hello lovely lady have been reading your blog for a few months now as had suspicious that I had pots well that was confirmed yesterday I’m not sure how to take it I sure could do with some of your positive energy xx

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    • Hi Donna. I’m sorry you’re finally officially in this club. It’s so overwhelming at first. Check out my page smilesinthetrials.wordpress.com/lifestyle-changes/ it might help a bit. I’m almost always available to answer questions too. Hang in there!


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