The Last 10 Books I’ve Read

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Hello friends.  Sometimes it’s fun to find out what everyone else is reading.  I thought I would share with y’all the last 10 books I read.  I’ll start with the oldest and move down to the most recent and perhaps it will inspire you to get a new book for Spring.

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10- Original Sin By: Beth McMullen

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Just a lighthearted spy tale.  I prefer a little more intense spy books usually, but then again I don’t love the level of descriptive violence that usually comes with those.  This was a fun read though.

9- The Best of Me By: Nicholas Sparks

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Tom started reading me this book while I was in the hospital.  Well, really it was while WE were in the hospital because he was there with me, by my side, the whole time.  I prolonged finishing the book for as long as possible because I knew Nicholas Sparks would make me cry.  That guy.

8- J.R. By: Jeremy Roenick

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Another glimpse into the NHL from another time.  Jeremy Roenick is not even close to my favorite person, but he unabashedly says what he really thinks and that is so rare that I admire it and therefore wanted to read his thoughts and opinions.  He doesn’t tiptoe around past scandals or try to be politically correct.  He’s honest and I enjoyed this read more than I thought I would.

7- It’s Not Ok By: Andi Dorfman

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Ok, it’s a little embarrassing to admit that I read this book.  I get it, she’s not a ‘celebrity’ and she was a bachelorette on the TV show The Bachelorette.  Sure, sure she was probably manipulated by the producers and things were probably scripted, but either way I wanted to read her opinions about how things went down on the inside.  How much of a clothes budget do they really get? What really happens in the fantasy suite?  What did Juan Pablo do that was so offensive?  Surprisingly, though all of those questions got answered the book was much more about a girl just going through a breakup.  Sure, a semi-celebrity going through a breakup, but it was raw and honest and real and I am pretty sure I’ve lived each of those moments along the way.  I could easily relate and I enjoyed the book.  By the end I was rooting for her.  Consider me an Andi fan.  I just read that she is writing a second book.  Judge all you want, but I’ll probably read that too.

6- Skipping Christmas By: John Grisham

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I am who I am.  I don’t know why I enjoy this book so much but I tend to read it almost every Christmas season.  The movie Christmas with the Kranks is based on this book.  It’s just a happy lighthearted quick read.

5- Mr. Hockey By: Gordie Howe

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Gordie Howe is a legend in the NHL and in the hockey world as a whole.  Reading his story was interesting in many aspects.  Seeing how much hockey has changed and the points that remain the same this many years later.  Reading about his injuries and treatments.  I was even captivated by just reading about how he grew up in the great depression days and just how little they had.

4-Don’t Stand Too Close to a Naked Man By: Tim Allen

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This is just a silly and funny light read.  I enjoy Tim Allen for many reasons and this book didn’t disappoint.  His opinions of men and women and cars somehow took up three hundred pages.

3- The Murder House By: James Patterson

Image result for book the murder house

Few compare to James Patterson when it comes to a thrilling read.  This book was another that was hard to put down.  It moved quickly and was not easy to predict.  It is in typical James Patterson fashion- so expect a little violence, a little gore, a little sex and a lot of mystery.

2- Troublemaker By: Leah Remini

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This was an immensely interesting read for me.  So much of scientology is kept private which made this book more of a tell-all.  Whether scientology interests you or not, this book does bring to light a fierce and courageous decision that Leah chose to make and the fallout she faced after.  It was a pretty quick weekend read.

1- The Girl on the Train By: Paula Hawkins

Image result for book the girl on the train

Long ago I saw Reese Witherspoon post something about not being able to put this book down.  Tom got it for me for Christmas and I just finished it today.  I think I started it four or five days ago.  It was definitely a page turner and hard to put down.  Interesting, surprising, maybe a bit of a thriller.


What have you enjoyed recently?  What should I read next?


  1. What a small world. He had told me that he shared my blog info with coworkers there. He does have the best sense of humor, although I might be a bit biased. Thanks for reading and commenting with great info. I will definitely check out those books! 🙂


  2. Linda Schumacher says

    I really enjoy reading your blog! I worked with your brother, Josh, in Asheboro, NC and still miss his quirky sense of humor!

    Have you read the “Outlander” series of books by Diana Gabaldon? They are really great reads and keep you guessing. Whenever a new book in the series comes out, my husband knows he isn’t going to have any conversation or interaction with me for the next few days – he will only see the top of my head as I’m reading to find out “what happens next.”

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