Goats Don’t Get a Lollipop or a Sticker

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So unfair.  It’s hard to be a goat on doctor day, but there is one plus; the vet comes to your house and you don’t have to go out.

Earlier this week our goats had their yearly checkups.  They were very interested in what the veterinarian had and what she was doing until it involved poking them.

goat vet

We are thinking about breeding Maizy, which means that all three of the girls need to be tested for CAE so that we can say we are ‘certified herd free’ for CAE.  CAE stands for caprine arthritis encephalitis.  It can cause weakness, swollen joints, muscle atrophy, and death.

The vet said that the safest and easiest place to draw blood from a goat is the jugular.  I was shocked and surprised, but not near as shocked and surprised as the goats were.

The girls also got their yearly CD&T (clostridium perfringens type C and D and tetanus) shots, which only took a couple seconds each and they were more than happy to run off after they were assaulted.

goat vet 2

goat vet 3

goat vet 4

While we’re talking goats, I thought I would mention a little bit more about them.  People ask all the time what they eat.  In the winter they eat hay and grain.  In the summer they eat weeds and grass and still get grain in smaller amounts more as a treat.  They also love kitchen scraps.  They eat bread and almost any fruit and veggie scrap.

goat veggies

If you leave a coffee cup down low any of them will drink it.  Tilly will drink whiskey if it is left unattended near her and Bailey apparently drinks beer if given the opportunity.

bailey beer

It was easier and quicker than I thought it would be.  A little goat yelling and one of them did run off with the stethoscope at one point, but other than that it was a success.


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