Is the Giraffe Even Pregnant?

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Are you all familiar with April, the giraffe in a New York zoo who has been in labor for a week with a live webcam on her?  The baby daddy, Oliver, is in the next pen and he comes in every once in a while to check on mom.  I captured it once to show you.  He visited, checked in for a minute, then got bored and had to go back to his pen to lay down.


A few thoughts on the matter:

  • Is she actually even pregnant?
  • Over a week of labor seems pretty ridiculous.
  • It would be beneficial to maybe have a veterinarian explaining the process or even a link available to answer some basic questions.  I’ve seen people comment all kinds of intelligent things including that she is about to lay the egg.  You see, people need a little education on the matter clearly.
  • Clearly the media knows nothing because everyday they post the link with the words ‘the baby could be born any second’.  Yes, technically at some point that will be true, but it’s been incredibly wrong for the last week.
  • I saw something the other day that said they will ‘turn the camera off when she is giving birth, then turn it back on once the baby is all cleaned up’.  What? Why are we even watching this then?
  • The live stream was supposedly turned off at one point ‘due to nudity’.  I’m going to pretend this isn’t true because that is too insane to fathom.
  • Are we all falling for the biggest punk ever?  Does this giraffe even exist?  Are they wondering how many thousands of people will fall for this prank and live stream this to their house for hours a day?  Do you think there is a secret betting ring wondering how long we will keep watching this live stream?

Because I care, I did a little research for you.

  • Giraffes are pregnant from 14-15 months.  Holy cow!
  • Giraffe mamas are very good at hiding if they are in labor in order to not alarm predators of a baby on the way.  You can’t actually tell for sure that the giraffe is in labor until you see a hoof.  However, there is a telltale sign that it is much closer once her water breaks.
  • When the baby arrives it will weigh around 150 pounds and be around 6 feet tall.
  • The ultrasound equipment the zoo has is not able to tell if the calf will be a boy or a girl.
  • Daddy, Oliver, is in his own pen because he mostly is only concerned with fighting and sexing.  Mama is not interested in sexing at the moment.
  • Mom is 15 and this is her 4th calf.  Daddy is 5 and this is his first.
  • April’s tentative due date was mid-February.
  • If YouTube removes the video again, Animal Adventures has a back up plan to go live on their Facebook page, apparently.
  • Daddy will come in the pen occasionally, but male giraffes take no part in the rearing of the calf.
  • Giraffes eat hay and specialized giraffe diets, but they love romaine and carrot treats.  I  think after mama has this baby she deserves a carrot and romaine feast!

Be a friend; if you happen to be watching and you see her water break, or a hoof show up, go ahead and post THEN on Facebook to let your friends know it is actually somewhat closer to the actual birth.  That’s what friends are for, right?

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  1. Hi Amy,
    Animals can have contractions for a month or so before birth, like women. It’s the body’s way of practicing for the real labor. Due to lupus, I went into labor at 4 months along and I was in the hospital for 3 months, IVs in both arms trying to stop the contractions. My baby girl was born at 7 months along to the day, and is the healthiest one in the family, so yes, it’s possible to be in labor for a week or more. -Sheila


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