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I’ve been feeling rough lately.  I’m not big on whining, but my POTS has just been extra angry lately.  I’ve had some passing out and some near passing out.  My stomach has been extra touchy.  Eating, sometimes even a small amount, has caused a big dizziness problem while digesting.  Ugh.  It’s just frustrating when I have things I would love to do, but my daily goals have been precious little.  Yesterday I accomplished a shower.  This week I washed and dried one load of laundry.  Today I did the dishes and tidied the kitchen a bit while cooking a simple meal.  That basically did me in.  My body temperature has been all over the place and super annoying.

I didn’t do a bachelor recap blog this week, because I passed out Monday night at family dinner.  I was far too wiped out to take notes, but for my readers, here’s a basic recap:

  • Chelsea went on a one-on-one where they jet skied and hung on a yacht.  He gave her the rose in a classic car warehouse.  She was happy and a bunch of kissing happened.
  • All of the other girls, except Tia, went on a group date bowling.  Much beer was consumed.  They broke into two teams and the winning team got to go to the evening portion of the date while the other team had to go home.  When baby Bekah’s team lost, Arie decided to include both teams in the evening fun.  Krystal threw a tantrum.  She refused to go to the after party.  Arie came to talk to her.  He gave her a lecture about her throwing a fit and told her to stay in the room.  She decided to get dressed up and go downstairs anyway.  He didn’t notice because his tongue was busy elsewhere.  The girls yelled at her and then she went upstairs again. I don’t remember who got the group date.
  • During his alone time with Kendall she asked him if he would eat human flesh if it was a tribe custom of a tribe he was visiting.  He said no.  She said of course she would.  RUN.
  • Tia got the other one-on-one and they went on a true outdoorsy Everglade date.  They saw an alligator and a turtle and ate fried frog legs at a weird old guy’s house.  They chatted easily and seemed cute together.
  • At the rose ceremony Marikh, Maquel and Ashley went home.  Krystal and her drama remain.

In Other News…

Taco Bell has Nacho Fries now.  I’ve tried them but I haven’t fully decided on my opinion of them yet.

I’m still enjoying selling at the farmer’s market.  I’ve moved my inventory out of the other store, so I’m keeping my eye open for somewhere perfect to sell.  I just finished up a bunch of real flower necklaces that I think are super cute.  You can always check out my treasures on my Facebook page if you’re bored or interested.


Really, I’m enjoying making fun crafts and things and I do ok selling them, but since I’ve been doing a bit worse, it’s hit and miss when I have time or energy to work on my little happy projects.

Upcoming Things

  • Tomorrow I have a class to go to in the evening.  I’m really hoping that I will be feeling up to it.  I already bought a ticket.  It’s a chocolate truffle making class.  I’m super excited.
  • Next week I am getting my hair done which is overdue and makes me happy, although it always wears me out getting it done.
  • I have my second live video of the year for Chronic Illness on the Mighty next Wednesday.
  • I am speaking at a women’s retreat coming up soon about my journey and my relationship with God throughout.

That’s what has been going on in my neck of the woods lately.  Stay smilin’ friends!



  1. It’s been a a rough 2 weeks for my POTS too. Maybe it’s something to do with the super blue blood moon? I was having a lot more joint pain around the eclipse, and remember a bunch of other people saying the same thing. I hope you start feeling better soon!

    You should post a link to the video for Mighty. And will your presentation for the women’s retreat be recorded? I’d be interested in watching it. I don’t know if I’d say the diagnosis has challenged my faith, per se… But there have definitely been a lot of angry cries at God. I know He has a purpose for it, I just… Well, I’d rather not have it. This is not the life I wanted to live.

    Your blog is inspiring – I hope that someday I can learn to make the most of my condition. I just need to stop being so stubborn and prideful, and let go of the things I “used to be able to do”.


    • Hey, you know what you need to do. Let go and move on! Adapt and overcome, but it’s ok to miss those things too. I just try really hard not to dwell in those moments. The first few months at least I was really angry at God. I may never know the reasoning, you might not know either. That’s unfortunate, but again, we just can’t dwell on it. I’ll look into taping my talk, you’re the second to ask about it.

      Stay strong!!

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  2. Anonymous says

    A lot of people aren’t loving this seasons The Bachelor. I think it’s quite entertaining. Thought he would end up with Krystal, now, not so much. Maybe Tia or Kendall. My doctor prescribed me oxygen- so waiting on that. I need it at night. Maybe it will help with the extreme fatigue. Hopefully you’ll have a better week coming up. It does get exhausting fighting this crap errrr’ day. But it’s not a choice. We all can do itttt


  3. Crystal says

    How cool, a chocolate truffle class, I would love to go to that! I’ve made them before and like to dip them in chocolate rather than roll them in chocolate powder. I sure hope you can make it.

    I’m sorry your not doing great. I’m in the same boat, it’s agonizing. The only thing I accomplished today was a shower that was overdue.

    Maybe it’s the weather here in our area because everytime I have eaten the last couple of days my blood pressure drops (even lower than my already too low BP), I get chest pain, shortness of breath (it’s really a struggle to breath, I have to work at it), weak and I cannot hold my head up. I would love to just skip eating but then I have reative hypoglycemia so I cannot. Tomorrow I get my midrodine to try. On one hand I cannot wait but then on the other I’m afraid of the side effects.

    Are you taping your speaking at the woman’s retreat? I sure would love to hear what you have to say. If it wasn’t for my faith in God I do not think I would have survived these last 8 years.



    • Hi! How are you doing on Midodrine? Are you having the head tingling? It’s soo weird but I think Midodrine helps a bit so it’s worth it.

      I’m not sure I have a way to tape the speaking. Hmm. I’ll think about that.

      Thanks for commenting. The truffle class was so cool!


      • Crystal says

        I did get the head tingling at first but not so much now. It is a weird feeling.

        I only take 2.5 three times a day. The first day it gave me a bad headache, the second day I thought it was a wonderful medication and now I think I need to go to a higher dose. My BP isn’t changing as much as the second day of it. However when it does change I notice my neck pain diminishes and my headache gets better and my eyes don’t feel as dry.

        I wish there was something that would keep my BP higher at a more constant level. It feels like a roller coaster ride with the Midodrine. Ive tried Flornif but it made me feel like I had the flu.


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