Want to Pay Less for Your Prescriptions?

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How much do you pay each month for your prescriptions?  If you’re like me, I’m guessing you don’t buy them and take them just for fun.  Most prescriptions are a necessity to keep yourself alive, healthy, conscious, etc.

I happen to be double covered so my prescriptions are still a chunk of my income, but not anywhere near what many have to pay, or what I would have to pay if I didn’t have insurance.

I recently found out about Blink Health and since I tend to read up on health news and I just found about this, I’m thinking maybe some of you may not know about it yet.

Here is how the website works:

blink health

  • First, go to Blinkhealth.com then search for each of your medications in the search bar to see the Blink Health price.
  • If the price is less than you currently pay, than this might be something you want to use!
  • If you decide to use Blink Health, then you pay for the prescription through Blink Health and take the receipt to your pharmacy. The pharmacist will give you the prescription and you won’t pay anything at the pharmacy.
  • Note: not all pharmacies use Blink Health, so you can check by going to the main Blinkhealth.com page and scrolling down.  There is a search bar where you can input your zip code and it will show you the pharmacies that participate.

My pharmacy for instance doesn’t work with Blink Health, but several other pharmacies in my area do.

My mom has rheumatoid arthritis and I asked her which of her prescriptions are the most expensive.  She said her Methotrexate is $90.  I checked and through Blink Health she can pay online $45 instead of $90.  Again, she would have to get that one prescription at Walmart, CVS, or Shopko, but I know if I could save $45 a month, I’d run by another pharmacy for sure!

I have about six prescriptions that I get regularly.  I didn’t find any lower prices on mine (but again, I do have fairly good insurance), but I did see some lower prices on some of my occasional-use medications.  Every little bit helps, right?

Even better, if you find some great savings and decide to use Blink, you get $15 off your first order!

Hopefully this helps some of you be able to save some money.

Happy Monday, friends.


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