Two-A-Day of Doctor’s Appointments & 8 Little Magic Words

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A couple days ago I had two appointments.  Not my favorite, but at least I only had to get all ready and leave the house once.

First up, falcon doctor (also known as nutraceutical and genetic doctor).  Sad news, he is currently falcon-less.  I asked where Mr. Fritz was and he said, “He’s gone.  He took off for the ladies.  Bros before hoes man.  He totally broke bro-code.”  That’s a direct quote, obviously.  He makes me laugh.

We talked about supplements and what is working and what is not.  He gave me several ideas of what to try after I give licorice root a good try for increasing energy.  I just like to know that there are several options that I can keep trying.

He truly is interested in trying to help me and make a difference.  His ‘bedside manor’ may be a bit different, but he makes me laugh and he really cares and spends a lot of time researching.

I hope he gets himself a new falcon soon.

Second up, neurologist.  He is one of my favorites because he was the first doctor in my life to utter the word ‘POTS’.  He said he suspected it when he first met me in the hospital.  Tom says the hospitalist mentioned it to him at one point and told him that was why he was bringing in the neurologist.  For me though, this doctor was the first to say it to me.

He’s also a nice guy.  He cares about my overall well-being and how I’m doing.  He always asks what I’m doing to pass my time.  He was happy to hear that I’m doing live videos on The Mighty (today’s is on romance, dating, and sex with chronic illness) as well as writing articles and he was most pleased to hear that I am writing for the quarterly newsletter for Dysautonomia International too.

He asked if I had written any fiction and I said no, but that I had a story in mind that I had been pondering.  He encouraged me to start writing it and then gave me his first published book of fiction writing.

Supportive doctors like this mean the world to me.  If any one of you is out there considering going into the medical field, please be like this guy.  Please care about your patients in more ways than just their physical health.

Lastly, he uttered eight little words that made my whole week.

He said to me, “YOUR DISEASE DOES NOT HAVE CONTROL OF YOU”.  I feel victorious that he has noticed this and feels confident to tell me that he believes I have overcome mentally.

Yes, I know there will be struggles in the future still, don’t get me wrong.  However, hearing those words were most encouraging to me.  Talk about a confidence booster!

Ok, now to finish getting ready for my live video today.  Have a happy day, friends.  Keep smiling!

ive got this


  1. Yay for the Mighty videos! Congrats!!!
    And yes, write your story!!!
    There is some weird amazing emotional freedom when we finally make that mental shift! I am there now, and another Spoonie friend is too! For me it was the realization that “There isn’t a cure.” I kept fighting mentally for the cure- which I obviously want- but it was draining me expecting it RIGHT NOW!
    I am so happy that you have obviously came to a happier place mentally/emotionally!!! 💜

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  2. Crystal says

    It is very hard to find a good, caring doctor and you have found two. 🙂

    I have recently moved to WA, close to the Spokane area, and I am looking for specialists in or around there. I have been diagnosed with POTS and Chronic Fatigue. Would you be willing to email me?

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