Heroes Come in All Shapes & Sizes

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My POTS has been rough lately.  I am sure the change of seasons is not helping a bunch, but isn’t fully to blame.  Probably me having POTS is mostly to blame.

I was at Costco the other day.  I mostly had to get dog food and a few other little things.  If we’re being honest, I look forward to slipper season at Costco every year.  I love to splurge on new slippers each Fall.

As I was coming down the home stretch towards the check out I started feeling really sick.  I immediately sat down and found myself at a ‘dog’s eye view’ of the jerky aisle.

costco 100918

But, my boots are so cute and my jeans too.  They look nice on a Costco floor.

Anyways, I don’t mess around at Costco; it’s a HARD floor.  I don’t want to lose consciousness and get that head injury.  So I sat on the floor while several people walked by.  Some pretending to not notice me, others smiling, and one lady laughing and showing her friend to laugh too.  I am giving them the benefit of the doubt though and I imagine they were having one of those ‘been there at Costco’ conversations and laughing.  Who knows.  I can’t waste much energy on caring either way.

I know some people are mad when people don’t ask if they’re ok or ask if they need help.  I don’t get mad and it doesn’t bother me.  I enjoy people leaving me alone and not getting in my business.  I generally prefer it in fact.

I had been sitting there a bit when this super cute lady walked up to me.  She had on cute jeans, booties and a blue flannel shirt.  Here’s how our convo went:

Stranger: Are you ok?

Me: Oh, ya.  I pass out and so I’m just resting and getting lower.

Stranger: Do you need anything?

Me: No thanks.

Stranger: Do you need salt?

Me: Oh, you’re smart.

Stranger: I’ll be right back.

*she left her cart and walked off around a corner and came back with a salty sample.*

Stranger: Here you go.  Sure you don’t need anything else or help with anything?

Me: No, this is great  Thank you.

Stranger: Good luck.

costco 100918-2

And then she walked away.  What a smart lady.  I don’t know if she was a nurse or an angel maybe, but she was pretty smart and kind.  I don’t know her name.  You know what else?  She didn’t ask about my political party or who I voted for in the last presidential election.  She didn’t ask about my thoughts on gun control or my opinions about Kavennaugh.  She just helped a complete stranger out without knowing a thing about who I was and without expecting anything in return.

I like her.  I hope I can be like her at some point and in some way.


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