From Vegas to the Exact Opposite of Vegas

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Don’t get me wrong, Vegas was great fun.  We came home and had one night in our house to sleep and change out clothes in the suitcase, then we left the next day to the ranch.  It was the beautiful opposite of Vegas.  Quiet.  Peaceful.  No bright lights.  Home-cooked free meals including vegetables.  Coffee. Free water from the spring.  Rest.  Recovery.  I love this place, especially in the Winter.  It’s just so beautiful and calming.

ranch in december

We spent six days resting, wrapping gifts, reading, eating, sleeping (not too late though because miss Maggie has a lot to yell about early in the morning).  There was one run-in with a raccoon, but Gran was able to call off the dogs in time.

The dogs tried to relax in between their treat-receiving.  Gran boils soup bones and chicken breasts ahead of time to prepare for her grand-pups’ arrival.

sarge at the ranch

On Friday Aunt J arrived and brought Carter with her.  We had some fun playing games and enjoying family time.

Saturday the Oregon Ducks played the Boise State Broncos.  I was quite nervous for this little event.  The house is very clearly a Duck house.  There is no wiggle room.  I knew I’d be going into this competition alone, so I figured strength in numbers and dressed Sarge up in a Boise shirt.

If you didn’t watch the game, let me just say that it was clearly a victory for the Broncos.  The ducks offense didn’t cross the 50 yard line until the second half.  When the offense finally scored, I am pretty sure it was on accident.  Long story short, I held my breath and my tongue for the whole game (because I’m no fool), but once it was safely over and the Broncos won, I could finally cheer.

When we were off the next day getting the tree from the timber property, I left a gift inside Gran’s car for her to enjoy.  I’ve since heard she was not impressed.

broncos ornament

The only thing that really matters though is that we had a good time with family recovering from the light and noise of Vegas.  We came home tired with a car full of presents.

tired sarge

tired carter

tired hero

We are blessed.

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