The Guilt of Being too Sick to Say Yes

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Look, my family and friends are usually really, REALLY understanding about when I’m too sick to go or do something.  Carter is 8 and he is usually really dang understanding too, well as understanding as an 8 year old can be.

Yesterday was rough.

Tom had to sleep after work the night before so I had planned a fun morning/afternoon with Carter and one of his friends.

First, we met for lunch at a yummy Thai restaurant.


Then, we went to a pottery place to do some painting.  Call me crazy, but I’m always trying to find fun activities that are not sit and watch TV.


I love that focused face.

We had a great time together painting mugs.  We both enjoyed it immensely.

Carter even impressed me by cleaning up all of the brushes and pallets at the sink so I wouldn’t have to stand.  He took care to make sure they were all cleaned well and set in the drying rack.  I could tell the employee was impressed and thankful too.

By the time we reached the car to drive home I had already started the POTS shaking and sweating.  I knew it was too late.  We got home and started quiet time.  I was sick.

Once the full body tremors were going and I had thrown up about 10-15 times I realized I’d need some help for the evening.  Mom got the SOS text to come up.

Before we had left pottery the boys had got their heart set on a sleepover at our house.  In between throwing up I had texted to say I couldn’t be adding a boy for a sleepover because I was much too sick to supervise and help.

Carter was pretty bummed.  He was really looking forward to having his friend Lincoln over to play games and spend the night, then have the next morning for games and fun too.  It was really hard to tell him that I had to cancel it because I was too sick.  I hate letting anyone down, but it’s extra hard with a kiddo.  We don’t have him full time, so that just sucks too. I always save up as much energy as I can before we get Carter time.

It’s just a crappy feeling.  Not only to be between laying down making me throw up and standing up making me dizzy, but then add in the feeling of ruining someone else’s fun too.

Feeling a bit down, I went out to try to enjoy my hammock a little bit.


At the end of the day, there is always so much to be thankful for and the truth remains the same:

You can only do as much as you can do. 





Bachelor in Paradise- Episode 3

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The girls are frustrated!  None of the boys seem to be interested to any of the girls.  They are interested in bro-ing around and napping.

Enter ADAM and Adam Jr. unfortunately.  The girls are excited because maybe he will be interested in girls!

Wells sums up what is going on.  Kristina and Dean are up in the air.  Dean is unmotivated to have any sort of serious conversation, or really any conversation at all.

Kiss Count

  • Taylor and Derek- all day long
  • Adam and Raven- not on their date; during the cocktail party
  • Diggy and Lacey- at the cocktail party


Date Cards

  • Adam takes Raven to town to drink Margaritas, much to the disappointment of Ben Z who is still digging Raven.


Rose Ceremony- Cocktail Party

The girls have the power.  8 girls and 12 guys.  4 guys will be leaving the very stormy island.  The guys have to quick drink and convince the girls into picking them.  Jack Stone and Alexis chat.  Raven and Ben Z chat.  Raven and Adam chat.

Robby and Amanda chat.  Turns out Robby is really good friends with Josh, who she was engaged to.  He decided that they should refer to him as anonymous.  Anonymous would be pissed.  Then Robby asks Amanda for a kiss and she says she doesn’t know if she is ready.  Ouch.

Jasmine talks while Matt sits there.  Matt could not look less interested.  His exact words were, “I”m here for my friends …. and I’m here for you.”

Lacey and Iggy talk.  Iggy tries to speak Hebrew to her because apparently she speaks Hebrew.

Lacey and Diggy talk.  He says he is intrigued by her.  She is intrigued by the word intrigued. He goes in for the kiss.

Amanda tells Alex he ain’t gettin’ her rose.  He feels shocked.  I feel shocked that he feels shocked.

Alex asks Alexis (Sholphin) if she would swipe left or right for him.  She says if she’s being honest, she doesn’t know.

Alex moves on to try to quick charm Danielle.  Fail.

Alex quick tells Raven he has always felt connected to her.  She looks bored and says nothing.

Dean takes Kristina to tell her that he thinks they need to slow down and/or stop.  Good for him for saying it before the rose ceremony at least.

Alex quick pulls Kristina aside to try to get her rose.  He sensed they were unraveling.

Rose Ceremony

  • Taylor gives her rose to Derek
  • Jasmine gives her rose to Matt
  • Raven gives her rose to Adam
  • Alexis gives her rose to Jack Stone
  • Lacey gives her rose to Diggy
  • Danielle gives her rose to Ben
  • Kristina gives her rose to Dean
  • Amanda gives her rose to Robby

This sends Nick (Santa), Iggy, Vinnie, and Alex home.

Post Rose Ceremony Arrivals

  • Danielle L (I have no memory of this person) oh ya, D-Lo.  The guys are IMPRESSED.

Post Rose Ceremony Date Cards

  • D-Lo’s card says “Let’s leave everyone in the dust”– she takes Dean

Kristina is less than impressed that Dean said yes to a date with D-Lo.  Less than impressed is the gentle way of saying really, really angry Russian.  Dean goes to chat with Kristina before his date.  He says he told her about them and she says have fun. He makes her promise she won’t hate him.

Post Rose Ceremony Kiss Count

  • Dean and D-Lo
  • Dean and Kristina have a really cute pinky promise kiss

There is a bonfire on the beach.  Dean is snuggling with Kristina.  Then he gets up to bring a half birthday cake over for Danielle’s half birthday.  WHAT THE ACTUAL &%^$?

Dean is laughing and taking half birthday shots with D-Lo while Kristina is crying on the bed…..



Total Eclipse of Pain- Does the Eclipse Effect Health?

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Unless you live under a rock, I’m sure you knew that today was the total solar eclipse (or for us the 92% eclipse).  This made plenty of people completely lose their minds.  Some people drove hundreds of miles and paid thousands of dollars for a spot to sit and watch the 5 minute eclipse in the path of totality.  Some people paid insane amounts of money for eclipse glasses.

A few notes about this:

  • Every day leading up to the eclipse the news networks have made sure to interview someone who had irrepairable damage to their eyes from looking at the sun in a previous eclipse.

This mostly just reminded me of this Brian Regan clip.


The amount of safety tips and cautions I heard leading up to this made me just a tiny bit embarrassed to be a human.  As my husband pointed out, “if we have to put a warning on the lawn mower to tell people not to cut their hair with it, we obviously  need to warn people not to stare at the sun.”

It’s a crazy and entertaining world we live in.

Does the Solar Eclipse Effect Symptoms?

On another note though, I did hear some medical information hype about the eclipse too.  Now, here’s what I know: in the last 3 or 4 days I have had very, very high levels of pain.  Originally I just assumed it was an upswing of pain, which happens sometimes for no reason.  That is what I thought until I saw a fellow chronic illness friend post something about increased pain levels as the eclipse approaches.

I would normally just immediately say that is clearly hokum or malarkey, but I had noticed several chronic illness friends posting about increased pain– these were friends like me who had not heard or said anything about the eclipse possibly being related.  I saw one friend who is generally very positive say that in the last 24 hours she had asked God nine times to take her home if her pain was going to continue to be that high.  She was one of many who happened to post that same day as I was thinking my pain was out of control, too.

I’m most certainly interested in the thought behind this, as well as the research, however I can’t find enough articles that I would consider to be a scientific or medical credible source.  Either way, it’s an interesting thought to me.

The article that I read on mentioned three physical changes that have been noted related to the eclipse:

  • The first is that humans have been known to have elevated levels of prolactin following an eclipse.  Prolactin is a hormone that regulates metabolism, immune system, and production of the pancreas.  Prolactin is normally elevated during REM sleep and dawn hours.
  • Another physical change that occurs during an eclipse is a subtle but measureable change in the gravitational force exerted on the earth. The gravitational force of the moon is strong enough to pull the oceans back and forth across the face of the earth, causing the tides to rise and fall, and is a force that regulates the hormones of many animals. Studies show that as with the tides, the feeding and reproductive hormones of animals are directly influenced by shifts in the gravitational force of the moon. During a solar eclipse the gravitational pull of the moon and sun line up so that the Earth feels a combined force of both at the same time. The exact hormonal and behavioral effects of this unusual gravitational force are unknown and may or may not be noticeable to the observer.
  • During a solar eclipse there is a shift in the earth’s electromagnetic field of the ionosphere.  The global electromagnetic resonance is typically measured at 7.83 Hz, ranging from roughly 3-60 Hz, and is referred to as the Schumann resonance after Winfried Schumann who discovered it. Previous experiments show that during an eclipse, there is an increase in the electrical tension in our atmosphere. The shadow of the eclipse can cause changes to the ionosphere significant enough to affect radio wave propagation, and possibly human physiology as well.

Do I believe that something like a solar eclipse could really affect health? I don’t know.  It seems a bit more hippy dippy than I normally agree with.  Who knows?

I want to say that I don’t believe a full moon does anything, but I worked in law enforcement and for whatever reason, a full moon definitely does something.  I can’t explain it scientifically, but I know a shift with a full moon was always an event and you better bring coffee.

What do y’all think?  Did you travel hundreds of miles and pay thousands of dollars to watch it?  We made breakfast and mimosas and just doing that wore me out.

Won any Free Cruises Lately?

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It seems like every time I answer a call from an unknown number I am either winning a cruise or Fred with the IRS wants to talk to me about an urgent matter.  I saw an article today that may just be of interest to you.

If you happened to get a call with a robotic voice telling you about the cruise you just won, it could be worth up to $900 to you.  A recent class action lawsuit has been filed and it has ruled that Resort Marketing Group violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

You can check to see if your phone number was one targeted by this group.  Each phone call received is worth up to $300, however only three phone calls can be claimed per phone number for a maximum total of $900.

Here is the link to check your phone number and file an online claim.  All claims must be submitted by November 3.

I selected the third choice down and was able to file a claim for one of the phone numbers in our house.

If there’s anything to make your Wednesday better, it’s the hope of some free money, eh?




Bachelor in Paradise: Epiode 2

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Carly & Evan fell in love last season in paradise.  Of course they are getting married in paradise too.  Plenty of Bachelor family is there to celebrate.  Nick and Vanessa, Kaitlyn and Shawn, Jade and Tanner, and plenty of other well-known singles.  The ceremony is beautiful and perfectly weird.  There is a Shaman and shell/horn blowing and smoke christening.  It was very ‘Carly & Evan-ish’.  They were beaming.

Papa Chris gathers all of the cast as they arrive back in paradise.  A serious chat is necessary.  They discuss the allegations and the investigation.  Everyone was cleared of any wrongdoing.  The talk included the media, rumors, race, slut shaming, and each was asked if they wanted to be back in Paradise.  Chris said if the majority didn’t want to be there, they would not continue filming.  Each person said they wanted to be there.

Chris reminds everyone that the girls are handing out roses this week and the rose ceremony is tomorrow night.

During the 2 Week Shutdown

The guys and girls break into their groups and have their mandatory chats.  The whole dynamic has changed.  Danielle says she was digging Jack Stone, but now she’s not so sure.  Amanda says the same thing about Marine Alex.  Everything has changed.  They did endure two whole weeks in the real world, y’all.

We learn that Dean went back to Kentucky with Kristina and they road tripped to Chicago.  He says he is still telling her that if anyone asks her out she should say yes because he doesn’t want to hold her back.  He says this makes her consistently angry.  Sounds about right.

Derek and Taylor talked a bunch and really continued building their relationship during the two weeks.

No one else admits that they stayed in contact with anyone special during the shutdown.

Trouble in Paradise

Alex is not getting the hint that Amanda is not into him.  He asks Danielle and she says he’s coming on a bit strong always being around her.  He asks Raven and she says to move on from Amanda; talk to some other girls.  Alex decides this means he should just try harder with Amanda.

Image result for confused meme

Amanda is hanging out with 5 guys when Alex swoops in to take her away to talk.  The best part of this talk is that Vinnie and Alexis Sholphin are behind them at the bar pretending to be them and assuming what they are talking about.

“Am I taller than your kids?”

“At least we can share pants.”

Dean & Kristina seem to be having some communication issues.  She is annoyed because they talk and he says she can’t ask questions without being willing to answer them herself.  She says ‘good talk’ and that is the end of that conversation.  He isn’t sure he’s feeling it.

Matt is worried he’s a bit pinned down too quickly with Jasmine.  I mean, she’s good enough for her to give him a rose, but he’s more interested in who else might walk down those sandy stairs.  She wants to ‘take off the mics and go somewhere they can be alone’.  He says he’s going to bed instead.

Kiss Count

  • Dean & Kristina
  • Derek & Taylor
  • Matt & Jasmine

Date Card

  • Derek- True love never dies.  Of course he takes Taylor.  They dine and kiss surrounded by candles and sugar skulls.


  • Jasmine- Matt going to bed did NOT impress her.
  • Lacey- no one likes her.  Iggy is full of shit and Jack Stone likes everyone.
  • Kristina- damn it Dean!

Best Wells Quotes

  • She’s a Russian temptress; of course she’s a bond villain.
  • How do you say ‘thank you’ in Russian? How do you say ‘I rigged the election’.

The previews for the rest of this season don’t disappoint.


Bachelor in Paradise: Episode 1

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Bachelor in Paradise Recaps / Uncategorized

I decided I would go ahead and recap these episodes too… since I’ll be watching anyways.  The format is a little more fun.  Multiple guys and girls.  Less structure; more alcohol.  If you’re new to BIP, here’s how it works:

The resort area is filled with guys and girls of bachelor alum.  There is a bartender for unlimited drinks.  Every once in a while a date card will show up for one of the guys or girls.  They get to pick whoever they want to take on their date.  The dates are far less extravagant than the bachelor and bachelorette dates.

At the end of 4 days either the guys or girls have the power.  This time the girls do.  Each girl gets a rose to give out.  Currently there are 8 girls and 12 guys which means 4 are going home.  You can save someone with whom you have a romantic connection, a friend, or even just someone who is less annoying than other options.  Don’t fret if you haven’t found anyone you love because new people show up as the days go by.  That’s pretty much the format in a nutshell.

This season opens up with Chris Harrison sitting all alone in paradise.  He is here to tell us that the gang will be back soon post the shutdown.  If you weren’t aware, there was a big hoopla during filming.  A producer or camera person came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct and the show was halted immediately for a full investigation.  The two people at the center of the drama were DeMario and Corrine (Shocking).  After the investigation and all was settled and no charges were filed, everyone got to go back to Paradise to resume filming.  Chris is waiting for their arrival, but says he will show us first what happened in the first 2.5 days.  Roll that beautiful bean footage… I mean roll the drama.

I am going to recap these a bit differently with bullet points and categories because it can get complicated to keep track.

Arrivals- in Order

  • Raven – runner up on Nick’s season
  • Dean – crazy family from Rachel’s season
  • Kristina – mother Russia
  • Danielle M- the blonde normal neonatal nurse

Dean says this is fine.  Tell the producers we don’t need any more.

  • Ben Z- a fav from Kaitlin’s season
  • Iggy- who gets a full jump and straddle welcome from Dean
  • Jasmine- the one who was shocked Nick had never been choked
  • Jack Stone- promises he is not a serial killer
  • Alexis- the Sholphin

The group gathers to discuss why they don’t like and wouldn’t trust DeMario.

  • DeMario- obviously. He forgot to tell his girlfriend he was going on The Bach.
  • Derek- from Jojo’s seaso- looks like Jim from the office
  • Alex- the Marine from Jojo’s season
  • Corrine- she is nanny-less, but does have champagne.  She makes a toast to herself and Dean is appropriately confused.
  • Lacey- from Nick’s season- arrived on a camel because she likes to hump.
  • Vinnie- the barber
  • Diggy- from Rachel’s season- great bow ties and facial expressions
  • Matt- the Penguin
  • Nick- St. Nick Santa Clause
  • Amanda- the mom of 2 who got engaged to crazy Josh last summer in Paradise
  • Taylor- the counselor who told Corrine about her lack of emotional intelligence

Chris has an announcement.  Everyone gathers in the bungalow.  Jorge the bartender is following his dreams and therefore not tending the bar this year.  He introduces the new bartender, Wells.  I am a huge Wells fan so this is good news for me!  He is super funny and his commentary has always been on point!

Date Cards

  • Mother Russia Kristina gets the first date card.  She picks Dean. Duh. Dinner and Mariachi band.
  • Robby (runner up on Jojo’s season) arrives and Chris gives him a date card.  He picks Raven. Ben Z takes a drink- he was working on that.  They jet ski and picnic. Raven tells the girls later that she can’t go on another date with someone who has prettier hair, skin, and abs than her.  Valid.
  • Matt gets a card and he picks crazy Jasmine.  They go to a drag bar where the guy/girl/they take Matt backstage to dress him up.  Jasmine yells it’s ok to smack him around and choke him.  (P.S. Not the same as riding jet skis).

Kiss Count

  • Jasmine & St. Nick Santa- on a 7th grade dare
  • Dean & Kristina
  • DeMarioi & Corrine (leading up to the drama which is so dramatic it shuts the show down)
  • Iggy & Lacey
  • Matt & Jasmine
  • Taylor & Derek
  • Raven & Ben Z

And suddenly… the producers start yelling to shut ‘er down.  Stop filming.  We are DONE.  Everyone is confused.

We’ll have to tune in to see how this all resolves itself and good news folks, I’ll be here all season.

paradise 3


New Challenges

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In May I agreed to run a booth at a swap meet type parking lot event in August.  This weekend was the event.  Before I agreed, I enlisted Monica to see if she would help and bring her merchandise too.  I knew I would need a babysitter. Plus she is the best at packing a cooler. 20170812_100639

Since May, I’ve been working on all of my ‘semi-good’ days to make signs, refinish furniture, and collect treasures, etc.  By the time sale day rolled around, I had quite a bit of fun stuff to put out for sale.

I had a friend (who is a much more professional craft show booth runner) offer to let me borrow her shade canopy so I hopefully wouldn’t die.  I brought my oxygen and Tom packed me a cooler of water and Gatorade.  I had over a gallon of water to get me through the day.  I happened to know the manager well and since she is the decider of booth location, she put us right by the door to bathroom and air conditioning, which was amazing.

The sale just ran from 9-2 so it wasn’t all day and all night.  Tom got up early and loaded up the truck for me, packed my water, and made me coffee and breakfast.  My dad met us there to help unload and set up and he and Monica did most of the heavy lifting.  I was feeling pretty dang sick.  If it was any other event or something that I hadn’t agreed to months before, I would have cancelled.  The night before I had passed out twice and threw up.

I did it though. I got clothes on and put my hair up.  No makeup or pretty-ing up, but I got there.

After putting everything up, we looked pretty dang put together.


Proof we were there too.


I put out some of my blog business cards with a little chalk board sign and I only had one person offer medical advice.   I was a tiny bit leery to take her too seriously, since she couldn’t pronounce any of the words postural, orthostatic, tachycardia, or syndrome.


It was the wrong market, but we still each made a bit of money and most importantly we had a good time there together.

Plus, we learned what we are capable of and how much time ut takes to put together our booth, etc. This Fall we just might be at a few more events.




The Bachelorette Rachel: Finale

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Bachelorette Recaps / Uncategorized

Bachelor in Paradise starts soon, y’all.

Surprise! Rachel is with Chris to help host the LIVE (but not really) finale.  Spoiler alert: all that means is there is more talking in between the actual show clips.

Our last TO BE CONTINUED was in the middle of Peter’s date when he was telling Rachel that he wasn’t sure he would be ready to propose to her in a week.  She is crying.  She is so confused.  No one on earth understands what is confusing her.

They need more time to ‘work this out’.  The fantasy suite is the perfect place to do that.

They drink coffee in the morning and Rachel sends him off so she has time to change before her date with Bryan.  They ride horseback.  She chose the brown horse and he chose the white horse.

He can tell something is off with her.  Peter is too much in her head.  At dinner Bryan mentions that he had a weird vibe all day.  When asked to explain, he said ‘I don’t know’ at least six times.  That’s cleared up.  Fantasy suite card time.  I love the way each guy reads the card as if they have no idea what it will say.

The next morning the lovebirds discuss how last night brought them so much closer (literally).

Rose Ceremony

Rachel looks directly into Peter’s eyes and says she is fully expecting and wants a proposal at the end of this; she has no intention of leaving with a boyfriend.

To no one’s surprise Bryan gets the first rose.  As predicted, Peter gets the next.  This sends sweet Eric home.  Eric is the one who has said he is more than ready for marriage and would propose today if he could.  Rachel takes this to mean that he is not ready for marriage.  Peter says he is not ready to propose– Rachel translates that he is ready for marriage and he just hasn’t said it yet.

She tells Eric she loves him after walking him out.  How sweet.

Cut to the studio so Chris can ask what she was thinking in that moment.  If we were playing a drinking game where we take a drink every time she says the word hard, we would all be dead.

Eric comes out on stage.  He has a beard now and looks great.  He asks Rachel how her heart is.  She’s great.  She keeps trying to explain why she sent him home without looking like a bitch; it’s not working.

Bryan’s Last Date

It’s time for Rachel’s final day to spend with Bryan before possible-proposal-day.  This date includes a romantic hot air balloon ride.

Did my watch party get so bored during this date that we named our favorite Aaron Sorkin shows?  Yes. Yes we did.

It’s evening time and he tells her that she is crazy if she doesn’t pick him.  Awwww.

Peter’s Last Date

What surprise does Rachel have in store for Peter?  A date of going to church to talk to a priest about marriage.  So… Bryan got a hot air balloon ride and Peter got premarital counseling?

Rachel asks what Peter’s fears about marriage are.  He has no fears about marriage.  He is scared of multiple marriages and multiple proposals.  Rachel has no clarity– translation, she couldn’t manipulate him into changing his mind and this makes her very mad.

It’s evening; crunch time.  Peter just doesn’t know if he can propose to her tomorrow, but he doesn’t want this to be over.  He loves her.  After much crying he concedes that he is willing to make the sacrifice to propose so he doesn’t lose her.  She doesn’t want him to propose because she pressured him into it.  (THEN WHAT WAS THE POINT OF ALL OF THIS MANIPULATION?)

To sum up: she wants him to want to propose.

She wants him to want to do the dishes.


P.S. This phrase comes up in a joking manner during some of our loud discussions in this house.

Rachel is crying because Peter doesn’t know what he wants to do.  He points out that he doesn’t know what he wants to do in 12 hours, TOMORROW.  It’s not good enough for her.  They cry.  He walks her out.  They stop to make out for a while.  He says to take a chance.  She says no because she knows he will just be doing it because he is pressured.

He makes a comment at one point that she can choose a mediocre life now or a great life with him.

Rachel, I love you.

I love you, too.

She walks out after crying her eyelashes off.

Let’s Bring Peter Out on Stage

First they show him crying backstage.  He comes out and admits he is shaking all over.  This is the first time they have seen each other since their crying and kissing break up.  Rachel takes this sweet moment to basically attack him all over again.  In Geneva he promised that he would stay if he thought he could commit.  She doesn’t understand why he was still there if he wasn’t willing to propose instantly.  She is clearly very angry with him.

She claims it wasn’t just the not proposing, there were other signs that popped up in Geneva.

Image result for riiiiiight meme

Peter mentions that he was crying backstage and now feels like he is being attacked (because he is).  Rachel asks him why he feels this way.  “You don’t feel attacked.  I tell you how you feel.  I interpret your feelings for you.  You don’t feel attacked.”

At this moment I am hoping that he is getting paid enormous sums of money for being here tonight for all of this fun.

He says he does want to apologize for his mediocre comment.  Rachel starts waving her finger back and forth that he did say that.  He again says he is so sorry and that it was a completely emotional comment.

She pipes up in the bitchiest way possible: “I’m not living a mediocre life.  I’m living my best life!”  What a BITCH.  Peter, you can do much better than this.

The Stupid-Not-At-All-Dramatic-Because-They-Already-Gave-it-Away-Ending

Bryan is the only one left.  Neil Lane lets him pick a ring.  He shows up and speaks Spanish to Rachel.  She says a bunch of bla bla bla (the swelling in her eyes from crying all last night has almost gone down) about how he is her forever (because he is all that is left).  He proposes.  They live happily ever after until they break up in a couple months.

Twitter’s Opinions

Because I like y’all, I found all of my very favorite tweets about the horror that was this ending and I will share them here!

bach twitter 1

bach twitter 2

bach twitter 3

bach twitter 4

bach twitter 5

bach twitter 6

Like I said, Bachelor in Paradise starts soon.




Duck, Duck, Attempted Murder

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Farm Animal Update

It’s been a bit since I did a little post about my animals.  The ducks are doing a great job learning to quack.  It’s pretty stinking cute.  Essentially, you don’t know for sure on the sex until they are fully grown.  I got nervous recently because both Lucy and Ethel got a patch of bright blue so I was worried they might be Ricky and Fred.  Turns out with Mallards that both male and female have the bright patch at first.  They will fully molt their feathers twice before their final mating season colors arrrive.  Of course the male mallards are bright blue/green while the females are more brown.

Another way to tell the sex with Mallards is by the beak color.  Males typically have bright yellow, while females have a more brown/orange bill.  Ours definitely have a darker color, not at all bright, at least not right now.

Finally, when the ducks reach the age between two and four months (which ours are) if they are males, the ‘sex feather’ should be visible.  Females do not have a sex feather.  This is described as a small upwardly curled feather near the tail.


At this point in my blog writing, I thought to myself, hey I’ll go outside and look at Lucy and Ethel right now and see if I can notice a sex feather.

While I was out with the ducks, I was a teeny bit careless with the doors to their house.  There are two doors.  I opened one and then went over to the other side and opened that side.  Meanwhile (surely Lucy’s idea) they ran out and took flight down the hillside.  Well at this point I made a little phone call to Tom to let him know that I needed his assistance outside and without the dogs.  He simply replied ok.  I love the way he doesn’t ask for more details and just hustles right on outside to me.

Unfortunately, Rita took great offense to the ducks being out.  Apparently this is her hillside.  One duck took off and Rita sprinted (which chickens running is very funny) towards the other duck to start a fight.  Squawking and quacking and feathers flying.  They get separated and all that does is give Rita more space to take another run at her.  Finally the ducks ran into the goat pen. Their final mistake was running into the goat house, where we could corner them.  They ran into the barrel chicken roost for safety.  Tom picked up the barrel to return them to their house.  Halfway to the duck house, Lucy (I’m sure of it) flew out and landed right near the chickens.  Betty walked off, meanwhile Rita attempted murder again.

Ethel was returned to her home as I ran to try to separate Rita and Lucy.  Tom got there and rescued Lucy just as Rita started puffing up to take after Tom too.  That was a poor choice.

I did hold Lucy after she was rescued to try to calm her down a tiny bit.  Her little heart was beating like crazy.


For what it’s worth, I see no sex feather.  I did however witness her near death experience(s).  Poor baby girl.  I’ll have to take out some bread later as a snack.


All of the other animals are doing well.  Here’s a little family picture.  Of course Rita is not currently in my good graces.


Left to Right: Betty, Maizy, Tilley, Bailey, & recently-charged-with-attempted-murder-Rita.

For what it’s worth, Rita is doing a good job with egg laying.


Betty is less enthused with laying eggs, but she hasn’t tried to murder anyone else on the farm recently so there’s that.














Blueberry Breakfast Cookies

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Breakfast + cookies= probably gonna be good.  My aunt found a great deal on blueberries yesterday and brought me a bunch!  I froze some and left the rest out for cereal and baking with now.  I posted a picture of one on my Facebook this morning and the people want the recipe.  This recipe comes from the blog Sally’s Baking Addiction, which is a favorite of mine for recipes!  She rarely disappoints.

I didn’t plan on posting this one so I didn’t take a bunch of step by step pictures, but it’s simple.  Most importantly, it only uses one bowl; and you know I hate pretentious 3 and 4 bowl recipes.  Nonsense.

First, look at this and know that if you have the ingredients you could have this on a plate in about 25 minutes.



  • 2 ripe bananas, mashed
  • 2 1/2 Cups of old fashioned oats
  • 1 Cup nut butter (whichever you prefer, I used peanut butter)
  • 1/3 Cup honey
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon (I did a whole teaspoon because I really like cinnamon)
  • 1 Cup washed blueberries (fresh or frozen- if frozen don’t thaw)

You can also add 1/2 Cup of chopped pecans or walnuts.  Maple syrup can be used as a substitute for honey as well.


1. Preheat oven to 325º.  Line two small baking sheets with parchment paper (I used tin foil because it’s way cheaper and this is my kitchen so I do what I want and they turned out fiiine) and spray cooking spray.

2. Mix all ingredients together either by hand or using a stand mixer. Add the blueberries last and stir gently so they don’t break up.

3. Drop 1/4 cup sized cookies onto pan and flatten down with your hand.  The recipe makes 12 large cookies, 6 per pan.  They don’t spread out as they bake so don’t worry if they are close together.

4. Bake 19-21 minutes, or until golden around the edges and bottom.

I transferred mine to a wire cooling rack once I pulled them out of the oven.  Without the chopped nuts they are 244 calories per cookie and 5 grams of protein.  I know that’s a high calorie count, but they are not empty calories.  Essentially it’s a bowl of oatmeal with yummy toppings in cookie form.

Eat it with a piece of fruit and a cup of coffee and your day is suddenly more delicious than it previously was.