The ABC’s of Hockey; From the Hockey Mom Point of View

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Hockey, the Other Best Medicine / Smile Makers

Well since my brother and I each wrote up a little ABC’s of hockey, my brother challenged my mom to write one up from the hockey mom point of view.  In case you missed ours, here are the links to mine and his.

Also, side note, this list is really basically my childhood summed up.  It’s great.  Enjoy!

ABC’s of Hockey

By: Dannell Rasmussen

A- Adversity: All players face it; watch a post game interview sometime.

B- Birthdays: Birthdays for hockey kids are spent with the whole team playing street hockey, eating pizza, watching the Mighty Ducks, and NOT sleeping on your living room floor.  Did I mention there are 12 on every team?

C- Cowbell: Every self-respecting hockey mom has one.  How else can you celebrate and make sure your kid hears you?

D- Dads: All hockey dads are idiots and want their kids to go straight to the NHL which 99% of them don’t.  Most drown their sorrows in Canadian beer.  D is also for divorce! We narrowly escaped.

E- Elbow: Which I broke when my son tried to teach me to skate backwards.  I just watch now!

F- Finding every Podunk rink in western Canada including one lovingly known as ‘the barn’ (no animal could survive the cold to sleep there overnight).  The Mountie on graveyard ended his shift by unlocking the doors at 5 am to let the squirts in to play. Thank God he also started coffee.

G- Goal, which is 100 times more important if your kid scores it.  Celebrate– (see C).

H- Hockey- you have to eat around it, dress around it, travel around it, live around it.  All hockey all the time, especially if you want your kid to be any good or have a chance at the NHL someday.

I- “I am score!” A favorite quote from Mr. Malkin referring to himself with limited English.  “I am score!  There are not score; I am score.”

J- July- A month that non-hockey parents might think you get a break.  NOPE! Hockey is year round and July is always filled with hockey camps.

K- Kids: You will inherit a ton.  Your team families spend every weekend, three nights a week, and every holiday together.  We basically parented together including siblings.  I generally hosted the sister club while my boy zoned out playing Mario in another mom’s room.

L- Lunches: and every other meal will be consumed in the car or hotel room to cut costs, unless it is a full team pizza party post tourney.

M- Mystery Trip: The hockey mom’s secret term for desperately attempting to broaden the kids beyond hockey; it’s usually a lovely hike, a museum, or a historical landmark.

N- Net: another quote, this one from the Great One, Wayne Gretzky.  He was once asked what he thought of the opposing team’s goalie pads.  He said he had no opinion because when he shoots he sees ‘nothing but net’.

O- Older kids: at tournaments, who also get crap ice times and come into the hotel at 1:00 am after their games.  They are none too quiet and their dads have usually had quite a bit more of the Canadian beer.  This motivates us to leave at 4:30 none too quietly! (see C).

P- Pads:  There are so, so many pads and pieces that go into hockey gear.  1) They stink beyond belief. 2) They disappear from the hockey bag as soon as you get to the rink forcing you to visit the other P– Pro Shop, where you must purchase expensive top-of-the-line replacement equipment because the refs will check and you can’t play without all of it.

Q- Queen’s English: spoken in Canada, eh?!  They say things like “lift” and “brewsky” and “nappy” (which is not a napkin, but rather a diaper).

R- Ref crew: which you will be called to help facilitate to avoid a forfeit.  I personally ran the clock and kept score at so many games.  The ref is not mic’d and you will learn the hand signals for every penalty pretty darn quick.

S- Stick: as in hockey stick.  These have an alarming propensity for breaking during your kid’s first shift on the ice, sending you to the afore mentioned pro shop to spend the afore mentioned money.  Heaven forbid they encounter a bona fide junior hockey team member and get their stick signed, as this renders it completely useless and condemns it to a life of display only.

T- Tape: which is needed to tape the stick mentioned above.  Little known fact: tape will evaporate in a hockey bag between the time you leave home and arrive at the rink, forcing you to the pro shop where it is so much cheaper to buy a 6-pack and you know you are always going to need it.  No one has played league hockey in my house in over 20 years, yet I have 30 rolls of stick tape in my basement.  I’m gonna have to check Pinterest and see if I can find an alternative use for it.

U- Underwear: long.  Buy it, and wear it!

V- Victory: is so sweet and must be celebrated (see C).

W- Warmers: put them in your shoes/skates, and gloves if you don’t want frostbite.

X- X: the shape your laces make on your skates, which you are not strong enough to lace for yourself, so your dad does it.  Yep, all the way up to 16 years old.

Y- Youth Hockey: Main fact, it takes all of your money.  Never mind the gas to go 45 minutes away to practice twice a week and three times on the weekends when we are home, but also the trips to Canada, goody bags for the visiting teams, birthday presents for all twelve kids plus sisters, hockey equipment, meals on the road, hotels, it goes on and on, but basically we loved it!

Z-zzzzz’s: of which you will be drastically short (see crappy ice times mentioned above).

I hope you enjoyed this fun and honest list!

Image result for malkin i am scor



The ABC’s of Hockey; My Brother’s Version

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Hockey, the Other Best Medicine / Smile Makers

Just leave it to my brother to show me up with his creativity and wit.  You might remember my post the ABC’s of Hockey I recently made.  I posted it and my mom replied and told me it was ‘cute and clever’.  I told her to just wait until she sees her son’s responses.

Just a little backstory on my childhood.  I danced through mine while my brother skated through his.  He played hockey for several years which resulted in a lot of family road trips- usually to Canada.  We watched a great deal of hockey as a family too.

Look at this little kiddo’s game face.

josh hockey

Anyways, on with his official ABC’s of hockey list!

By: Josh Rasmussen

A- Spelled eh: Canadian Jibberish

B- Biscuit: The puck

C- Curling: a bad Canadian joke

D- Big D: home of the Dallas Stars

E- Emilio Estevez: coached the Mighty Ducks

F- Ovechkin’s backchecking grade

G- Great One: Wayne Gretzky

H- Hockeytown: Detroit.  The 2016-2017 season was the last for the famous Joe Louis Arena.

I- Ice- why lacrosse is so damn boring.

J- Juniors. Some of the most entertaining hockey is played at this level.  example:

K- KHL. Hockey is worldwide. There are 32 professional American-style football teams on the planet and not one is outside the U.S.

L- “Let ’em know you’re there!” Watch Slap Shot.

M- Mike Eruzione: Miracle on Ice.

N- No Fucking Way. Buffalo was robbed in the 1999 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Hull was in the crease illegally.

O- Oh oh oh. Rangers goal song. Slapshot. Written specifically for the NYR

P- Pain.  Hockey players are legit tough.

Tough isn’t for everyone though.

Q- Quebec Nordiques. Before the 1995-1996 season, this historic franchise relocated to Denver to become the Colorado Avalanche who would win two Stanley Cups before cementing their place as worst in the league by far!

R- Rips, Rifles. Acceptable verbs for describing a slap shot or other hard shot. Mike Emrick has struggled to find reasonable verbs to describe play his entire career. Knife, spirit and ladle are NOT acceptable verbs for describing puck movement.

S = Stripes. Wes McCauley adds a little juice to a fighting call.

T- Tucker. This guy. Just watch. LOT of this.

U- Up, up and away. Bobby Orr’s flying goal is one of the most famous in the history if the sport.

V- Vent. Tortorella “Torts” is known for wearing his emotions on his sleeve.

W- Whistle. During the NHL playoffs, officials are said to “swallow their whistles” and allow a much more physical, borderline illegal style of play.

X- X teams. Mike Sillinger, traded a league-high 10 times, has the most X teams in NHL history.

Y- Y the fuck would anyone watch basketball? Seriously.

Z- Zzzzz’s. A pair of teams in a Norwegian league spent more than eight and a half hours settling a playoff game in what is considered to be the longest hockey game ever recorded.

So there you have it.  His comprehensive list.  I hope y’all are watching the NHL playoffs.  You don’t want to miss it.  It’s the best season of the year!  Go Penguins!

I’m going to ladle myself over to the kitchen to get some more coffee.

High Tea & New Piercings; Because I’m Eclectic

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Hold My Gatorade and Watch This

Two fun things to talk to you about today.

Yesterday we tried out a new tea house in town.  It also happens to be inside of my favorite vintage and antique boutique so it’s a fun combination.  Now, I’m not a big lover of tea.  If I’m going to have tea I generally prefer it to be from Long Island, and iced.  I also enjoy a fun experience though so a 5-course ‘two hour tea’ seemed like a fun afternoon.

The decorations inside the tea house are super fun and cute.  She hung up adorable embroidered handkerchiefs.  The walls are adorned with shelves and gorgeous tea pots all around.  I loved the chandeliers providing the light too.

la tea da 1

la tea da 2

Tables were set with teacups and saucers in a fun mix and match style.

la tea da 3

The first tea served was a Bourbon St. Vanilla, which was actually pretty yummy.  Another fun thing was that there were lemon heads on the table to put in the tea.

The first course was soup, which was a tomato basil.  It was served in a tea cup and quite yummy.

la tea da 5

Next up was my personal favorite, scones with Devonshire cream and lemon curd.  I could have just eaten the whole bowl of lemon curd and been perfectly happy, but something tells me licking the lemon curd bowl is frowned upon in a tea room.

la tea da 6

Next up was the salad, which was strawberry and bacon salad with a poppy seed dressing.  While not my favorite salad, it was still very good.

la tea da 7

After the salad the tea switched to a Montana gold, which had a hint of cinnamon.  It was good too, but not as good as the vanilla.

Next up was the tiny sandwich course.  I’m always a fan of the tiny sandwiches.  When I was growing up we used to make tea sandwiches of different varieties all the time for fun.  Plus my mom used to make tea parties for us hockey sisters sometimes in the middle of a hockey weekend in Canada, because that’s the kind of mom she was (and is). I even found a picture for you.  Notice the tiny Canadian flags.

la tea da 12

la tea da 8

The varieties of sandwiches included tomato basil, cucumber, and chicken salad with grapes.  Yummy all around, although Aunt Colleen said she did NOT like the spinach on her tomato sandwich.  We told her it was basil.  It turns out she doesn’t like basil.

Next up was the final course.  The assorted desserts.  What fun.  The tray was beautiful.

la tea da 9

My plate was beautiful too.

la tea da 10

Tea parties are supposed to be about fun little details.  One of my favorites was probably this tiny display for each strawberry dipped in white chocolate.  How adorable.

la tea da 11

It was most definitely a fun afternoon and I would suggest it to anyone who enjoy a tea party experience.

la tea da 13

Next up in the weird combination blog of the day: New piercings.  I had been wanting this for a little while and decided to do it this last weekend.

hip piercing 1

They are microdermal piercings.  Let me tell you, they definitely hurt a lot more than my navel piercing, but I do think they are super cute and will be cute in the summer.  I also think it will make me want to show off my belly more, which will hopefully encourage me to tone more as I can and lose a bit more weight.  It’s really just a tricky mind game covered in sparkles.

Check out my cool bruising too over the days following the piercing.

hip piercing 2

It’s finally starting to heal up.

Fun fact: if you lay on the floor at the piercing place you will get a FREE Capri Sun.  The more you know.

In other news… this piercing did not go as well POTS-wise.  I’m really glad I brought a driver for this one.  I don’t know if it was the pain and then standing up or what, but I instantly knew I was sick.  I’m not crazy; it’s not like I looked while she was doing the piercing so it’s not like I saw blood and that caused it.  Either way, POTS did not agree.  By the time my friend was done getting hers though I was feeling much better and was able to walk to the car.

I went first for the piercing and was laying on the floor out in the store while my friend went for hers.  When she got back there she said, “that’s not the piercing really.  She just does that.  She passes out.”  The piercer looked somewhat confused.  My friend explained, “I realize that she just signed a paper saying she had no health concerns, but she does have an issue with passing out on occasion.”

Oops, did I forget to mention that?





I’m Doing a Thing- Slowly

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Deep Thoughts About POTS / Hold My Gatorade and Watch This

A valuable lesson I’ve learned since this whole POTS diagnosis and life change is this: to see growth, we must look at a larger section of time.  Everything is trickier and harder and takes longer.  Even the POTS specialist I saw said I could gradually add minutes onto my recumbent biking over years.  He said the word ‘years’.  That should have struck me at the time as just how slow any change happens with my body now.  For some reason I’ve had to be reminded of that sentence by Tom several times when I am trying to make a change quickly or accomplish something.

In my continued pattern of being open and truly honest with my lovely followers, this next picture will show my weight.  There was a time that I would be mortified to show my weight to someone.  Ironically, at that time I weighed much less than I weigh now.  Life is weird, y’all.  Why do we focus on such stupid and silly things?  Everyone can see with their eyes what a person looks like, why the number matters or mattered, I may not understand now.  I’ve moved on to new things I try to hide.  Ha.  Like struggling with anger or self worth issues, but we are a strong group of people.  I talk to my chronically ill friends all the time.  Strength and encouragement from each other can do wonders.  Accountability is big too, and even just having the strength to write about certain struggles is progress.

On to my mini-victory.  As I was saying, I realized that I was looking in one-month increments to see victory or success, but that plan was flawed.  Once I changed to a three-month segment, I was easier able to see progress that I could be proud of.

weight loss three month

Look!  That might just look like a line to some of you, but to me it looks like I’m doing something.  Look at me, doing a thing.  Over the last three months I have slowly dropped around 12 pounds.  Sure, overall I have more that I would like to lose and I’d love to develop some muscle tone and endurance in my recumbent biking.  Overall, as much as I’d like to do this at my pace, my only option is to do this at the pace that POTS allows.  So I might have good days where I feel almost a bit strong, and I might have a period of a week at a time where making it to the bathroom or the couch is a challenge.

All I can do is to keep moving forward.  I will have good days and bad days, but I’ll keep working on this goal of mine because I am in fact making progress.

In Other News

Tomorrow is game one of the playoffs for the Penguins.  The Oilers and the Maple Leafs are in the playoffs.  I don’t remember the last time that happened so that should be fun to watch.

We’ve decided to wait and breed Maizy in the fall which will mean Spring time will be baby goat time, which I can’t wait to share with each of you.

I’m going to a fancy ‘high tea’ tomorrow, which is exciting.

I might have gotten a new fun piercing over the weekend.  Should I share about it and show pictures?

I hope this post finds you all doing well and smiling!  The dogs have talked me into going outside to play and let the goats out.  So I’m off to take pills and head outside with another cup of coffee!




A Weekend of Firsts

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Funny Farm Stuff / Uncategorized


We returned home Monday from a weekend of spring break fun at the ranch.  It was a lovely little getaway.  One of the benefits of going there is that the dogs can come too and oh boy do they have fun.  They have been asleep since we got home I’m pretty sure.

I said a weekend of firsts because I’m pretty sure we each did something new.

Carter learned to play CLUE.  I loved playing with the fun ‘vintage’ game board.  My favorite part was that the floral print in the kitchen square is coming back in style now.

Image result for clue game board 1972

See what I mean?

Look at these cute detective faces!

clue faces

We also brought Carter’s ‘vintage’ game Payday.  I bought it online and we gave it to him for Christmas.  It was a first for Gran playing Payday.  Gran played a cautious game, never taking out a loan to buy a deal and never playing the lottery.  Let it be known that Gran did not win, but she also was never in debt and set aside the money with each bill as she got it in the mail.  It was adorable and amusing.

Tom and Carter both learned about the wonder that is the computer game Oregon Trail.  Carter and I played the first game together and made it to the Willamette Valley with all five members of the wagon alive.  Carter played each game after that alone and he frequently forgot to feed his people.

Image result for oregon trail computer game

I got to go on a tour of the surrounding area where Tom grew up.  I had heard so many stories over the years and it was fun to put pictures in my mind to go with the stories!  I got to see the ranch where he worked.  The ranch is also home to a somewhat infamous unsolved murder.

We also got to see this adorable tiny restored schoolhouse that Tom’s great grandpa attended.


I have to share these two pictures because they are just so funny and cute.

road trip hero

road trip sarge

I am pretty stinkin’ tired and definitely still recovering.  I only had a few little POTS issues while there.  My body refused food randomly one day.  My oxygen got pretty low one day for some reason, but it climbed up with using oxygen for a little bit.  I had some headaches and pain at night.  Nothing too horrible though.

I haven’t done a whole lot besides eat, sleep, and sit these last few days.

In other news, I found a new electrolyte boost that I’m testing out and then I plan to let y’all know about it!

I hope that spring break was nice to each of you too!

P.S. I’m planning a super duper fun little project and I can’t wait to blog about it and share it with all of you.







Spring: Blog Refresh & My Spring Standoff

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Welcome to Spring.  I’m pretty glad to see it.  Look, don’t get me wrong; I LOVE winter, but even I thought it was a long winter.

purple eyed grass

**Sidenote: what do you call these purple wild flowers?  Where I grew up they were always called Purple Eyed Grass, but my husband grew up knowing them as Soldier’s Spears.**

I wanted to switch up the design of my blog a bit.  (Note: I don’t make money blogging, it’s all for my health and for your health. I didn’t want my blog to be covered with ads that you had to scroll through or click away from.) On that note, if I ever get rich from blogging someday, ha ha, the first thing I will do is hire a fancy designer person to do what I want with my blog.  It is all so confusing and hard for me.  I don’t speak CSS language.  I just want it to be laid out in a way that it is easy for y’all to find whatever it is that you are looking for on that day.

I have to believe that the Pioneer Woman isn’t sitting around struggling through themes and widgets and menu layouts.  I bet she has a person, or even a team.  I’m not high maintenance.  I don’t need a team, just a person probably.

Anywho, I thought it would be fun if my main picture was something that I created and I do love this painting and what it means to me.  I do hope that it is a tiny bit easier to navigate now at least.

If you are viewing it on a computer all of the different categories should be listed across the top.  In the top left corner there is a plus sign that if you click on it will give you a search bar (so if you know I posted something about the alpha tryptase gene and wanted to find that article again, you could search for it).  It will also list the titles of my five most recent posts.

If you are viewing my blog on a smartphone, the plus sign in the top left corner should bring up the category list.  That way, if you only enjoy my ‘funny farm life’ stuff, then you can go right there.  There’s also a search bar below the category list.

blog makeover

Hopefully this is a tiny bit easier to navigate.

Moving on to being a grown up and my deep internal battle.

Look, it’s hard to be responsible.  I don’t care for it.  Last year you might remember that I tried to handle doctor calls and insurance calls before my coffee as a way to bribe myself to actually make the calls.  IT DID NOT GO WELL.  So I’ve learned I can’t use coffee as a bribe.  I also learned that you can’t swear on the phone with a doctor’s office.  It was a day of learning.

I have a new plan now.  Here’s the thing: I changed dental insurance coverage to my husband’s because it is so much better.  This means that I need to go to a new dentist (which is fine), but more importantly I know what they are going to say.  They are going to say that I need to have my wisdom teeth removed, because that’s what my last dentist said.  I would rather not.

Or… as my family and I usually say… I’d rather play half game. 

If you aren’t familiar with that little reference and want to be, I included this little clip for you.  Plus you can burn a few calories laughing.  You’re welcome.

Ok, so anyways, I’d rather play half game (still get the whole snow cone).  I know that with wisdom teeth removal nothing usually goes wrong and there are rarely complications.  I just know my body.  She’s so dramatic.

So, this is my brilliant plan that I have developed.  It’s time to get my hair done.  My hair girl is amazing and I always leave feeling fabulous.  I need a little trim, but mostly the grey is very visible.  I am so ready for fresh color!  I have decided that I can’t call and make my hair appointment, until I first call and make my dentist appointment.

Feel free to steal my brilliant strategy.

My hair is getting rough though.  I’m past due.

So, that’s my spring standoff.  I’ll let you know when I break down.

Stay strong, friends!

Goats Don’t Get a Lollipop or a Sticker

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So unfair.  It’s hard to be a goat on doctor day, but there is one plus; the vet comes to your house and you don’t have to go out.

Earlier this week our goats had their yearly checkups.  They were very interested in what the veterinarian had and what she was doing until it involved poking them.

goat vet

We are thinking about breeding Maizy, which means that all three of the girls need to be tested for CAE so that we can say we are ‘certified herd free’ for CAE.  CAE stands for caprine arthritis encephalitis.  It can cause weakness, swollen joints, muscle atrophy, and death.

The vet said that the safest and easiest place to draw blood from a goat is the jugular.  I was shocked and surprised, but not near as shocked and surprised as the goats were.

The girls also got their yearly CD&T (clostridium perfringens type C and D and tetanus) shots, which only took a couple seconds each and they were more than happy to run off after they were assaulted.

goat vet 2

goat vet 3

goat vet 4

While we’re talking goats, I thought I would mention a little bit more about them.  People ask all the time what they eat.  In the winter they eat hay and grain.  In the summer they eat weeds and grass and still get grain in smaller amounts more as a treat.  They also love kitchen scraps.  They eat bread and almost any fruit and veggie scrap.

goat veggies

If you leave a coffee cup down low any of them will drink it.  Tilly will drink whiskey if it is left unattended near her and Bailey apparently drinks beer if given the opportunity.

bailey beer

It was easier and quicker than I thought it would be.  A little goat yelling and one of them did run off with the stethoscope at one point, but other than that it was a success.


Pretend Good News

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Big Medical Words / Uncategorized

Don’t get your hopes up.  This isn’t actually good news; it’s just pretend good news.

I got my first denial.  In a way I feel like I fit in a little bit more better with my other chronic illness friends now.

Yes, I still have social security disability.  I was working to also access my retirement fund since they have a ‘disability retirement’ option.  Since I’m fully disabled according to the social security people, I thought this might be easy.  Silly me.

In order to apply for this I had to have several specialists fill out a five page document and also provide all of my previous medical records and test results.  I also had to gather my hospital records and over 200 pages of physical therapy notes and records.  I had to pay to fax several of these documents and also pay to mail large priority mail boxes of documents.  Oh and not to mention, I had to fill out a 25 page form answering hundreds of questions.

I read the forms that the doctors filled out before I mailed them back.  If I remember I think I even posted one of the answers here.  My neurologist wrote “no potential for recovery”.

Well, evidently the way that they decide if I qualify for disability retirement is by sending all of my medical records to a different doctor, who I have never seen.  Here’s where the pretend good news comes in.  In doctor Guzzo’s opinion, I’m pretty much fine.  Oh thank goodness.  I’m relieved because this pretending to be sick all the time was getting pretty boring.  He says I can do pretty much any job as long as it’s not heavy lifting or climbing ladders.  What a relief.

I guess the biggest reason that this is a slap in the face is because I REALLY WISH I could work.  I have dreams about dispatching.  I miss it all the time.  Some days I pretend I have to work and even just try to get ready in a reasonable amount of time.  I usually end up in bed and very ill.  I think up ideas for blogs, but sometimes it is two or three days until I am actually well enough to type it out.

Dr. Guzzo,  I wish you were right.  I wish I could go to work.  But unfortunately, I’m going to have to side with my doctors who actually treat me and even let me do a trial of working 4 hours after I begged and begged for it.  Since it ended with me in the hospital, it was a pretty clear fail.

Even if I did get approved for disability retirement, the amount of money per month I would get, PLUS what I get for social security disability is still less than what I was making when I could go to work.  That’s even including my two-cent raise I got a few months ago.

No, I’m not complaining.  I’m just explaining some of the frustrations.  I can’t work up to a raise or a promotion.  There is no overtime I can put in for when I need a little extra cash.  Please don’t take me pointing this out as me being ungrateful for the compensation I am provided.  That is not the case.  I am incredibly thankful, but I do think it’s worth noting these points as some people may not think about these little things.

So I’m going to take the high road.  I’m going to whine and pout a little bit for a few more days and then I will start the appeal process.

There are a lot of things to smile about.  I’m off to go do some smiling right now.  You should do the same.



The Last 10 Books I’ve Read

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Hello friends.  Sometimes it’s fun to find out what everyone else is reading.  I thought I would share with y’all the last 10 books I read.  I’ll start with the oldest and move down to the most recent and perhaps it will inspire you to get a new book for Spring.

library card catalog

10- Original Sin By: Beth McMullen

Image result for book spy mom

Just a lighthearted spy tale.  I prefer a little more intense spy books usually, but then again I don’t love the level of descriptive violence that usually comes with those.  This was a fun read though.

9- The Best of Me By: Nicholas Sparks

Image result for book the best of me

Tom started reading me this book while I was in the hospital.  Well, really it was while WE were in the hospital because he was there with me, by my side, the whole time.  I prolonged finishing the book for as long as possible because I knew Nicholas Sparks would make me cry.  That guy.

8- J.R. By: Jeremy Roenick

Image result for book JR by jeremy roenick

Another glimpse into the NHL from another time.  Jeremy Roenick is not even close to my favorite person, but he unabashedly says what he really thinks and that is so rare that I admire it and therefore wanted to read his thoughts and opinions.  He doesn’t tiptoe around past scandals or try to be politically correct.  He’s honest and I enjoyed this read more than I thought I would.

7- It’s Not Ok By: Andi Dorfman

Image result for book it's not ok by andi

Ok, it’s a little embarrassing to admit that I read this book.  I get it, she’s not a ‘celebrity’ and she was a bachelorette on the TV show The Bachelorette.  Sure, sure she was probably manipulated by the producers and things were probably scripted, but either way I wanted to read her opinions about how things went down on the inside.  How much of a clothes budget do they really get? What really happens in the fantasy suite?  What did Juan Pablo do that was so offensive?  Surprisingly, though all of those questions got answered the book was much more about a girl just going through a breakup.  Sure, a semi-celebrity going through a breakup, but it was raw and honest and real and I am pretty sure I’ve lived each of those moments along the way.  I could easily relate and I enjoyed the book.  By the end I was rooting for her.  Consider me an Andi fan.  I just read that she is writing a second book.  Judge all you want, but I’ll probably read that too.

6- Skipping Christmas By: John Grisham

Image result for book skipping christmas

I am who I am.  I don’t know why I enjoy this book so much but I tend to read it almost every Christmas season.  The movie Christmas with the Kranks is based on this book.  It’s just a happy lighthearted quick read.

5- Mr. Hockey By: Gordie Howe

Image result for book mr hockey

Gordie Howe is a legend in the NHL and in the hockey world as a whole.  Reading his story was interesting in many aspects.  Seeing how much hockey has changed and the points that remain the same this many years later.  Reading about his injuries and treatments.  I was even captivated by just reading about how he grew up in the great depression days and just how little they had.

4-Don’t Stand Too Close to a Naked Man By: Tim Allen

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This is just a silly and funny light read.  I enjoy Tim Allen for many reasons and this book didn’t disappoint.  His opinions of men and women and cars somehow took up three hundred pages.

3- The Murder House By: James Patterson

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Few compare to James Patterson when it comes to a thrilling read.  This book was another that was hard to put down.  It moved quickly and was not easy to predict.  It is in typical James Patterson fashion- so expect a little violence, a little gore, a little sex and a lot of mystery.

2- Troublemaker By: Leah Remini

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This was an immensely interesting read for me.  So much of scientology is kept private which made this book more of a tell-all.  Whether scientology interests you or not, this book does bring to light a fierce and courageous decision that Leah chose to make and the fallout she faced after.  It was a pretty quick weekend read.

1- The Girl on the Train By: Paula Hawkins

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Long ago I saw Reese Witherspoon post something about not being able to put this book down.  Tom got it for me for Christmas and I just finished it today.  I think I started it four or five days ago.  It was definitely a page turner and hard to put down.  Interesting, surprising, maybe a bit of a thriller.


What have you enjoyed recently?  What should I read next?