Dancing with the Stars- Episode 3

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Nikki Bella & Artem- Samba

Nikki is upset and awkward having to rub all over Artem, which really endears her to me more because I could never, ever do that.  She’s been with John Cena for five years and she hasn’t danced with another man during that time.  Plus she’s worried John might murder Artem, ok she didn’t say that.  To help her feel more comfortable Artem has her wear a hair tie wrapped around her whole body and he goes topless and covered in oil.  Tom wins the night with his comment that Artem hasn’t had a carbohydrate in 12 years.  Len didn’t need all that gyrating.  Technique was a bit lacking which is why the judges were so rough with the scores.

  • Carrie Ann- 6
  • Len-6
  • Bruno- 6

Victoria & Val- Rumba

In rehearsal Val introduces Victoria to her hips.  Everything about this is foreign and weird.  Her and Val acted out a romantic and emotional dance.  Bruno loved it.  Carrie Ann said it was authemtic and unique.  Len hated everything about it.  It lacked all Rhumba moves.  Len is not impressed, but oh, Happy Birthday!  Upstairs they have a cake and tiara for her.  Oh and flowers from Taylor Swift.

  • Carrie Ann- 7
  • Len- 6
  • Bruno- 7

Derek & Sharna-Paso Doble

Sharna and Derek dress in ornate red.  He learns how to get into character and imagine Sharna as an opponent instead of a teammate.  He looks crisp and Carrie Ann is happy because he got horizontal. Len said some bla bla bla and Bruno liked it mostly but gave some critiques.  Erin had to know if he was picturing a basketball player that he would go up against.  He says he did play one on one with Kobe a lot and he channeled some of that competitive energy.

  • Carrie Ann- 7
  • Len- 6
  • Bruno- 6

UGGGGHH.  Why such low scores?

Sasha & Gleb- Samba

She opens up about her struggle of gaining 70 pounds in two years and how evil so many people were.  She was recently diagnosed with PCOS so she has an answer and a reason now.  She plays the prom queen and Gleb plays the prom king.  Len loved it.  She did a good job he says.  Bruno says she had really great foot placement, but he needs more va-va-voom.  Carrie Ann says she had the bounce, the technique, and the flair!

Related image

  • Carrie Ann- 8
  • Len- 7
  • Bruno- 7

Nick & Peta- Argentine Tango

Vanessa gives him a pep talk that it’s time to bring out the sexy face.  Bruno tells him that he told him before that you CAN NOT STEP A TANGO, YOU MUST GLIDE A TANGO.

Image result for miss congeniality im gliding here

Carrie Ann says he is too tight in his hips.  Len starts out by saying that he’s a kind guy.  Uh oh.  The passion was missing?  Then some girls screamed and he ‘lost his flow’.  But the gist of it was learn the dance, learn the steps, then learn the character.  Nick says he’s going to just steal the 6 paddles so they never come out again.  Good plan, Nick.

  • Carrie Ann- 7
  • Len-6
  • Bruno-6

Jordan & Lindsay- Samba

He is pumped to learn samba, oh and he knows what samba is which is what makes me think he’s not exactly brand new to dancing.  I’m not gonna lie though, he totally killed it.  Seriously, it was a phenomenal dance.  It doesn’t hurt that Lindsay is phenomenal and a great choreographer too.  Len says he is getting a peculiar leg action due to the Cuban heels he is wearing and the fact that he isn’t practicing in them.  Ok, noted.

  • Carrie Ann- 8
  • Len- 8
  • Bruno- 8

Drew & Emma- Rumba

First off, I love that Tom referred to him as a recent spray tan victim.  Emma gets him all sprayed up and puts him in an open button up shirt. Drew tells Bruno he asked for the Bruno color.  Len says it was his best dance yet, after trying to make a complicated metaphor about the yard looking good, but not the house yet.  Carrie Ann says some had more dance experience than others and she could tell he had very little, which makes Bruno laugh so hard that he falls off of his chair.  Who else thinks the judges take shots during commercials?

  • Carrie Ann- 7
  • Len- 7
  • Bruno- 7

Debbie & Alan- Argentine Tango

This was a solid performance that included dancing on the piano.  Len called her a strumpet.  He said it was steamy and her best dance yet.  Mostly the critiques are that she needs to work on her feet, but Carrie Ann says it’s the energy from the hips all the way down.

  • Carrie Ann- 7
  • Len- 7
  • Bruno- 7

Vanessa & Maks- Salsa

Vanessa says she used to go out dancing with her friends and so she thought she could dance.  Now, she’s in her thirties and is a mom and she’s not so sure.  Maks is gonna whip her into shape though.  Carrie Ann says her favorite word, fierce so I guess she liked it.  Len says she is 100% a contender for this show.  Bruno says she outshowed Maks, which is hard to do, but she did lose her balance a tiny bit at the end and he can’t overlook it.

  • Carrie Ann- 8
  • Len- 8
  • Bruno- 7

Terrell & Cheryl- Samba

His relationship status is like Kraft cheese- single.  What he lacks in a lady friend he makes up for with confidence, or maybe it’s arrogance.  He is sexy and he knows it.  They do a hose monkey themed dance with a firetruck and it’s to Hot in Here.  Carrie Ann says he is for sure a crowd favorite and definitely sexy, but he needs to take up more room when dancing.  I think what she means is he needs to be more horizontal.

  • Carrie Ann- 6
  • Len- 6
  • Bruno- 7

Lindsey & Mark- Salsa

She says two weeks ago her hips didn’t do any of these things!  She’s definitely gonna put them in her wheelhouse of flirtatious material for the future though.  I think she looks pretty good out there in a fast salsa all over the floor.  She ends in the splits.  Bruno says she is a firecracker.  Carrie Ann agrees completely.  Len tells Mark he appreciates that it was straight into the routine; no messing about.

  • Carrie Ann- 8
  • Len- 8
  • Bruno- 8

Frankie & Witney- Cha Cha

Frankie wants to be here.  He only dances for five hours a day for rehearsal, but he spends 14 hours preparing and recovering.  He is thankful he’s here and he is just completely loving it.  He says I’m sure there are others who are less devoted than me, send them home!  He is just so enthusiastic and fun to watch.  Carrie Ann tells him he has swagger which makes him blush.  Len says no hanky panky Frankie, that was a teriffic routine.  Bruno compliments Witney on her fantastic choreography.

  • Carrie Ann- 8
  • Len- 8
  • Bruno- 9

That’s the first 9 of the season folks!  He stinkin’ earned it too.  Great dance and great attitude.  I might even give him a vote or two.

The couples who are in jeopardy are: Nick & Peta and Debbie & Alan.  Everyone else is safe and coming back next week.

Debbie & Alan are leaving.  Debbie says this show and Alan helped her get her life back.  Aww, good for you Debbie!

Tuesday Things: The Twenty-Fourth Edition

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Tuesday Things

It’s been so long since I did an edition of Tuesday Things that I figured it was time.  I have about 15 random little blog post ideas in my brain so I thought I’d fling a few of them into a Tuesday Things post!  Hopefully you enjoy it.

New Clucks on the Farm

We got two new hens for the farm, Zsa Zsa and Marilyn.  I don’t wanna say some chickens are less productive, but miss Marilyn is by far the most productive.  Out of 18 eggs, an average of 11 are hers.

Here is miss Zsa Zsa Gabor:

Zsa Zsa

And my super duper egg producer, Marilyn Monroe:


So if you’re keeping track, that means we have Betty Graebel, Rita Hayworth, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and Marilyn Monroe.  I’m enjoying my shickens for sure!

Dressed up Fancy

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a cop wedding.  We had us a grand old time at a wedding on Saturday night.  I think we looked pretty dang nice too, plus we got to spend time with good friends.  P.S. This picture is at the end of the night, hence Tom’s smile.

wang wedding t and a

Here’s a pic of a couple fav wives and I!

wang wedding wives

Winter is Coming

It is true.  It’s time to stock up on our pantry items, make sure the generator is prepared, get some non-freezing water dishes for the animals, get new heat bulbs, get their food ready.

One thing is for sure, the goats will be eating this winter.


My Crafty Husband

Tom had a vision.  For less than a hundred dollars, he was able to transform this hot water heater into a fuel pump yard art piece.  I think it looks amazing.  I’m impressed.



The End of an Era

Sad news, friends.  Chip and Joanna Gaines are ending the show Fixer Upper after this season, their fifth.  They have so many different irons in the fire; I know this isn’t the last of them, but I completely get them not wanting to be on TV as their kids keep growing up.  Their ratings were high enough that I feel confident there will be Fixer Upper re-runs on HGTV for years, which is good.  It’s one of my favorite sick lay on the couch shows.

But… they are partnering with Target with their new Hearth and Hand with Magnolia brand.  November 5th the items will be in stores and most items promise to be under $30.  This is good news, friends.


These are just a few of the happenings around here that I wanted to share, I will certainly do my best to share more as my energy and health allow.

Keep smilin’, y’all!



Dancing with the Stars- Episode 2

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Two nights of dancing with an elimination each night!

Debbie Gibson & Alan- Quick Step

Debbie is gorgeous in blue and quick steps all over the floor.  You would think she is perfectly healthy.  I was impressed.  Len says there was speed, but the control was lacking a bit.

  • Len-7
  • Bruno-6
  • Carrie Ann-7


Nikki Bella & Artem- Waltz

Nikki is in a gorgeous flowy periwinkle dress.  She basically looks nothing like that tough chick throwing Artem around last week.  The dance under a starry sky, which I always think is cool.

  • Len- 7
  • Bruno- 7
  • Carrie Ann-7


Lindsey Stirling & Mark- Quick Step

Lindsey wears a gross dark smock but dances into a big green thing and emerges as a butterfly. Really the dress is like a monarch butterfly. She whirls around through flowers. Truly, the scores were a bit low.

  • Len- 7
  • Bruno- 7
  • Carrie Ann- 7

Barbara Corcoran & Keo- Tango

Len says she is better this week.  Carrie Ann says her natural elegance arrived tonight.  I prefer this to watching her shake her money maker.

  • Len-5
  • Bruno-6
  • Carrie Ann-6


Nick Lachey & Peta- Foxtrot

Barry Manilow helps this situation for sure. Really, I think it was pretty good, but the judges are loving those 6 paddles tonight.

  • Len- 6
  • Bruno- 6
  • Carrie Ann- 7


Drew Scott & Emma- Quick Step

Drew did an adorable little quick dance.  Emma is quite the teacher. I definitely see improvement, despite the injury he got to his hamstring yesterday.  Carrie Ann says he’s a bit lanky.  Bruno says it was a fantastic luxury performance.  I didn’t hear what Len said, but everyone booed.

  • Len- 6
  • Carrie Ann- 7
  • Bruno- 7


Vanessa Lachey & Maks- Foxtrot

During rehearsals we see an injury.  The heel of her shoe caught her toe nail and ripped it back.  One of her pretty little red toe nails is covered in blood.  Bruno said it was like watching Ava Gardner combined with Jessica Rabbit.  Len kept it short and sweet with simply, “well Maks, I liked it.”

  • Len- 8
  • Carrie Ann- 8
  • Bruno- 8


Frankie Muniz  & Witney- Tango

Malcolm impressed with a quick and dramatic tango.  He didn’t miss a step.  Len says it was a bit over aggressive. He says just to be able to be there and dance he is doing physical therapy, cryotherapy, sauna, icing, and yoga. Keep it up, Malcolm! I’m enjoying watching.

  • Len- 7
  • Carrie Ann- 8
  • Bruno- 8


Terrell Owens & Cheryl- Foxtrot

Terrell is bothered by his scores.  He says he only got one point more than Barbara and he knows he is at least more than one point better than her.  During rehearsals he throws a few little tantrums and Cheryl isn’t having it.  He says he’s never had any dance training.  She says boo hoo, stop feeling sorry for yourself.  Bruno calls it a sextrot straight into the bedroom.  Len says it was a bit too raunchy for him.  Tom says last week he thinks he was at a disadvantage because he went first.  Then a debate starts and I point out that hey, someone has to go first.

  • Len- 6
  • Carrie Ann- 7
  • Bruno- 7

Sasha & Gleb- Viennese Waltz

Their whole time in rehearsals they work on mostly her ballroom face.  Len thinks she has a good position in hold. Bruno is upset by her free hand; it was too ‘karate-choppy’. Carrie thinks her arms were great.  Tom reminds her to never confuse ballroom face with Mark Ballas face.

  • Len- 8
  • Bruno- 7
  • Carrie Ann- 8

Victoria Arlen & Val- Tango

This girl is tough.  I am impressed by her everything. Now, remember she can’t feel her legs at all.  She comes out in a sexy slinky white satin dress and totally crushes it.   Len says he liked the drama and the intensity of the dance and it was a super duper dance. Erin asks how she is doing it and she says she doesn’t know.  “Two years ago my legs didn’t move and now they are tango-ing!”

  • Len-  8
  • Bruno- 8
  • Carrie Ann- 8

Derek Fisher & Sharna– Foxtrot

Derek’s mama and daddy show up to rehearsals and mom gets to dance on the dancing with the stars stage with her son.  They do an ADORABLE dance that is choreographed perfectly of course.  Carrie Ann tells him he dances a little small.  Sharna looks confused, as we all are. Carrie says it needs to be more horizontal.  Len says he needs a bit of technique.  Bruno liked it, but a bit of finesse needed.  Len says he can’t wait to see his Paso Doble tomorrow.  To point out- they got 2 points more than Barbara which is completely ridiculous considering his only critiques were a bit more finesse and to be more horizontal.

  • Len- 6
  • Bruno- 7
  • Carrie Ann- 6

Who else is reminded of the FRIENDS episode when Joey auditions and gets told he was too horizontal and he needs to be more vertical?

Jordan Fisher & Lindsay- Foxtrot

Now, my mom does point out that this kiddo is from Broadway so it’s possible he’s learned a tiny bit of dance before.  They have tons of critiques for him, although he scores the fancy 8 paddles.

  • Len- 8
  • Bruno- 8
  • Carrie Ann- 8

Barbara and Keo and Terrell and Cheryl are both in jeopardy.  Everyone else is safe to dance Tuesday night. To no one’s surprise, Barbara goes home. I think mostly she will miss Keo.

Tune in tonight for round two!


The Frustration of Mental Energy

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All of last week was frustrating.  I just hate not having the physical energy to get things done.  We’re talking such fatigue that truly showers were difficult.  Most days included eating and watching TV.  Sometimes reading was even too much focus required.

Do you know how annoying it is when you look on Facebook or Pinterest and see a fun project and when it’s time to get up to get the paint out, you’re already out of energy?  I hate that.  Each day felt like a loss because I honestly accomplished only the survival things.  Did I work on my cross stitch? No.  Did I paint the stool I wanted to? No. Did I organize my decorations in my work room? No.  Did I work on painting a few little furniture pieces I got? No.  UGGGH.  Did I write any of my blog posts that are floating around in my head (and on my electronic to-do lists)? No.

My victory was that I did finally accomplish one tiny project that got to burn a little of my creative energy.  Nothing super duper amazing, but to me it was just enough to give me a little relief and feel a tiny bit better.

Fall painting

If you look, you’ll see I signed the painting ‘Tom’s wife’.  The Bob Ross episode that I was following along with mentioned signatures.  Bob said that the most interesting signature that he saw was an elderly lady in Alaska and she signed her paintings as ‘Grandpa’s Wife’.  I thought that was pretty cute.  Yes, I know that I am my own person, but being Tom’s wife is something that I’m pretty proud of and I’m really honored to get to be his.

Fall is finally here and I’m just pretty dang ready.  I’m in the mood for football (college, not Sunday political day), hockey, chili, spicy soups, pumpkin everything, bonfires, new TV episodes and shows, season two of Stranger Things, comfy blankies and sweaters, boots, and so much more!

This picture is just a little reminder of a happy time of year that I love.

Dancing with the Stars: Episode 1

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Dancing with the Stars Recaps

I had enough people mention interest in me recapping Dancing with the Stars, so I figured I would.  I’ll be watching anyway.

Let me start by telling you the facts.  Sharna is the best and I always root and vote for her and I tolerate no bad comments about Sharna.  So, now that the facts are out there… I can probably be mostly objective for the rest.

Since they only have two hours and thirteen couples, only one judge gets to talk for each dance.  That went exactly how you can imagine.

disco ball

Terrell Owens & Cheryl- Cha Cha

They put on copious amounts of glitter and hit the floor for a slow and cautious cha cha.  I don’t have the love for Cheryl that some of the steadfast DWTS fans do, but I think this will be a good match up.  If you have watched before, you know that some football players can really dance!

  • Carrie Ann- 5
  • Len- 5
  • Bruno- 5

Debbie Gibson & Alan- Foxtrot

She is a singer/songwriter from the 80’s.  I already like her because four years ago she was diagnosed with Lyme disease.  She says showing up is a victory for her and believe me, I get that.  Some days her muscles hurt so much that practice is almost impossible.  I am already proud of her.  She wears a gorgeous silver backless dress and floats about the dance floor.  This is Alan’s first year as an official pro!

  • Carrie Ann- 6
  • Len- 5
  • Bruno- 6

Sasha Peterson & Gleb- Cha Cha

Sasha is an actress from Pretty Little Liars.  She is getting in shape for her upcoming wedding.  Dancing is gonna do that for sure.  She and Gleb are both covered in blue sequins.  Carrie Ann thinks she looks like she is feeling fierce, so I suppose that is a good sign.

  • Carrie Ann-6
  • Len-6
  • Bruno-6

Drew Scott & Emma- Foxtrot

Drew is from the show Property Brothers on HGTV.  He is lucky enough to get Emma who is the current champ and holder of the mirror ball.  His twin brother tells us that Drew has zero dance moves.  Enter Emma.  Len starts with ‘Drew if you were a house, you would be fixer upper.’  Yikes.  Mostly he is a foot taller than Emma and just a tiny bit awkward.

  • Carrie Ann- 6
  • Len- 5
  • Bruno- 5

Barbara Corcoran & Keo- Salsa

If you don’t recognize the name, she is from Shark Tank.  First off, I’m worried because she is with Keo and he typically gets eliminated first, but it doesn’t matter because she is in love with Keo.  She is covered in gold and dances to shake your money maker, which is well, a little odd.  Bruno is jumping around critiquing and Barbara interrupts to ask, “who is this guy?”  Len says, “all that glitters isn’t gold.” Something tells me the song didn’t help with Len’s score at all.

  • Carrie Ann- 5
  • Len- 4
  • Bruno- 5

Jordan Fisher & Lyndsay- Tango

This guy is apparently on Broadway and is 23, which excites Lyndsay because she has never had a partner the same age as her.  He says he is a fan of hers and wants to help her get a mirrorball this year.  She points out that her track record is 4th place, 3rd place, then 2nd place.  Could this be her year?  Carrie Ann raves about the dance and says they are a partnership to watch.  I agree.

  • Carrie Ann- 8
  • Len- 7
  • Bruno- 7

Nick Lachey & Peta- Cha Cha

Nick’s brother Drew won a mirrorball in season two, so the pressure is on!  He points out that while he was in fact in a boy band, 98 degrees, it was the non-dancing boy band.  Peta looks stupid good in a teal glitter outfit that leaves nothing to the imagination.  Didn’t she just have a baby a minute ago?  These two are going up against their spouses, Vanessa and Maks.

  • Carrie Ann- 6
  • Len- 6
  • Bruno- 6

Vanessa Lachey & Maks- Cha Cha

Well she is just adorable.  She is fun and makes fun of herself so I already like her.  In all black they take to the floor and do a dance that includes strollers and Maks is wearing a baby at the beginning.  Is the baby named Carlos though? (name that movie!)  I am excited to watch this couple battle so I hope they all escape elimination for a while.

  • Carrie Ann- 7
  • Len- 7
  • Bruno- 7

Frankie Muniz & Witney- Foxtrot

Whoa.  Malcolm grew up.  He is embarrassed every time she compliments him.  This will be fun.  He wears a classy grey suit and she is in a flowy pink dress.  He looked a little nervous, which just makes it better.  He says his heart has been beating crazy fast for three weeks.  Witney calls him Agent Cody Banks, which just reminds us all that she is so young that she doesn’t even remember him as Malcolm.

  • Carrie Ann- 7
  • Len- 6
  • Bruno- 6

Nikki Bella & Artem- Tango

She is a WWE tough chick engaged to John Cena, which you would think would encourage Artem to stare at her butt less.  She is used to being in the ring and being strong.  Artem says he’s gonna teach her to follow, not lead.  She body slams him at the end of their dance so that is appropriate.  Len says she looks down too much.  She’s gonna work on it.

  • Carrie Ann- 7
  • Len- 7
  • Bruno- 6

Derek Fisher & Sharna- Salsa

Sharna says that notoriously basketball players haven’t done well on DWTS, but she’s gonna try to change that.  If anyone can, it is her.  Derek Facetimes his mom and dad to tell them the news of DWTS.  Mom screams and reminds him that Len watches the feet.  Mom is smart.  They dress in Lakers gear and salsa to some sort of song about Basketball.  When is there going to be a hockey player on this show? Asking for a friend.  Sharna’s hair is somehow more red and more fantastic than ever.

  • Carrie Ann- 6
  • Len- 6
  • Bruno- 6

Victoria Arlen & Val- Cha Cha

She was paralyzed for ten years.  She was in a wheelchair for ten years and learned to walk just one year ago.  Talk about not giving up.  She has been given the gift of Val this season.  She sobs after the dance.  Carrie Ann says her performance was joyous.  She’s gonna be one to watch.

  • Carrie Ann- 7
  • Len- 6
  • Bruno- 6

Lindsey Stirling & Mark- Cha Cha

Lindsey is a fantastic violinist.  She gets to have the choreographer wizard, Mark Ballas.  She looks like a performer for sure.  She has great facial expressions and really crisp movements.  Color me impressed.  Another couple to watch for sure.  Len calls it the dance of the night.

  • Carrie Ann- 7
  • Len- 8
  • Bruno- 7


Next week two eliminations, one on Monday and one on Tuesday night.  So tell me, who are you rooting for right out of the gate?  Is Keo going to make it through next week? Is Sharna going to win her first mirrorball this year?






Bachelor in Paradise: Finale & New Bachelor Preview

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Bachelor in Paradise Recaps / Uncategorized

It’s time for father Chris to sit the kids down and have a talk.  It’s time to decide.  Do you want to leave as a couple and try to make this work in the world?  Or do you leave as a single?  There is the option if you are staying a couple to stay in paradise and go on one more date with the option of a fantasy suite.  Talk amongst yourselves, the SUVS are waiting, y’all.

The guys and girls break up to do the obligatory chats.  Guys decide there are going to be tough conversations.  Girls come to the same conclusion.

  • Jack Stone tells the camera that he could see himself marrying Christen and falling in love.  She could be the one.  He steals Christen to chat.  He asks if they can leave as a couple.  She freaks out a bit and says she can’t leave as a couple with him because they are mostly just acquaintances.  Ouch, not even friends.  He starts over.  Let’s leave as friends holding hands.  She says friends don’t hold hands.  Jack walks silently to the suv and says NOTHING.  Christen wanders into the sea.
    • What about all those times y’all made out?  Do friends do that Christen? – AMY
  • Lacey and Daniel chat.  She says she wants to go on the date with him.  He says he’s not done with her just yet.  They wander off kissing.
  • Jasmine and Jonathan chat.  Jonathan says she’s cool and fun, but lets part ways here.  She agrees.
  • Adam and Raven talk.  Adam wants to keep this going.  He thinks they have some potential.  Raven is a bit worried about getting her hopes up, but she agrees to stay and see what happens.
  • Dean and D-Lo talk.  Dean says that D-Lo is really great and special and fun, but he realized after the rose ceremony that he still has feelings for Kristina and he loves her and he owes it to her to leave separately so he can talk to Kristina.  He apologizes for being an idiot, which seems fitting.  He cries to the camera that everything he had with Kristina was so pure and real and he ruined it.  D-Lo is bummed.  She liked him.  They leave separately.
  • Diggy steals Domonique to chat.  Diggy says after thinking about it he think the best situation for them is to leave separately.
  • Jaimi walks up to Diggy and he says that he really enjoyed getting to know her and wants to leave as a couple.  She says she had a good date, but they should leave as friends.  Diggy is bummed.
  • Robby and Amanda talk.  Robby says that he is fine with being patient and going slow for Amanda.  He wants to find what his parents have.  He sits her down to talk and she instantly starts crying and says she feels bad, but she doesn’t see this working in the real world.  She tells him he did nothing wrong, but isn’t willing to try.  He leaves feeling appropriately confused.

The final three couples who are left staying to try to make it work are Raven & Adam, Lacey & Daniel, and Derek & Taylor.  Chris tells them to do some soul searching and enjoy their dates.  He dramatically mentions the fantasy suite card, like they haven’t all been spending the nights together in the bungalows.

Daniel Quotes

  • Jack isn’t walking with his normal swagger; that’s more like a killer jack walk.
  • There’s plenty of scallops in the sea.  Jack wasn’t her scallop.
  • You ready for Fourth of July in my pants?
  • So are we talking changing Facebook status?

Lacey and Daniel go into the hotel and their fancy suite to chat.  They talk about how they both want to leave in a relationship.  I kind of thought this was a pretend relationship, but it’s actually really cute.  Daniel puts the DO NOT DISTURB card on the door and closes it with a big smile on his face.


Derek and Taylor chat.  Daniel says he’s falling for her and she isn’t quite ready to reciprocate those feelings.  She says sex is a really big part of this process for her.  He says he is excited to get to know her in that way.  So apparently they actually have waited for the fantasy suite.  And with that, Derek closes the door.


Adam tells Raven how humbled by this experience he is.  He says he can see himself falling for her and she gets a big smile and giggles.  She tells the camera she is hesitant to fall for him because she has been burned before.  She doesn’t want to ruin anything by spending the night with him too soon, but she also doesn’t want to ruin anything by not spending the night either.  The camera pulls away before she answers his question of the suite.

Studio Live Finale

What happened with the three couples?  Are they still together?  Will there be any proposals tonight?

The whole cast is here.  Chris introduces everyone and the person who gets the most cheers is Kristina, because America knows something good when they see it!

Corinne comes out first.  She says she hasn’t seen him since everything, but she would love to.  They bring out DeMario.  They chat.  Where are they going from this?  Therapy.  They both say that therapy has helped a bunch.  They are all good, y’all.  Calm yourselves.

Chris asks Jasmine about her dislike of Christen.  It’s just random bla bla yelling.  Apparently she was mean on social media.  I don’t know.

He asks Kristina how she is feeling.  She can relate to how Jasmine felt when Christen took Matt on a date.  She felt like D-Lo wasn’t very respectful.  D-Lo says she thinks a lot was being miscommunicated. Dean interrupts them both to say they have no reason fighting with each other because it all falls on him.  Oooh, is mature Dean here today?  Too soon to tell.

Chris points out that Dean looks like the most uncomfortable person in the world right now.  The solution is obviously the hot seat.  Come on up.

We watch it all back.  Dean says he’s sorry to both of them.  Kristina says she cares for him still, but enough is enough.  D-Lo speaks up to say that she watched him crying and saying he loved Kristina but an hour after paradise he called her and they were hanging out after.  Oh shoot, Dean.  Dean says this is true, he continued stringing them both along after paradise too.  It’s very awkward in the studio.  Finally it ends with a good luck to you bud from Chris.  So… there’s that.

Amanda comes out to say that the weekend after paradise she and Robby hung out and he asked her to be his girlfriend.  She said yes to give it a try.  Chris says so you’re dating then now? She confirms oh no, not now.  She says she gave him about 20 chances and she felt like he only hung out with her when it was convenient for him.  He comes out to address rumors of him being unfaithful to her.  The twins says there was a picture of him with another girl in Colorado.  He says he was close to another girl, but not being unfaithful.  Amanda says it looks like they were making out.  She says you say you weren’t so I believe you, but it looked like it.  Either way, they know they want different things now so that is over.

Time to talk to Lacey.  Things were bad at first, but then Daniel showed up.  Turns out they met a year ago at Vinny’s birthday party and hooked up, but stayed good friends.  So she was excited to give it a real try in paradise.  Weird that neither of them mentioned this during paradise.  Hmmm.  She says during the fantasy suite it came to light that he was lying about his feelings for her.  She asked him and he told the truth that he was lying about what he said before on camera about falling for her.  Daniel comes out and when asked said they had a nice relaxing evening in the fantasy suite.  Chris asked what they talked about.  Oh, that.  Ya. It was all confusing.  Then he told the producer that Lacey likes him a lot, but he would never really turn his Facebook status to in a relationship with Lacey.

Oh no.  Daniel brings up that he told her to come to Vancouver.  She says you’re telling half the story.  Apparently he went to New York to visit her for 6 days and spent one hour total with her alone.  It was very important to spend time with Vinny.  She said if he felt the way about her that he feels about Vinny this wouldn’t be a problem.

Lacey & Daniel Status: NOT TOGETHER (Lacey even quotes and we are never ever ever getting back together.)

Let’s check in on Adam and Raven.  We see their morning after fantasy suite.  Raven says Adam woke up way too happy.  He is a morning person and she is not!  That’s a problem they’re gonna have she says.  She tells him she can’t imagine ever fighting with him because he’s too sweet.  Awww

They say they’ve stayed together since the show and have traveled a bunch together and are in love.

Chris: What’s next?

Raven: I’m meeting his family this weekend.

Chris: Has he meet yours yet?

Raven: No, but it will happen soon.

Chris: When?

Raven: Now. Mom and dad?

So they bring out the parents.  Oh, ABC, so clever.

Raven & Adam status: Still together and saying the L-word

Time to see how Derek and Taylor are.

I saw a commercial showing an engagement ring… so me thinks Derek might be proposing to Taylor. – Amy

Looks like they are happy and in love.  Awww.  Yay.  We see the after the fantasy suite and they seem all happy.  Shocker.

Taylor tells the camera “I got to like, really take all of Derek in last night.”

Image result for i see what you did there meme

We talk about after they left.  He went to Seattle for three weeks.  They are still together, but he lives in Iowa.  He says lots of cute and nice things and gets down on one knee and proposes.  She cries a whole big bunch and says yes.  Rose petals fall from heaven (or the rafters) and all is right in paradise world.


Ok, so that ends another season of paradise.  I could not possibly be MORE excited for Arie as bachelor next season.  I was rooting for him seasons ago when Emily didn’t pick him.  He is sarcastic, funny, charming, and if you follow I Hate Green Beans, you know that he has a passionate side.  Lincee has been using one clip of him kissing Emily for years every time someone gets close to the Arie kiss, but no one is ever that good.  Have you seen it?  Ok, fine, I’ll show you.

I can’t wait to watch Arie find love.  I’m sure I’ll recap it for you.

Oh, and Dancing with the Stars starts soon too, so that is exciting and fun to follow along with too.

Hope y’all are having a great week!







Bachelor in Paradise: Episode 7

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Shoot. Just saw this on my DVR list. My bad.

New Arrivals

  • Jaimi – The chef who is a bisexual. She scared Nick on his season
  • The Twins- Haley & Emily- they tell the camera that they are only there for Derek and Dean.  I don’t know which twin says which though.  This should go well.


Kiss Count

  • Derek & Taylor
  • Lacey & Daniel
  • Domonique & Diggy
  • Christen & Jack Stone
  • Diggy & Jaimi
  • Adam & Raven


Date Cards

  • Jaimi “Welcome to Paradise.  Choose whomever you want. Period.”- He takes Diggy.  Domonique is not thrilled.
  • Emily & Haley “Choose two people for this date. We saved the best for last” -Haley asks Jack Stone and Emily tells Dean she won’t take no for an answer.

Jaimi wanders around and talks to a bunch of people, guys and girls.  She picks Diggy and he says ‘of course I accept.’  Really?  Domonique is GORGEOUS.  Jaimi is… well.. a new arrival.

Somehow  I thought we might make it through a season on the beach without the twins.  How wrong I was.  Chris gave them a double date card.  They walk in and get hugs.  Amanda missed them so much.  They steal Amanda away to see what’s up.  She says Derek would not go and for sure Dean wouldn’t either.  The twins have already established they’ll not be taking no for an answer.

Me: Oooh, this might be our first kidnap date in paradise.

The producers put the twins on camera to describe how to tell them apart.

  • They have different noses.
  • One has more almond-shaped eyes.
  • One has bigger boobs and the other has a bigger butt.
  • They have different vaginas.  WHAT? The producers ask whose is better and they respond at the same time that it is Haley’s, or Emily’s.  I don’t remember and I’m not rewinding to find out vagina specifications…. because WHAT?!
  • The producer asks if there are any other differences.  One says the other has a better “bleep”.  Again, WHAT?!

Me: How long is this producer interview?  Is there nothing else happening at all at this resort?  Is no one even playing guess what food we just put in your mouth?

Dean says no to a date.  Emily pressures him.  Emily asks D-Lo, she says it’s up to Dean to make that choice.  Emily says she knows he wants to go, but he just doesn’t know it yet.  She tries again.  Dean sticks to his guns…… for once.  He says no.  Emily threatens that if Dean says no she’ll not be going on the date.  When Dean says no she asks Tickle Moster, while making fun of him nonstop to the camera, the basis upon which all solid relationships are built.

Jasmine tells the camera that she loves that Christen might be freaking out about Jack Stone going on the date.  Awwww.  More importantly– I thought they were only allowed to drink from the bar.  Did Jasmine bribe a camera person? Does she have a secret relationship?  I know that cup and straw.


Em and Haley tell the camera they are going on a date with each other and they are going to ‘bring these two douchebags with us’.  Again, Awwww.

Jonathan shows up and asks which twin is his?  Meanwhile Jack Stone says no because he wants to stay and talk with Christen.  TWINS are angry.  The yell at everyone and peace out.  My favorite is that after they yell BLEEP everyone– Robby says “I didn’t do anything”.  Jack says he feels awful, but he knows they will go home and watch Frozen and play with fidget spinners and be ok.  Awwww.

Chris H. shows up during the day so they know something is up.  Everyone is wondering if they are shutting down again and who screwed up?  Ok, no one said that, but we were all thinking it.  Chris says this is their last day in paradise.  Oh no.

Will there be fantasy suites? will there be proposals? Next week after the finale they’ll all be on one stage together again for real drama, fake drama, all the good stuff.  A ring box is shown opening and Chris says “this is the first damn bit of good news I’ve heard tonight.”  While these two are on stage.

I don’t do spoilers or look them up so please don’t say… but that sure looks Raven & Adam-y to me.  Who knows though.  The editors are always tricking.


I took so long to recap that you only have to wait until tomorrow to find out!






American Pickers: Amy’s Picks- Mineral Museum Grabs

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There are many different types of friends in the world.  I’m a big fan of the ones who I can text and say, “hey wanna go to a definitely weird, probably scary sale with me in the middle of nowhere?” and they reply with “Should we take my car? And mimosas here or buy coffee on the way?”

I’m reminded again of this picture, and thankful for Monica.

horrible idea

So we headed up to a mineral museum liquidation sale.  A mineral museum in a shop behind someone’s house out in the middle of nowhere.  I had no idea really what to expect, but it was an adventure, nonetheless.

mineral museum

There were several items that had us both completely confused.  The ad on craigslist promised tusks from a wooly mammoth, old movie posters, milk crates, stones of all types, and several accordions.  Count me in!

Here are my two favorite picks from this insanely odd sale.

iv bottle

Part of the fun for me is learning about the items and researching the history.  This one was fun and different.  It was in the free pile.  They generally sell for around 20-25 on ebay, although I did see one sale of a similar IV bottle for $51 recently on an antique website.

The next one I originally grabbed because the price was pretty low and it  looked military-ish cool and like something my husband would have in his shop.  Ok fine, maybe I stole it and it’s in my living room right now but it will eventually find it’s forever home with him in the shop.  Researching this one was really fun.

b29 emergency kit edited

A couple more pictures for you:

b29 emergency kit 2

b29 emergency kit 3

These emergency kits traveled on B29s in World War II, which is pretty stinking neat I think.

Overall, it was a very odd, however still successful and fun pick!





Bachelor in Paradise – Episode 6

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My apologies for the late recap.  Life was happening.  Better late than never though.

Oh, Dean.  He finds out Kristina was right next to the pool when he and D-Lo were making out, you know ten hours after he and Kristina were in bed together post rose ceremony.  Shoot.  He talks to Kristina who is pretty much not having it.  He says he has the most amazing girl yet he is still doing stupid stuff in the pool.  Yes.  That sums it up.  He says he didn’t know she was watching.  So you would have done it if you knew she wasn’t watching? Wrong.  He asks Kristina to be patient.  No. She says not while you are locking arms and lips and legs with someone else.

America stands up to cheer.

New Arrivals

  • Blake (the guy who battled against Mr. Whaaboom last season).
  • Fred (the guy who Rachel knew from growing up).  And the girls are EXCITED.

Date Cards

  • Blake “Welcome to paradise.  Let’s sea.” He asks D-Lo if she would be open to going on a date.  She says no.  He pulls Kristina away and asks her.  She says no.  He asks Christen and she finally says yes.
  • Fred “what the day will bring.”  It’s gonna be a double date with Blake and whoever he picks.
  • Robby “enjoy the ride.” He takes Amanda, obviously.

Kiss Count

  • Jack Stone and Jasmine
  • Jack Stone and D-Lo
  • Jack Stone and Raven
  • Robby and Amanda
  • Christen and Blake (right after he brought her a plate of scallops to eat.  SICK!)
  • Christen and Tickle Monster
  • Christen and Jack Stone
  • Raven and Adam
  • Taylor and Derek

Blake takes the guys to the beach to chat.  Adam asks if there is anyone he is interested in right away.  Yes, Kristina and D-Lo.  Dean says “me too”.

Jack Stone is far from happy about Christen going out on a date with Blake.  Meanwhile all the other girls say that Christen told them that Jack Stone is a bad kisser.  Jasmine and Raven decide to make out with him to help him out.  Jasmine makes out with him and quickly tells the camera that he is a good kisser.  D-Lo makes out with him in the pool. She rules he’s a good kisser.  Raven makes out with him.  Jack is confused, but doesn’t seem too upset.

Meanwhile on the double date, Christen, Blake, Fred, and Domonique are having a wild time.  First a speed boat that does crazy spins and dips.  Christen is seasick and her mascara is everywhere.  They go zip lining into the water.  Christen gets salt water in her eye and has contact problems.

Chris Harrison shows up to tell everyone that the rose ceremony is tonight.  In case you aren’t keeping track, the girls have the roses.  He promises no more guys will be showing up.

Robby and Amanda go to a little carnival on their date.  They say cute things to each other and kiss, and you know what, I actually think they are kinda cute together.  There are fireworks and so they make out.  I don’t get that.  If you make out during fireworks… don’t you miss the fireworks?

Ben Z says since he has no interest in anyone here, he is going home to his dog.  He takes a shot on his way out.  He has his dog waiting and he know he loves him.

Dean tells D-Lo he wants to try to make it work and he thinks they can be something out of this.

His talk with Kristina is not great.  He tells her that if he is being honest he thinks he will be happiest if he pursues D-Lo.

Raven tries to have a friend to friend talk with Kristina.  She says Kristina doesn’t get to be mad at D-Lo too, only Dean.  Kristina thinks it was a touch offensive and disrespectful to make out all over Dean in the pool when she was sitting right there.  I’m not taking sides except for with Kristina because she is way cooler and also much scarier than D-Lo.

Wells speaks up to Kristina asking why she is fighting for someone who is not fighting for her.  Valid.  Wells speaks truth.

Daniel Quotes

  • Christen likes scallies to go, she’ll take them from restaurants. She’ll put them in her purse, maybe her pockets.  She likes them cold, she likes them lukewarm. She’ll eat them off of Matt, how about that.  Sometimes even with a cat.  True that.
  • To Blake– “Don’t you need carbs for like sexual function?”


Rose Ceremony

  • Lacey- Daniel
  • Taylor- Derek
  • Amanda- Robby
  • Raven- Adam
  • Domonique- Diggy
  • Jasmine- Tickle Monster
  • Christen- Jack Stone
  • Kristina- gave a nice little speech about how in her next relationship she wants to be valued and put first. She says she isn’t giving out her rose and she is leaving.  She gives hugs all around and leaves.  Dean steps down to walk her out and hugs her and says “I hate myself.  I’m sorry.”  She says nothing.  He goes back to the rose ceremony.
  • Danielle- Dean

Fred and Blake leave after their quick little visit to paradise.



Bachelor in Paradise- Episode 6

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Bachelor in Paradise Recaps

If you remember, we left off with Daniel walking in to save the day with a rose.  Lacey sprints over to jump and straddle immediately.  Daniel seems somewhat alarmed.

It’s crunch time for all the ladies who need a rose.  Lacey pulls him away quick.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” -Lacey

“That’s kinda creepy, no?” – Daniel

Lacey informs Daniel that everyone is paired up except Lacey, Christen, and Jasmine.  He is not pumped to hear he is “left with the scraps”.

Daniel doesn’t want someone who is interested in his rose; he wants someone who is interested in his *****.  It was bleeped so we’ll never know.  Retirement? House? Country? Money? Acccent? Jokes? Poutine? That has to be it.  I  bet he said he wants someone who is interested in his poutine.

Rose Ceremony– FINALLY

  • Daniel gives his to Lacey- jump and straddle paid off apparently
  • Jack Stone gives his to Christen
Cue Jasmine freaking out on camera.  “I can’t believe I even liked a man like Matt.  He’s such a little ***** for leaving.  I thought he was a man.  I thought he could handle stuff.  Clearly he can’t.  I’m just done.  Done with everything.”
Annnnnnnnd Matt walks in.  He says he doesn’t want his rose to go to waste.  He says there is someone who deserves to be here.
  • Matt gives his to Jasmine- she is furious and ragey.  Cool, thanks for saving her so we can listen to her whine incessantly!
  • Derek gives his to Taylor
  • Robby gives his to Amanda
  • Diggy gives his to Domonique
  • Adam gives his to Raven
  • Dean gives his to Kristina – damn straight.  At least I don’t have to jump through the tv and punch him.
  • Ben Z gives his to Danielle (Kristina is NOT impressed)
This sends Alexis (Sholphin) and Sarah home.
Pretend wrestlers run in with masks and outfits and wake Daniel up with a date card.  Christen refers to them as sumo wrestlers and says she wasn’t aware that sumo wrestling was a thing in Mexico.
I’m about 99.9% sure those wrestlers have NOTHING to do with sumo wrestling.
Daniel said waking up to a bunch of crazy Mexicans in tights was a first and he was thankful it wasn’t a sexual thing.  Ok, then.

New Arrivals

  • Jonathan (tickle monster)

Date Cards

  • Daniel- “pick someone you have a fighting chance with.” He picks Lacey after talking to her, Jasmine, Christen, and Kristina.
  • Jonathan- “pick someone who tickles your fancy.” He picks Christen. Which leaves Jack Stone not feeling pumped.

Daniel Quotes- Because God Bless Daniel

“The last time I had a date was when Caitlin Jenner was a man”
“I don’t want to put all my chickens in one egg and let it hatch into, I don’t know, a dinosaur.”
“I’m the result of a Mexican wrestler having intercourse with a teletubby.”
“Viva la Canadia”


Kiss Count

  • Jonathan and Christen- the most awkward and icky looking kiss ever
  • Dean and Kristina
  • Daniel and Lacey
  • Jack Stone and Christen
  • Dean and D-Lo

Tom happened to be in the room when I was watching this and mentioned how drunk we would be if we were playing a drinking game with the word tickle.   Also, apparently the tickle monster is a doctor.  That is horrifying.  Fun fact: he has only been tickled once in his life, by Ellen Degeneres.

This wrestling date is legit.  You can tell because there are at least 23 people there in the folding chairs watching these ‘professional’, NOT AT ALL SUMO WRESTLERS.

Dean asks Kristina to be patient while he figures out his feelings.  He just wants to have both Kristina and Danielle, and any other girls who arrive that might be hot too.  Kristina tells the camera through tears that she is checking out.

Lacey and Daniel are making out on the beach bed when Jasmine walks up to take him away to talk.  Daniel asks Jasmine if he is just supposed to leave Lacey there high and dry.  Jasmine says she just wants to hang out; and it’s paradise so anything can happen.  Do people know they are allowed to say no thanks when someone asks to ‘hang out’ or talk to them?

Jack Stone steals Christen away as soon as she gets back from her date with tickle (take a shot) monster.  They make out.

Dean and Kristina spend the night together.  The next day he’s busy making out with D-Lo in the pool.

In the Studio

UGH.  Why do we have to do this?

Since this is  stupid and unnecessary and can’t possibly fill an hour, it starts with a recap video of what’s happened in paradise.  During this segment Chris has Wells, Sholphin, Raven, and Amanda on the stage to chat.  (Wells points out that this is the coolest he will ever look.)

Chris mentions that he gave Wells one job with one rule and he couldn’t handle it, since he made out with Danielle.  The whole audience is of course in love with the idea of Wells and Danielle, who are my personal favorite paradise couple, if they can be considered a couple.  By far my favorite kiss.

Jasmine and Matt are going to confront each other for the first time.  Do we care? He obviously just wasn’t that into her, which is clear because he left.  I’m not sure that demands an explanation.  She watches a recap (because that is what we do on this show) and then says if he would have just said he wasn’t that into her she would have been able to handle that.  FALSE.  She tried to kill him multiple times.  Matt comes out.

She says he never straight up told her that they weren’t gonna work.

He says he thought he did in a way say that.

I say do we have any nachos?  I’m hungry.

They have a 30 second conversation and are clearly not done talking then Chris thanks them for being there and moves on to a commercial.  So that’s that.  I don’t think we needed that 30 seconds to clear the air, but ok.

Then it’s time to bring out Corrine.  I’ll be honest.  I lost interest in this pretend scandal weeks ago.  I didn’t watch this part.  She even said she had zero memories of what happened so I don’t care a huge amount about hearing her memories.  And let me guess, the media was awful and made stuff up and social media was full of jerks. Shocker.  So, if you wanna see what she had to say, it’s on hulu supposedly.

Until next week, when there might maybe be a rose ceremony.