Our Latest Home Reno Project: Barn Wood Wall & Old Wood Cook Stove Coffee Bar

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My husband has done it again.  I know you’re wondering how he could possibly have outdone our pantry, but this is simply amazing!  We gave our coffee bar a complete makeover.  Tom had mentioned that a barnwood accent wall would look great in our house, but I really wasn’t sure how it was going to come together. Here’s the before and after to show you how amazing it turned out, then I’ll get into each step.  Oh, and let me mention that I found the exact antique stove that I wanted and all it took was several hundred dollars and a 12 hour round trip truck ride for Tom.  I can’t go that far in the truck so I got to stay home in bed while he drove all day and into the night to get my treasure for me.  I’ll never understand how I landed that guy.

before and after

First, we had to pick out the wood.  It would have been so easy to buy the barn wood style paneling/laminate stuff that Home Depot and Lowe’s have.  The paneling looks fine, but I’m cheesy and I wanted wood that had “actually seen things” and truly been used in barns.  We found a place that tears down old barns and then sells the individual boards.  All of the boards we chose came from barns in the Idaho and Washington area.  It was so incredibly fun to climb around in stacks and piles of wood and hand pick each board.

These boards have sheltered cows from the wind and elements for a hundred years.

I warned you that I’m cheesy.

Plus, we got to support a small business by hand picking barn wood locally, rather than pay for wood that is just made to look old at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

After we picked out the wood, Tom used his carpentry wizardry skills to first frame the door (and in doing so hide the pocket door forever, which elated him), and then put up the rest of the wood and have it somehow look patchworky, but perfect.  We have a mix of colors and textures of wood and I absolutely love it.

Here’s the framing and the wall coming along:

framing the door

starting wall

complete wall

Doesn’t that wall look amazing with the varied colors, distressing that actually happened with age and wear, and varied holes and textures?  I’m in awe.

In order for the stove to sit back we had to either destroy the back of the stove but cutting part of the stove pipe off, or cut a hole in the wall to set the stove back into.  That was an easy decision.  We couldn’t destroy something so amazing so Tom cut a perfect-sized hole in the barnwood and dry wall to be able to slide it back into place.

Next, we found galvanized barn lights and Tom installed them above the stove.

barn lights

They are perfect.  Tom didn’t want me having to bend down to the outlet to plug them in and unplug them so he installed a rotary switch and affixed old porcelain hot/cold faucet handles to the switch.  In order to turn the lights on, you turn the hot handle to the right (to make the lights hot, get it?)  I can reach it without having to bend down and plus it’s so stinking cool.  Not to mention I have had these old porcelain handle tops for years and never had the perfect use for them.

The handles are inset in the same flanges as the pipe shelves we designed for above the stove and the other side of the wall.

faucets 1

faucets 2

Here’s the shelf made of pipes and barn wood above the stove:


These pipes to the left will eventually have hooks on them to hang our cast iron.


Here we are sitting on the floor of Home Depot laying out all of the pieces for the pipe shelves to make sure we like it and it all works together:

home depot

Do some people not sit on the floor at Home Depot?  Weird.

Anyway, here’s the whole area all decorated and put together.  I love this so stinking much!  What do you think?

coffee bar done

coffee bar done 2

coffee bar done 3

coffee bar done 4

Have I inspired you? Has your husband blocked my blog yet? Ha! What are you redoing in your life?  Tell me!





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