Our Newest Baby on the Homestead… and Other Spring Things

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If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram this isn’t news to you. But because I have followers on my blog, but not social media, I need to share here.

So long ago we planned to have two cows, well a cow and a steer for those of you who know the difference.  We put a deposit down early last year for a steer that was mini Scottish Highland from a ranch in Colorado.  We wanted it to be a particular coloring though and all year we watched the emails of babies being born who didn’t match up with what we were wanting.  Since we are basically paying for very expensive yard art, I figured we could be picky.  He’s not going to be used for breeding or meat.  His purpose was basically pet.  We put a deposit down for him long before Miss Claire came along last summer.

Just as we were starting to give up hope and pull our deposit with the ranch in Colorado, he sent an email that another ranch in Wyoming had a baby that might be what we are looking for.  He was absolutely perfect, minus the fact that he was in Wyoming and we are in Idaho.  Small bump in the road.  The owner made arrangements to have another lady who was a few hours closer to us hold him for a couple days for us to cut about four hours off of the drive.  The drive, however, was still about 10.5 hours there and 10.5 hours back.  Sadly, with POTS and my body I couldn’t be my husband’s copilot which seriously bummed me out, not to mention made me worry about him driving all that way alone.  His sister came to the rescue and offered to work all day, drive three hours to our house, hang out for a couple hours, then get on the road and drive 10.5 hours, get the baby, turn around and drive 10.5 hours back, then drive three hours back to her house to go to sleep for a minute before work the next day.  She’s crazy, but I’m super thankful that she offered up her time and gave up sleep to give Tom company.

They prepared and took a crate/kennel for him to ride in the back of the truck, but before they left I told Tom that the baby would probably be more comfortable and less scared in the back seat of the truck.  Tom said that wouldn’t happen.  Apparently when they picked him up though it was blizzarding and super windy and cold and he was so small that Tom told the lady I’d have his hiney if he put the baby in the bed of the truck.

Here he is.  James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser, or Jamie for short.  In this picture he’s getting his chin scratched by Aunt J while riding in style.  Later he decided riding in either her lap or Tom’s lap was a good choice, but was sadly told no.  He didn’t care for that.

jamie in truck

jamie in truck 2

He’s a bottle baby so he’s teeny tiny and I’ve been spending a bunch of time with him.

jamie eating

His little tail just goes so fast while he’s eating, it’s almost like a happy dance.  Clearly, he’ll fit in just fine with us.

He’s been getting used to Claire under supervision a little at a time.  They’ve made good progress.  She’s let him rub up on her neck a lot and the other day she licked his head and neck for a good four or five minutes and my heart melted.  I can tell that in time they will be good friends, even though her original response was much like Sarge’s when we brought home Hero, “what is that and why do we have it? Take it back.”

claire meeting jamie

He mostly likes to do whatever Claire is doing.

jamie eating with claire

Every day after his lunch bottle we work on some halter training.  I generally take him on a little walk around the property a bit.  Here he is by my garden the other day.  He’s just so dang cute.

jamie garden

He’s getting along just fine and working on putting on some weight and getting stronger every day.

Other Spring Stuff

The wildflowers were gorgeous this year.  Last year we had 20 soldier spears in one area and after introducing our bees last year we had around 200 there.  That was a fun surprise!

My daffodils and tulips are just starting to pop up on the hillside and I love looking at them every day to see which new ones opened up.  Here’s Jamie stopping to smell the flowers on our walk the other day.

jamie smelling flower

Plus, look at this gorgeous daffodil!


I started vegetable plants this year inside from seed and I’m excited to see their progress and looking forward to planting next month.  Tom and Carter fenced in my garden for me too.

veggie starts

The goats and chickens are doing well.  My chickens are laying eggs like crazy.  Our bees overwintered and the queens are starting to lay.  Looking forward to getting to harvest honey this year.

amy bee veil

I’m pretty much in love with these two pictures.  Me, in my current life with hair up and holding a calf bottle looking out at my little piece of the world, and my strong men.  I love that they are such hard workers and willing to help make our property the best it can be!

amy silhouette

tom and carter

Now y’all are up to date with what’s new at our house.  POTS is still here and going strong, but I’m still looking at all these happy things and finding joy.  There is so much to smile about.









  1. Anonymous says

    God must love you guys to give you sooo much pleasure. I love you too


  2. rasm47 says

    Excellent, excellent story. Though I can’t help but notice no dogs made a mention…. an oversight I’m sure…

    On Tue, Apr 30, 2019, 7:20 AM POTS: Finding Smiles in the Trials wrote:

    > smilesinthetrials posted: “If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram this > isn’t news to you. But because I have followers on my blog, but not social > media, I need to share here. So long ago we planned to have two cows, well > a cow and a steer for those of you who know the differenc” >


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