Hello 32!

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Another year of life has passed. It makes me feel happy and organized to catalogue what kind of cool things happened in the year.  Plus, it’s always a good exercise in review.  Sometimes I get confused and think I just sat on the couch for a year so I need to put it all together and then I’m proud of myself.  Ha.

Year 31:

  • Conquered Vegas at Christmas time to see George Strait in concert with my husband, my brother, and his wife.  Vegas was not prepared for us.
  • Got two colonies of honeybees… and they are still alive!
  • Did a live video monthly for Chronic Illness on the Mighty advocating for and encouraging others with chronic illnesses around the world.
  • Wrote for the quarterly newsletter for Dysautonomia International.
  • Got a mini cow. We love our Claire.
  • Went to a NCAA Football game in Seattle to watch Huskies Vs. Ducks.
  • Had a mini getaway and spa trip at Northern Quest with Tom.
  • Sold throughout the Winter and Spring at a Farmer’s Market and made fun friends there.
  • Moved inventory into a vendor space in Spokane.
  • Got a new chicken barn and moved my hens into their new mansion.
  • Went to a chocolate truffle making class all by myself.
  • Did some garnet hunting with the kiddo.
  • Successfully grew a veggie garden.

Overall, it was a busy year.  What will this next year hold?  I hope there will be plenty of new fun adventures.

I’m ready for you, 32.



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