Goat Polio, Getaway & Grab Bag of Spring Pictures

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Tilly Girl

Tom and I were outside the other day working hard on another project around the farm (to be featured in a blog soon hopefully).  We let the goats out to graze and play while we were outside.  Miss Tilly was acting super weird.  Standing by herself and just staring off into the distance.  She didn’t graze with the other goats.  She was standing pressing her head against the house.  Poor little baby was clearly not doing well.  Off to an emergency vet visit we went.

Did you know a goat can get Polio?  It is not the same Polio that humans can have.  Goat polio is caused by a deficiency in thiamine and therefore shots of thiamine are prescribed as treatment.  Luckily we caught it quickly and were able to get her in to be checked out by the vet that day.  It can be fatal if not treated within 24 hours.  She is back to 100%, but we will of course be keeping an eye on our little girl.  Tilly was confused by her sudden roadtrip with mom and dad.

tilly car ride


The weirdest thing happened at the vet.  We walked miss Tilly inside and the receptionist asked us to ‘wait outside’.  Nonsense.  They acted like she was some sort of farm animal in their vet reception area.  Her little tip tip tipping around on the vet floor was adorable.  While waiting outside in the parking lot she was highly distracted because even though she was sick she was enthralled with a donkey who was in a pen across the lot.  Tom walked her over twice to talk to the donkey.  Such a funny little girl.

She was highly interested in our snack buying in town though.

tilly pizza

“Whatcha got there dad?”

Tipsy Idea

Tom and I were feeling stressed and after he had a drink or two he came up with a great idea that we should go have a spa day and spend the night at the resort afterwards.  He is simply brilliant.  I did wait until the next day to make sure he was serious before I booked.

Earlier this week we loaded up the essentials (pills, swim suits, mini bottles of alcohol- because it’s just the smart economical decision, wheelchair and oxygen) and headed off on our little mini vacation.

mini vacay

The spa was lovely.  Tom was not thrilled about the toe nail filing portion, but then he did just fine with the rest.  He was holding the mimosa pretty tightly during the nail filing which was pretty amusing.

mini vacay 2

I enjoyed a lovely massage after the pedicure.  We relaxed and gambled a bit into the evening.  I won a whopping $14 playing the slot machines.

In the morning we enjoyed breakfast in bed and on the way home we stopped to buy new flip flops to show off our pedicures.

mini vacay 3

It was a lovely little mini getaway.

Grab Bag of Spring Pictures

goat sweaters

My goat girls have been sporting their spring pastel sweaters… and it’s ADORABLE.  Sadly, little Maizy is not pregnant so we didn’t get any goat babies.  Dang it.  She will go back to breed again in May and hopefully she’ll get pregnant.

goat sweaters 2

My chicken girls are pretty happy about spring time.

egg bucket

I’m pretty excited about one of my newest pieces of décor on my hillside.

camping limit sign

This picture just makes me laugh from our outdoor work day.  How is it that men can somehow always find a way to keep beer cold no matter what?  Another use for the rain barrel I guess.

beer in the barrel

Finally, this springtime sunset the other night made it look like the hilltop was on fire.

fire sunset

I’m hoping to be able to share another fun farm project in the next few weeks hopefully!  In other news, it’s officially the most wonderful time of the year… playoff hockey!  Go Penguins!

I hope y’all are finding fun things to be smiling about.  I’ll write again soon.

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  1. sandra Cook says

    Loved your blog this week. And yes I knew about polio in goats but it’s great to get the word out.


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