Something out of Nothing

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Tonight I thought I’d send out a little blog about making something out of nothing, hence the title.  I’m off to a great start.

Look, we’ve all been there; a day or two or eight late on grocery shopping.  In all honesty I haven’t been feeling up to going to town anyways.  My dizziness has been more than less, I’ve had pretty constant headaches, but worst of all my fatigue has been huge.  It could be weather changes, it could be stress, it could just be because I have POTS.  Either way, to put it into perspective, we are out of milk, peanut butter, and now bread.  I’m down to the last few scoops of coffee, so the time is nearing.

I’ve been playing a little game of make food out of ingredients I have on hand.  It’s kind of a fun game, all things considered.  When I was growing up, sometimes for dinner we would have what my mom called ‘well there’s’.  Because it went like this… “well, there’s tuna, mac and cheese, leftover spaghetti, salad, leftover hamburgers, fixins for nachos or quesadillas, or frozen pizza.”  It was generally done when the fridge needed leftovers cleaned out, or mom had too many appointments or worked too many hours in the day to also cook an entire meal.

Essentially, we’ve been having ‘Well There’s’ for a few days now.  I’m pretty proud of myself though.  I had two old bananas which became banana-oat muffins.  They were not light, fluffy or moist, because remember, no milk or cream.  I then proceeded to eat four muffins for breakfast/lunch that day.

Another day I made ziti pasta- ish.  No meat, but I had marinara which I mixed with cream cheese and macaroni noodles then baked with some shredded cheese on top.  I did manage to take chicken out the other day which then became chicken, rice and zucchini (because I had one sad little zucchini alone in the fridge veggie drawer).  The last of the salad veggies have been chopped and eaten already.

Today I made homemade pizza because I had flour, yeast, a jar of pizza sauce and mozzarella.  Yay, pizza.  It’s not amazing, but it is edible and the hard-as-a-rock-banana-oat-muffins are gone.

In the midst of running out of groceries, other things continue to replenish.  You see, my chickens are still laying eggs everyday, so eggs are plentiful.  My lettuce is growing like a weed in my Aerogarden on the counter.  I know this is a little cheesy and silly, but it is a good reminder that when you feel like resources within yourself are depleting, God is always providing in other ways.  Sometimes I feel like physically I’m losing it with leg pain, hip pain, headaches for days, weakness, fatigue and dizziness, but mentally I am still growing and making progress.  God is still using me.


Some days I feel like I’m flourishing, doing great, helping others and being a productive member of society.  Some days I feel like God is using me to make something out of nothing.

Just my little Tuesday evening thoughts.



  1. Yesterday I tried to make a baked potato because, well, we had a potato. I put it in the microwave and hit Potato (if only there was a button for every food). It beeped. I took it out. Cut it open and put cheese and sour cream all over it. I was careful only to handle it with oven mitts because I knew it would be smoking hot. Perhaps if I hadn’t used oven mitts I’d have realized it was still hard as a rock. I don’t know why. I hit the button specifically designed for that food and for some reason it didn’t work.

    When the ingredients get thin around our place, I don’t have Well-There’s, I almost always have Well-There’s-No-Way-In-Hell-That’s-Gonna-Work. Sometimes God wants to use me to makes something out of nothing and sometimes he just wants to laugh at me in the kitchen. That’s the only reason he keeps me hungry and the price of pizza so high.


    • Bahahahahaha. Yes. Well there’s no way in hell that is gonna work. Did you stab your potato first? You have to stab it first with a fork and the time will always vary because there is no standard potato size. So you might have just needed to add 3 or 4 minutes. You can do it. But, yes I do think God is laughing at you in the kitchen more often than not.


  2. Jennifer W says

    Oh my gosh. What a great analogy and perspective. I need to file this in my brain for I can’t move days. How is the Aerogarden lettuce ? I haven’t tried any of the lettuce yet.


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