The Bachelor Arie: Finale, After the Final Rose

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You don’t know what it’s like living on the West coast.  We have to avoid social media for three hours leading up to the Bachelor if we want to avoid spoilers.  Y’all should have to do it some time, East Coast.

Anywho, Chris Harrison promised us that tonight all of our questions will be answered.  I don’t know if that’s true though.  I have deep questions.  Why didn’t Becca stab him in the neck?  Has she since called Ross?  Where was security while he followed her around the tiny house?  Is Becca doing better?  Does she realize she is the true winner yet?

We start by watching a recap of what we watched 24 hours ago, in case we forgot.  Poor Becca had a camera man follow her around the airport and on her plane home.  Oh my gosh.  They film her walking up to her front door.  GO AWAY CAMERAS.  At least give her some Ben & Jerry’s and carry her suitcase.

The cameras jump over to Arie having a ‘panic attack’ outside of Lauren’s house.  Lauren’s house is her parent’s house.  Is she 25 and living with her parents?  He knocks on the door and she opens it and throws her arms around him.  She says she has a lot of questions to ask.  Does she though?  Lauren says it was really hard to lose him on the same day he got engaged to someone else… which has happened every single season of this show since forever.

She wants to know if he was sure he wanted to be with her on proposal day.  He says he thought he was making a safe decision for his future because she was so confident and Lauren waivered.  Lauren wants to know if he was faking it with Becca or trying or what.  He says he was trying, but he was open with her about his struggles.  Is he over Becca?  1000% he says.  Neat.  She says she forgives him and he kisses her and says he wants her back.  Awwwww? I don’t know.  It might be trickier to forgive him than she thinks, plus the people of the internet and the world might be mean and less than supportive.  Is she tough enough for this?

Back in the studio we have to watch and see the opinion of baby Bekah, Caroline, Tia, Seinne, and Kendall.  They think he is super manipulative.  Kendall says she saw more emotion when he was talking to Lauren than with Becca.  Chris asks their opinion of seeing the ‘raw/unedited’ footage.  Kendall says she liked seeing how tough and strong Becca was.  Tia was with Lauren when Arie reached out to her.

Chris asks where this is going and what do these girls think should happen.  Baby Bekah says she needs to get out of that situation ASAP.  Kendall hopes it works because she watched their relationship progress.  Tia says Becca is worried about Lauren and really concerned that she is not guarding her heart.  The girls remind us not to judge Lauren for taking him back; last she knew they were happy together and she hasn’t seen how he has treated Becca this whole time, etc.

So, don’t Becca shame.

Don’t Lauren shame.

Most importantly, don’t glam shame.

Image result for gif i'm pro glam

We welcome Becca into the studio.  She looks great.  ABC showing the break up clip last night was helpful in her closure.  She humbly admits that she did sign up for this show.  Becca told him if he needed closure that he should reach out to Lauren.

She said a week before the breakup he told her he had reached out to Lauren and that there were still feelings involved.  She didn’t know to what extent.  PS, I would NOT have been this chill.  She says if she’s not the one, she’s not the one and that’s ok.  Becca is STRONG.

Chris is delivering the good news that the drink fund that Bachelor nation has started for her is over $6000 now.  She said to donate it to a good cause like Stand up for Cancer.  Chris said they would match it. High five for charity.

It’s time to bring Arie out now.  Becca tells Chris let’s talk, get it over with, and move on.  Becca asks him when he knew he wanted to end things with her and go back to Lauren.  He says after talking to Lauren (read that, after he made sure Lauren would for sure take him back first).

Essentially, there was a wee bit o’ miscommunication.  Becca thought the phone call to Lauren was more to close a door than to try to open one.  Slight miscommunication.

Becca tells Arie that he robbed her of her first proposal and engagement because he jumped the gun.  He owns up to making the wrong decision by proposing.  The pressure of the Bachelor and the timeline made him do it.  He admits that isn’t an excuse, but he definitely messed up.  Becca accepts his apology and forgives him, like a grown up.  She gives him a little speech about making sure to respect Lauren and have her back and she truly wishes the two of them the best and she hopes Lauren is the one for him.  There was not one snide or bitchy comment.  I’m impressed and only slightly disappointed.

Now it’s time to hear what Jason Mesnick and Molly have to say.  Remember that one time Jason was Bachelor?  He picked Melissa then pulled a little switcheroo at After the Final Rose and picked Molly.  They are still happily married now.  Jason gives good advice that Arie should take Lauren and go somewhere far away without social media and get out of the limelight.  My friend points out they should probably not go to Minnesota though either.  Good point.

Jason also says that Arie really is a good guy.  He reminds us there is a lot of bad stuff in the world and this guy is just trying to figure his life out.  I can echo that thought.  I blog for fun and we watch to laugh and hang out together.  What happens after that is really all up to them.  No need for death threats, ya? That’s a bit much.

Chris asks Arie how he thinks that convo went with Becca.  He asks how the last 24 hours has been for Arie.  He says he didn’t watch last night and that he was with Lauren (having hotel sex).

Chris tells Lauren that a lot of people don’t like Arie.  She knows.  He asks her to say what she likes about him.  She is impressed with his humility, honesty, and bravery.  Chris asks Arie what he wants to say to the haters.  He says it doesn’t matter because he’s sitting next to Lauren and they have each other’s heart and are stronger because of this.

I’m fine with it because Becca is obviously the true winner in this here game.

What’s next for the lovebirds?  They are going on a little vacay out of the country then Lauren is moving to Arizona.

Arie stands her up and says a bunch of things about loving her and then proposes.  It is at least a different ring.  Both of their families are there.  Is it gonna be awkward that the whole family told him to pick Becca?  Who can know.

The Next Bachelorette

Drum roll….. the new Bachelorette is Becca! I do think it is going to be interesting at least.  Also, if Arie had ended up with Becca I absolutely don’t think Lauren would have been the Bachelorette ever.  It would have been so boring.

She says she is going to be the best damn bachelorette she can be.  All of the girls cry about what a great person Becca is.  SURPRISE! It’s starting right now.  It’s not that much of a surprise though because they did this last year, but everyone is really excited and acting like it’s brand new.

Lincoln is the first guy out.  He has an accent I’m not familiar with, but seems super kind and genuine… hopefully.  He ends his meeting by saying, “Airy is a wanker”.  So he has a good grasp of reality.

Chase is out next.  He is super nervous, but he hopes to be the open door since that last door closed.

Ryan comes out playing the banjo and singing about her.  he can’t wait to get to know her.

Darius seems like a sweet charmer.  He’s excited for this journey and thinks she is beautiful.

Blake walks a horse into the studio.  He says when you fall off the horse you gotta get back up again.  He wants to be the man who helps her get back up on the horse.  Then everyone sees her vagina when she gets on the horse in her gold gown.

Ok.  So Arie and Lauren are engaged.  Becca is over him and gets her own crop of men.  I’m going to bed, y’all.




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