Tuesday Things: The Twenty-Fifth Edition

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Tuesday Things

I haven’t whipped up an edition of Tuesday Things since September.  That’s crazy.  I blame The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars. I am always focused on getting my recaps out on Tuesday.  So go yell at ABC.  It’s all their fault.

And… I realize I’m posting this on Wednesday, but I typed most of it yesterday.

What’s new?  What should I tell y’all about?

I’m a Nerd

Look. I know I’m a nerd about this, but it really makes me stupidly happy.  I got a new toothbrush after Christmas and it is so cool.  It sits in it’s little holder on the mirror, so it’s not on my counter.  In theory that is so you can have a clear counter, but I’m me so that’s not happening.  Anyways, it’s electric and every three months they automatically charge you $5 and send you a new head.  Maybe you can remember to change your toothbrush head every three months, but I’m lazy and forgetful I guess because I never do.  Also, it has a two minute timer like plenty of other electric toothbrushes out there, but this one is different.  It pulses every 30 seconds so that you do one quadrant of your mouth at a time.  Again, I know it’s stupid because you could set a timer or whatever, but this is fancy and I like it.  So now you know all about it.  Plus, mine is a cute rose gold color and I like that too.  Anyways, I don’t sell these or anything, but if you decide you need to switch up your routine, I can send you a referral code that gets each of us a free replacement head I think.  So $5 savings.

So there’s my cool product I’m liking right now.

Image result for quip toothbrush


The Olympics are upon us once again.  I haven’t watched much this year yet because my husband is a Debbie Downer and hates the Olympics.  He thinks they are all rigged and everyone is eventually found out to be doping, which is partially true I suppose.  Anyways, I was always excited to watch them as a little kid.  Growing up we spent plenty of time in Canada for hockey, which meant we had ample opportunity to watch curling too.  I saw this video the other day and it is currently my favorite video on the internet.

Are any of you watching the Bachelor Olympics?  I find it to be most entertaining.  It’s like the Bachelor PLUS people falling on the ice and snow.

I’m Just Saying This So Now It’s In Writing That I Said It

Ok. I haven’t been blogging a whole bunch lately and it’s because I’ve had my writing attention elsewhere.  I’ve started writing a book.  I’m no where near far enough to know what it will really look like.  I have given myself the year of 2018 to spend all year and see what I come up with.  Deep down I feel like you need to be someone special or have done something great to be able to write a book.  People who were lost in the wilderness and survived or had a fight for their life of some sort, not people like me.  However, enough people have told me that if I ever wrote a book they would read it.  One of my sweet chronic illness friends published a book about chronic illness when she was 19.  She told me that anyone who has a story to tell can write a book.  I’m working on fine tuning my story.

Other Bits

I didn’t end up making it to the retreat to speak because we had some family issues come up and it was better for me that I was not there.  I’m ok with it, but eagerly looking forward to the next one.  Plus, maybe by then I’ll have a table with my books for sale. HA. Kidding.

I did make it to the truffle class.  I’m most impressed with my finished product.  I don’t know if I could do it all by myself and what my kitchen would look like after.  I learned about luster dust.  I’m a fan.


My POTS has been rough lately.  I don’t know if it was the ‘hey it’s 50 and sunny’ then a day later ‘it’s snowy and 15’ that flared it up a bunch or what, but my energy has been mostly gone and I’ve had plenty of parts of my autonomic nervous system acting up.

Now that’s it’s finally Wednesday night, I’ll go ahead and send out my Tuesday Things.

Stay smiling, friends!


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