The Bachelor Arie: Episode 7

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My DVR says this is episode seven, and I suppose it can count.  The preview is mostly just tears.  Everyone is crying.  I can’t wait.

The gang is in Tuscany, Pisa to be exact.

“Why do you think it’s leaning?” Overheard while they visit the leaning tower of Pisa.

Chris Harrison arrives to deliver the news.  No rose ceremony this week because there are three one-on-ones and a group date.  Each of the four roses will be given throughout the dates this week.

One-On-One- Becca K.

“Let’s fall in love under the Tuscan sun.” Arie

They get a cute little red convertible and head off to Barga to picnic and reconnect, mostly with their tongues.  She has a gorgeous flowy dress for the event.

For dinner they talk about meeting family.  He obviously gives her the rose then they wander the streets making out up against old rock buildings.  They are really pretty cute together. My favorite is that while they were making out she was holding her adorable high heels, because it’s Italy and since once upon a time I was there, I know that cobblestones and heels do not mix.


Jacqueline and Kendall are having a chat back at the house.  J-Quellin is crying that she likes Arie so much, but she just doesn’t know if this whole thing is feasible, with her education plans, etc.

Jacqueline Visits Arie

Jacqueline cries a bunch and drinks wine while snuggling Arie.  They make out a lot but basically say goodbye and that it’s not gonna work.  Arie says he doesn’t want it to be over.  They make out more and then she cries more and leaves.  He is upset that she didn’t want to see out the week to know him more.  She cries in the hall alone not sure about her choice.

She keeps saying that she didn’t expect this to happen… yet it was her choice.

Arie truly does seem upset and later refers to it as heartbreaking.

One-On-One- Lauren

“Let’s break down our walls.” Arie

They bike around and we are all hoping that she will say more words on this date than the silent date last week.  They eat gelato and pizza so, it’s basically my dream date.

They play some soccer with random children.

Arie says that he has to get her to open up a lot before the night is over in order for him to be able to give her the rose.  He asks if she thinks that he is ready to meet her family and how she would feel about that.  She says she hates saying that she is scared and terrified, but she really is. She reiterates that she is so worried about opening up and getting hurt.  She tells him that she is starting to fall in love with him, which makes him have a stone face and say he needs to take a moment to walk away.  Lauren instantly starts crying.  He comes back and says he wasn’t off like she thought; he felt extremely vulnerable.  He picks up the rose and says he is falling so deeply in love with her that it’s crazy.  Everyone, everywhere agrees that it IS crazy!

He gives her the rose.

One-On-One- Seinne

“I’m searching for the one.” Arie.

She greets him with the traditional jump and straddle and they go together to meet a man who has truffle hunting dogs.  A truffle is apparently not a chocolate candy, but a fungus.  Sad.  Yet, they seem happy still.

They go to the truffle man’s house for family meal.  They make pizza and Arie cuts his to be a heart shape.  It’s adorable and delicious.

At dinner they get into some serious conversations.  Is she ready for him to meet his family?  Is he ready to meet her family? What would their future look like?  Who would move?  She said she is open to having that conversation.  She starts shivering.  A bell is clanging in the distance.

He just isn’t sure enough and thinks they should be further along than they are.  He says he can’t give her the rose.

Group Date- Tia, Bekah, & Kendall

“Meet me at Villa Roo de la bla bla” Arie.

Since Jacqueline left and he sent Seinne away, there are now two roses available on this date and three women.  The odds are slightly better.

Kendall and Arie wander off first to kiss.  Kendall’s skirt is a lengthy 3″.  We are all hoping there are shorts under there, but only if she borrowed some of Tia’s 2″ long shorts.

They talk about what the family visit would be like, and if they have more than chemistry.

Tia and Bekah chat and Tia gets the idea that Bekah is not as serious in this process.  Tia takes it upon herself to whine to Arie.  His exact words back to her are, “I wouldn’t really harp too much on that.”  Translation: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

They talk some more and kiss.  “I love your lips.” “I love your lips.”

Tia talks to baby Bekah next.  She tells her that she told Arie that she doesn’t think she is as serious as the rest.  She starts crying, but don’t worry, her makeup won’t run because she doesn’t have to wear a lick of makeup yet she still looks amazing.  Bekah wanders out to meet Arie, still crying from Tia’s little pep talk.  Arie kisses her and tells her to breathe.  Then he asks if he can ask her some tough questions.  They talk hometowns and then she adorably shows him her white hairs.  He calls her an old lady, which is somehow cute.

The girls assemble back at the benches and Arie walks up to pick up the first rose.  He says one girl today he was really confident in and that he can’t wait to meet Kendall’s family.  He walks Kendall off to say goodbye.

Now, the other two girls have to get dressed fancy and go to dinner with him to basically have a two-on-one.  Tia is big time regretting her earlier tattling about baby Bekah.  Tia talks to Arie first and reiterates that she is still very much interested in him and falling in love.

He takes baby Bekah to the other room to makeout on the couch a bit.  He seems standoffish a little bit and I feel worried a little bit.

Back at the table he gives Tia the rose.  He walks Bekah out and puts her in the car and he cries a single tear.

Next week, hometowns.  Will every dad and big brother threaten Arie’s life? The previews make it look that way for sure.

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Not nobody.  We were talking about it.

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Yes, Bekah was in fact on a missing person’s list after filming, but was found before it aired.  Spoiler alert: she was at a pot farm.

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All, while falling deeply in love, apparently.

I can’t wait.

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