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I believe that is how the saying goes.  That or ‘What happens in Vegas ends up on YouTube.’

Not to worry folks; we left our mark.

Tom and I arrived on Thursday afternoon and checked into the Mirage.  We had a lovely volcano-view room, so that was fun.  We had a burger and milkshake for dinner our first night.  We went to LVB (Las Vegas Burger).  It was a great introduction to the price of food in Vegas.  The cheapest burger on the menu was $16.50.  That was a burger on a plate.  If you wanted to add fries and a soda, it was an additional $8.  ADORABLE.

I opted for the spiked milkshake to start off my trip.  I got the birthday cake and it came covered in sprinkles and with a piece of cake as garnish.  Cake should always be garnish by the way.  Who started the whole parsley garnish nonsense?

Vegas milkshake

Friday we explored a bit and for dinner tried a fun, new experience.  We would have waited and gone with Josh and Ashley, but Josh is very similar to his father who he is constantly teasing.  He wanted no part of this little experience.  Blackout Dining.  Have you heard of it?  Here is how it works: you put any light emitting devices (phone, watch, etc.) into a locker.  The menu is a mystery.  The waiter has night vision goggles and leads you into a pitch black dining room.  He helps you find your plate and utensils.  Walking your hand up to the end of the butter knife is how you find your water glass.  It was a 6 course meal.  The waiter would mysteriously drop the food and give instructions for eating (such as: A stabbing motion towards the center might yield the best results.  or, it  might be hot.) At the end of the dining experience we got to see the menu to see if we guessed what everything was correctly.

We thought it was quite fun and we enjoyed the adventure of it.  First thing when the waiter walked away we made sure we could find each other’s hands.  I love that man.

So am I right dad?  Would you cut your left arm off before paying $62 a person without knowing for sure that the dessert would be chocolate?  What are the chances you could handle a dining experience such as that?  Josh said we had hit about twelve strikes.

We quickly learned the way to afford drinks in Vegas.  For example, a simple rum and coke in most bars was anywhere from $14 to $18.  We forgot to rob a bank before we left.  Therefore, we found the penny slots at the Bellagio and settled in to “gamble”.  The pretty lady in the black dress soon learned our drink orders.  You see the drinks are free if you are gambling (i.e. pulling the handle once per minute or when she walks by) with a suggested dollar tip on each.  In a few hours we paid ten or twelve dollars total for four drinks each plus “gambling”.  Joke is on you, Vegas.

On Friday I might have thrown up on a slot machine in the Bellagio.  My bad.  It wasn’t even alcohol related. Welcome to my new body.

Saturday morning we ran into some good looking people.

vegas j and a

vegas ash and amy

Saturday included Senor Frogs and a pub called the Tilted Kilt.  It was fun, but towards the end I needed to go to the bathroom.  They pointed us towards the restroom sign.  It was up a flight of stairs.  Tom took me out of the pub to find a bathroom with an elevator or on the ground level.  That took about a mile of walking back behind two hotels and through a parking garage entrance to a casino to finally find the bathroom.  Saturday night was the great George Strait in concert.  It was really fun to see him in person and hear just how talented he really is.

vegas strait

Tom was not impressed with the opener for the concert, or the volume of her.

vegas concert

Sunday I got to be a superhero.  I did the Slotzilla zipline.  It was a hoot.  Ashley flew above Freemont Street with me.  We laughed and enjoyed it.  At the beginning they told us to brace for the impact at the end when it stops you.  I am not sure how to ‘prepare’ for that.  I attached a gif of us at the beginning leaving the slot machine and at the end.

vegas zip line 1

vegas zip line 2

We got to visit the Taco Bell Cantina.  It’s a slightly fancier Taco Bell that also serves frozen alcohol beverages.  That was definitely on my list.

Poor Ashley had a ‘predicament’ as she put it.  We said a predicament of having to hold both vodka and gelato is not at all the worst predicament.

vegas ashley

Speaking of gelato… the lady at the Bellagio place yelled at Josh and told him to “follow the instructions on the screen!”  The prompt on the screen was would you like to tip?  Josh said that was the easiest set of instructions he has had yet!

See that background?  That’s the Bellagio Christmas display.  It was fairly impressive I thought.

vegas bellagio 2

I think Josh is getting down Tom’s picture face pretty well.

vegas bellagio 3

These polar bears are made completely of flowers.

vegas bellagio 4

The scarf on this flower polar bear is made of red rose petals.

vegas bellagio 5

I love the fountains at the Bellagio too.  So neat.  I guess there are over 100 songs that the fountain is choreographed to, although we only saw a few.

The one to God Bless the USA was pretty cool.

vegas bellagio fountain

vegas bellagio fountain 2

Some of my favorite highlights were:

  • Being able to say “I heard someone threw up on that slot machine a few days ago.”
  • Tom taking the peace beads from the monk on the street and then when he asked for a donation, Tom donated peace beads.
  • Ashley telling me she loved me before we shot out of the slot machine six stories up… just in case we plummeted to our death.
  • Any time Josh was grossed out by someone, especially people dressed up on the streets, namely the person dressed as ‘retired stripper’.
  • Losing money playing the big 6 wheel with Ashley.
  • The blackout date with my love.
  • Josh getting flustered and accidentally betting on the wrong team, then winning money.
  • Ashley sharing her unlimited mimosas with me, but only when the server went into the kitchen.
  • Bumblebee Transformer yelling at Tom for only tipping a dollar.
  • Tom vandalizing every notepad at a bank of phones in the Bellagio.
  • Tom being so old that the concert lights and noise made him nauseas for 12 hours.
  • Tom fixing the leak in my oxygen tubing with gum.
  • Us almost going to a drag brunch until Ashley read the sign and realized we were in the wrong line.  (This is why you learn to read, kids).
  • The four of us were playing slots and Josh went to bed.  The lady sat down at the machine right after him on her first spin won money. Tom laughed about that for a while.
  • Accidentally borrowing drink glasses from the Paris.  They made it all the way home to Post Falls.
  • The amount of cowboy boots on the Vegas strip with the rodeo in town.

All in all, we had a great trip with lots of memories made!  Looking forward to and saving our pennies and hundreds to go again sometime!


  1. Yikes! I suppose, if my options we’re “cut off my left arm” or “pay $62 to eat in the dark”, I’d rather have long-term use of my arm… But I’d rather not pay that much for any meal of I had a choice. Besides, for that price, it better be the most delicious chocolate dessert I have ever tasted. Anything less is pure extortion.


  2. Anonymous says

    No, I could not eat in the dark for $62, not to mention no guarantee of chocolate; that would be 150% different from what I would expect.


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