Want to Decrease Your Auto Insurance & Increase Your Anxiety?

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It’s rough times around these parts, lately. You see, SafeCo has this super fun little way to reduce your auto insurance.  We’re all about discounts.  It’s easy enough.  You just plug I a little tracker device into your car and it measures how safely you drive.  Meanwhile, you live your life and then suddenly remember and swear.

It measures how many miles you drive, what time of day you drive (e.g. If you drive during the prime high-traffic times or in the dark), or if you have any instances of rapid acceleration or braking.  It sounds easy enough, right?

Oh, and Tom can look up and see how many instances there have been.  I thought to myself that’s not too bad, because it easily could have been either of us.  The best part of this twisted little charade is that it gives the date and time of each instance.  So when I say, oh that probably wasn’t me Tom can look and say it was the day and time I was going to get my nails done.  It is my least favorite game EVER!

This goes for 90 freaking days.  We have 43 days left.  That’s 43 more days of sweating and stressing and swearing.  If you see me driving and I’m covered in sweat and look haggard and frazzled, just know it’s because I’m saving money.

P.S. If we go to some event in the next 43 days, want to come pick me up?


Anywho, have a happy day y’all! It’s time for coffee and wheat bran!

Need something to look forward to and cheer you up?  College football starts August 26th.  Fanatics.com has free shipping all day today for orders over $35.

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