Baby, Write this Down

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This message applies to anyone who is ever forgetful in any way.

Whether you have brain fog, or you are just a normal, tired adult we can all use a reminder about ways to make life easier.

My mom always had a notepad sitting on her desk and one by her nightstand. Why? Because sometimes the ‘3 am-can’t-sleep brain’ has great ideas. By 7 am, they have usually vanished.

Several people have told me lately that they have problems remembering grocery lists or specifics of a plan made.

Solution? Paper and pen everywhere!

Even better solution? Cute and fun pens, paper, stickies, and clipboard. I ran into Target quick the other day and only made it as far as the $5 and under section. It was loaded with happy and cute little reminder stickies and pens and paper. You probably need to visit for yourself. You know, so you can stay organized, and also cute.


I also keep lists and reminders on my cell phone and iPad.  I keep ideas of Christmas presents, blog post ideas, snack options, meal planning thoughts, places in the house I want to organize, and all sorts of craft ideas.

My favorite app for grocery list making is OUT OF MILK, but now that I have the amazon echo dot I use Alexa because I can just yell out what I need while I’m in the kitchen.

Anyways, if you follow my blog you’ve heard me say before to make lists for everything.

The main reminder is really just that school supply time of year is a great time to stock up on fun stuff!

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  1. madrenellie says

    I was positive it was going to be about leaving a note for your husband


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