Bachelorette Rachel: Episode 7

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I guess this is Episode 7.

The gang travels to Geneva, Switzerland because it too is the perfect place to fall in love.  Rachel comes to tell the guys that there will be 3 one-on-one dates this week and a three-on-one date.  There is a rose available on each date.  The four with roses will be receiving hometown dates next week.

**Where is Chris Harrison?  Did he not come to Geneva? Is he secretly wanted in Switzerland? He doesn’t make an appearance all episode.**

Rachel and Bryan’s One-on-One

Rachel and Bryan enjoy a super duper lavish and fancy date.  They take a Bentley convertible and go to a Breitling watch store.  She ‘buys’ him a fancy watch and herself one too.   I think the bands even matched.  Why? Because, when in Geneva.

They take a boat ride next then picnic with champagne.  They talk a tiny bit and then resort to their regular– making out.

At dinner they have some deeper conversation.  He says he asked for an earring in fourth grade which convinced his parents he was clearly going down the wrong road so they sent him off to an all-boys school.  He says his last relationship ended because his girlfriend and his mom couldn’t compromise and she broke up with him because of his mom.  Eeek.

Image result for red flag gif

How bad was mom? Or did Bryan have a mommy issue? This evidently doesn’t scare Rachel since she gives him the rose.  Cue the violinists.  They play a song which leads to dancing and making out.

Rachel and Dean’s One-on-One

Now, maybe Dean’s date shown without Bryan’s right before would have seemed ok, but shown right after his date, it definitely sucked.  She takes him to a Catholic mass that is all in French.  She is not catholic and neither of them speak French, so this will obviously be enjoyable, not to mention romantic.

After church they wander the streets and then settle at a café of some sort to talk serious.  Dean has been mentally freaking out all date long because he is very worried about Rachel potentially meeting his family.

She tries to get him to talk.  He responds with things like this:

  • Do you believe in the tooth fairy?
  • What’s your favorite dinosaur? CHICKEN NUGGET I yell!
  • You’re so pretty.

Rachel is not amused.  She is serious.  Dude, get it together.

At dinner she tells him that she planned this date with the intention of talking and today was weird.  He giggles and says it was weird.

He finally tells her that he is very worried about taking her to meet his family.  He says he wishes that she could meet the family he had from ages 0-15, not his current family, which is just so sad.  He explains that his dad is eccentric (which from the looks of the previews for next week appears to be an understatement).

She gives him the rose.

Rachel and Peter’s One-on-One

Peter shows up to a field in a minivan.  He gets out of the minivan to greet her by the helicopter.  She executes the jump and straddle.  They jump in and fly to the Alps.  As they are flying, a camera shot is shown looking into the helicopter window.  He either points to something out the window or grabs her boob.  We’ll never know I guess.

She reminds him that he was the first one-on-one and now is the last too.  He says it’s been a long time and he’s been in his head.

They land and take a dog sled ride.  We see later after the show that apparently a dog was pooping while running.  Peter mentions he can only run a mile then he has to stop to poop too.  Ok.

They sit in the freezing cold and talk.  She is shaking all over and he has icicles in his hair.  They then lay down and makeout laying on the ice and snow.  Hot tub.  Ask the ABC intern to find a hot tub.  It’s much too cold for that.

They fly back and evidently thaw out in time for dinner.  At least the icicles are gone.  She says his honesty scares her because he says he isn’t sure he will be able to propose at the end of this.  She acknowledges that it is a risk for her to keep him, but of course she gives him the rose.

She makes it clear that if she picks a guy and he doesn’t propose it will be a pretty big disappointment and problem for her.  Crazy to think a guy might want to date her a couple more months maybe and be the only one dating her before deciding to marry her.  The horror!

Eric, Matt & Adam: Today will be difficult. I don’t know what else to say. – Rachel

Ooh, this sounds fun.  Now that Rachel has kept each one-on-one date guy, this leaves just one rose for this fun-filled three-on-one date.

In the lead up for the date they show Adam saying that his relationship with Rachel is the strongest of all the other guys so he is at ease.  WHAT?! Dude, you’ve never even gone on a date with her.  The other guys are all on their second one-on-ones.  You showed up with a creepy doll.  But ok, sure.

Logic says that obviously she will keep Eric.  Neither Matt or Adam has had a one-on-one date, or even ever really talked to her that we have seen.

Rachel tells the guys they are taking a boat to France.  All this really means is that two guys will be broken up with in France.

She talks to Eric.  He is sweet, genuine, real and smiley.  He says she makes him feel vulnerable.  I like these two together.

She talks to Matt (Penguin) next.  I believe this is the first time we’ve seen them talk since he was in the penguin suit.  He seems nice, but she is holding back tears because she knows he will be going home.  She walks him out and kisses him and tells him how great he is.  She is crying her eyes out.  They are down at the road with his rejection van and he realizes he still has his champagne glass.  He looks at her and then at the glass and says, “I’m gonna take this with me.” and gets in the van.

  • This has to be one of my favorite rejection responses ever.
  • Evidently they don’t have any open container laws in France.

After walking Matt out she tells the camera that she has two guys and one rose left and she has ‘no idea what she is going to do’.  REALLY?! No idea? I don’t believe you.

Next, it shows Eric and Adam waiting at the dinner table for Rachel.  No one knows where Adam Jr. is because he has not made an appearance since the hand ball game.  Is he with Chris Harrison somewhere?

Rachel talks to each of them.  While talking to Adam she mentions that in a previous conversation (there was a previous conversation?) he told her a part of him was falling in love with her.  She wants to know which part.  I think of the obvious joke answer.

Just when I think she is going to send him home, she kisses him.  She confuses me.

As she is talking to Eric they show Adam sitting there and zoom in on the rose.  Behind the rose is a plate with a piece of cheesecake on it.  EAT THE CHEESECAKE I yell to the TV.  Neither guy eats it.  I just know if I was sitting at a table waiting for the person, I would totally eat the dessert to help pass the time.

She comes back to the table and announces she is giving the rose to Eric.  Everyone named Adam is shocked.

She walks Adam out.  He starts to tell her, “I just don’t want you to wonder what would have been if you would have kept Adam” to which she responds “thank you for being here”, which is about the same as “don’t let the door hit you on the way out”.

And then there were FOUR.  Dean, Eric, Peter, & Bryan.  Who will she pick?  Did anyone on night one predict these would be the final four?

Me, I like Eric with her best.  I think Peter thinks he is a little too good for her.  That’s just the vibe I get.  She keeps thinking Bryan is too good to be true, so maybe he is a bit fake?  I do think Dean might be a bit young and immature.  Nothing like wondering what a guy is thinking and having him ask your favorite dinosaur.

Image result for step brothers favorite dinosaur

The previews for the hometown weeks look like it’s the most dramatic episode yet.  Who do you think she is going to pick?



  1. Loved reading this. Definitely chuckled a few times. But seriously, where WAS Chris Harrison? Haha. My thoughts are that she’ll pick Bryan, even though there is something about him that I dislike… he just seems phony. I listened to some podcast a while back (can’t remember which one) where somebody said they could easily see her picking Bryan since there was just this “look” in her eyes ever since she zoned in on him. Out of all the guys left, I suppose I like Peter the best but the more we are getting to know him, the more he seems a bit pompous for my tastes.


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